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Internet Routing and Quality of Service
Editor(s): Raif O. Onvural; Seyhan Civanlar; Paul J. Doolan; James V. Luciani; Seyhan Civanlar; Paul J. Doolan; James V. Luciani

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Volume Number: 3529
Date Published: 16 December 1998

Table of Contents
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Improving TCP throughput performance on high-speed networks with a receiver-side adaptive acknowledgment algorithm
Author(s): Wing-Keung Yeung; Rocky K. C. Chang
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Information dispersal to improve quality of service on the Internet
Author(s): Andres Albanese; Stephan Siemsgluess; Bernd E. Wolfinger
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Assignment of end-end transmission QoS in WAN environments
Author(s): Weiping Zhao; Shoichiro Asano
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Aspects of quality-of-service routing
Author(s): Piet Van Mieghem; H. De Neve
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NIST switch: a platform for research on quality-of-service routing
Author(s): Mark Carson; Michael Zink
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Bandwidth adjustment based on dynamic differential pulse code modulation
Author(s): Leann M. Christianson; Kevin A. Brown
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Performance analysis of a fault-tolerant distributed multimedia server
Author(s): Barbara Derryberry
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QoS metric for packet networks
Author(s): Goncalo Quadros; Edmundo Monteiro; Fernando Boavida
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Video multiplexing with QoS constraints
Author(s): Sherry Wang; Harold Zheng; John A. Copeland
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Transfer delays in a SIMA network
Author(s): Jussi Pekka Olavi Ruutu; Kalevi Kilkki; Ove Strandberg
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QoS-based real-time audio streaming in IPv6 networks
Author(s): Stefan Schmid; Andrew C. Scott; David Hutchison; Konrad Froitzheim
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Identifying isochronous traffic using packet interarrival times: a feasibility study
Author(s): Joseph D. Sloan; Harvey M. Gates
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Quality-of-service renegotiations
Author(s): Werner Almesberger; Leena Chandran-Wadia; Silvia Giordano; Jean-Yves Le Boudec; Rolf Schmid
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Extensions to the MARS model for IP integrated services over ATM networks
Author(s): Massimiliano Canosa; Antonio Corghi
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Integrating concast and multicast communication models
Author(s): Su Wen; James Griffioen; Rajendra Yavatkar
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Interworking architecture for seamless service utilization between the TINA-based public network and the Internet
Author(s): Yuzo Koga; Kazunori Shiomi; Yutaka Matsushita
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End-to-end QoS support for adaptive applications over the Internet
Author(s): Baochun Li; Dongyan Xu; Klara Nahrstedt; Jane W.S. Liu
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Packet discarding inside a SIMA network: a waste of network resources?
Author(s): Kalevi Kilkki; Ove Strandberg; Jussi Pekka Olavi Ruutu
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Performance analysis and comparison of PTOP and LANE for IP transmission over ATM networks
Author(s): Junaid Ahmed Zubairi; Sufyan Al-Irhayim; Wajdi Al-Khateeb; Yahya Wajdi
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Efficient congestion control scheme for providing QoS to I-VPN
Author(s): Martino De Marco; Sara Trabucchi
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Predictive loss pattern queue management for Internet routers
Author(s): Henning A. Sanneck; G. Carle
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Experimental study of assured services in a diffserv IP QoS network
Author(s): Nabil Seddigh; Biswajit Nandy; Peter S. Pieda; Jamal Hadi Salim; Alan Chapman
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Noticeable loss: a metric for capturing loss pattern for continuous media applications
Author(s): Rajeev Koodli; C. M. Krishna
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Quality of service for IP voice services: is it necessary?
Author(s): Marko Luoma; Markus Peuhkuri; Tomi Yletyinen
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Traffic accounting mechanism for Integrated Internet Services
Author(s): Massimiliano Canosa; Martino De Marco; Alessandro Maiocchi
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Reflection on Internet and telephony integration from the pricing point of view
Author(s): Takeo Hamada; JeyHsin Yao; Difu Su
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Adaptive flow classification in IP switching: the measurement-based approach
Author(s): Mika Ilvesmaeki; Raimo Kantola; Marko Luoma
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Comparative measurement of QoS on the trans-Pacific Internet
Author(s): Ian D. Graham; Stephen F. Donnelly
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Quality-of-service measurement in wireless networks
Author(s): Kevin A. Brown
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Surveys and improvements for Internet multicast routing protocols
Author(s): Jhyda Lin; Ruay-Shiung Chang
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Design and analysis of scalable source-based Internet multicast routing protocols
Author(s): Filli Yuk Y. Cheng; Rocky K. C. Chang
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Flow/congestion control for bulk reliable multicast
Author(s): Tetsuo Sano; Teruji Shiroshita; Osamu Takahashi; Nagatsugu Yamanouchi
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Serverless IP multicast (SLIM) in stub IP/ATM networks
Author(s): Hyogon Kim; Charles Graff; Michael Bereschinsky; Sea Levine
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Tree-based shortest-path routing algorithm
Author(s): Y. H. Long; T. K. Ho; A. B. Rad; S. P. S. Lam
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Flow-aggregated traffic-driven label mapping in label-switching networks
Author(s): Kenichi Nagami; Yasuhiro Katsube; Hiroshi Esaki; Osamu Nakamura
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Multiprotocol over NBMA (MPON): models reengineering
Author(s): Eric C. Mannie
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Voice over IP: the impact of RSVP
Author(s): Jed Martens; Anthony McGregor; Ian D. Graham
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Effect of multiplexing HTTP connections over asymmetric high-bandwidth-delay product circuits
Author(s): Anthony McGregor; Murray Pearson; John G. Cleary
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