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Performance and Control of Network Systems II
Editor(s): Wai Sum Lai; Robert B. Cooper

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Volume Number: 3530
Date Published: 7 October 1998

Table of Contents
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Rate allocation policies and explicit feedback control algorithms for packet networks
Author(s): Y. Thomas Hou; Henry Tzeng; Shivendra S. Panwar; Vijay P. Kumar
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Dynamic EPD threshold for UBR control
Author(s): Lotfi Benmohamed; Y. T. Wang
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Novel explicit rate congestion control algorithm
Author(s): Michael K. Wong; Flavio Bonomi
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Stability and sensitivity of ABR flow control protocols
Author(s): Wie Kang Tsai; Yuseok Kim; Fabio Chiussi; Chai-Keong Toh
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Fair end-to-end window-based congestion control
Author(s): Jeonghoon Mo; Jean Walrand
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Call loss and forced termination probabilities in cellular radio communication networks with irregular topologies
Author(s): Hideaki Takagi; Ken-ichi Sakamaki; Tohru Miyashiro
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Handoff analysis in wireless multimedia networks
Author(s): Ramon M. Rodriguez-Dagnino
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Traffic models and admission control for variable-bit-rate continuous media transmission with deterministic service
Author(s): Sambit Sahu; Victor Firoiu; Don Towsley; James F. Kurose
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Video adaptation in ABR channels with explicit rate feedback control
Author(s): Ngai Li; Soung C. Liew
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Multicast flow control with explicit rate feedback for adaptive real-time video services
Author(s): Celio Vinicius Neves Albuquerque; Brett J. Vickers; Tatsuya Suda
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Rate-based congestion control for many-to-many multicast ABR traffic
Author(s): Dirceu G. Cavendish Jr.; Mario Gerla
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Fairness for ABR multipoint-to-point connections
Author(s): Sonia Fahmy; Raj Jain; Rohit Goyal; Bobby Vandalore
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Design and evaluation of multipoint-to-point multicast flow control
Author(s): W. Melody Moh; Yin Chen
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Novel approach to the queue stability analysis of polling models
Author(s): Sum Lam; Rocky K. C. Chang
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Delay in polling systems in heavy traffic
Author(s): Robert D. van der Mei
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Analysis of windowing mechanisms with infinite-state stochastic petri nets
Author(s): Alexander Ost; Boudewijn R. Haverkort
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Load balancing techniques for scalable web servers
Author(s): Haakon Bryhni; Espen Klovning; Oivind Kure
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Effects of pricing in multiple-service networks with resource allocation
Author(s): Luiz A. DaSilva; David W. Petr; Nail Akar
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Congestion control and charging for the ABR service category in ATM networks
Author(s): O. Casals; Chris L. Blondia; Llorenc Cerda; Benny Van Houdt
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Rate allocation protocol using competitive pricing for improving performance of multicast sessions
Author(s): Zohar Levy; Danny Dolev
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Sensitivity of blocking-based adaptive capacity control in a dynamic traffic network environment
Author(s): Brenda Groskinsky; Deepankar Medhi
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Ordering properties of GPS routers for multiclass QoS provision
Author(s): Shaogang Chen; Kihong Park; Meera Sitharam
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Waiting times and output process of a server computed via Wiener-Hopf factorization
Author(s): Gerhard Hasslinger
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Use of alpha-stable self-similar stochastic processes for modeling traffic in broadband networks
Author(s): Jose R. Gallardo; Dimitrios Makrakis; Luis Orozco-Barbosa
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Performance implications of very large service-time variances
Author(s): Daniel P. Heyman
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Network traffic model using GIPP and GIBP
Author(s): Yong Duk Lee; Appie Van de Liefvoort; Victor L. Wallace
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Real-time multicast with scalable reliability
Author(s): Patrick C. K. Wu; Soung C. Liew
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Cooperative reliable multicast protocol with local recovery
Author(s): Young-Mi Ohk; Steven H. Low
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Optimum cell duplication or replication for multicast applications
Author(s): Erol Gelenbe; Anoop Ghanwani
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Beta-binomial video traffic modeling for the knockout ATM multicasting switch
Author(s): Ramon M. Rodriguez-Dagnino; Raime A. Bustos-Gardea
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Adaptive multicast routing in broadband networks
Author(s): Ren-Hung Hwang; Youn-Chen Sun
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Traffic characterization using wavelet-based techniques
Author(s): David Boulliant; Parag Pruthi; Adrian Popescu
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Remote ATM network monitoring system
Author(s): Ian D. Graham; Murray Pearson; Jed Martens; Stephen F. Donnelly; John G. Cleary
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Latency of TCP applications over the ATM-WAN using the GFR service category
Author(s): Kuo-Hsien Chen; John F. Siliquini; Zigmantas Budrikis
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Simulation study of World Wide Web traffic over the ATM ABR service
Author(s): Bobby Vandalore; Shivkumar Kalyanaraman; Raj Jain; Rohit Goyal; Sonia Fahmy
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Performance evaluation of TCP over ABT protocols
Author(s): Shingo Ata; Masayuki Murata; Hideo Miyahara
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Virtual circuit management at IP-ATM network interface with control operating policy
Author(s): Mahbub Hassan; Mohammed Atiquzzaman
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Improved algorithm for real-time CLR estimation in ATM networks
Author(s): Ying Zhang; Ran Tao; Guofei Jiang; Siyong Zhou; Yue Wang
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Queueing model for an ATM multiplexer with unequal input/output link capacities
Author(s): Y. H. Long; T. K. Ho; A. B. Rad; S. P. S. Lam
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Novel approach to analyzing exact cell loss probability of shared-buffer ATM switch
Author(s): Yufeng Hao; Ding Wei; Xianghua Zhu
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