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Telemanipulator and Telepresence Technologies V
Editor(s): Matthew R. Stein

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Volume Number: 3524
Date Published: 18 December 1998

Table of Contents
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Ranger telerobotic shuttle experiment (RTSX): status report
Author(s): Joseph C. Parrish
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Teleoperation system for antenna assembly by space robots
Author(s): Shinichi Kimura; Toshiyuki Okuyama; Yuji Yamana; Yasufumi Nagai; Hajime Morikawa
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Telemanipulation and supervisory control of a backhoe excavator
Author(s): Oscar Luengo; Antonio Barrientos
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Augmented heavy lift assist devices for enhanced safety performance
Author(s): Greg R. Luecke; Kok-Leong Tan; Gary Simpson
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Improvements in teleoperated Fitts task performance using sensor-assisted variable-velocity mapping
Author(s): Steve E. Everett; Rajiv V. Dubey
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Feasibility of human/robot cooperation in image-directed radiation oncology
Author(s): Scott A. Ameduri; Wyatt S. Newman; Martin S. Weinhous; Greg D. Glosser; Roger Macklis
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Hybrid virtual reality and telepresence utilizing mobile phone technology
Author(s): Gordon M. Mair; J. Clark; R. Fryer; R. Hardiman; D. MacGregor; A. Retik; N. Retik; Kenneth Revie
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Semiautonomous teleoperation system with vision guidance
Author(s): Wai Yu; John R. G. Pretlove
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Stereo-vision-based mixed reality: assistance for teleoperation
Author(s): Didier Maman; Fawzi Nashashibi; Philippe Fuchs; Jean Claude Bordas
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Vibrotactile color rendering for the visually impaired within the VIDET project
Author(s): Luca Cappelletti; Massimo Ferri; Giorgio Nicoletti
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Augmented reality for underground pipe inspection and maintenance
Author(s): Shaun W. Lawson; John R. G. Pretlove
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Extending augmented reality with natural feature tracking
Author(s): Jun Park; Suya You; Ulrich Neumann
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Haptic feedback for virtual assembly
Author(s): Greg R. Luecke; Naci Zafer
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Haptic identification of remote environment properties
Author(s): Robert D. Howe; Thomas Debus; Pierre Dupont
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Data visualization methods for the blind using force feedback and sonification
Author(s): Nikolai A. Grabowski; Kenneth E. Barner
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Haptic interfaced teleoperation
Author(s): Nongji Chen; Wai Yu; John R. G. Pretlove
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Telemanipulation of a real manipulator using a virtual hand and haptic feedback device
Author(s): Norihiro Abe; Kazuaki Tanaka; Takao Horie; Hirokazu Taki
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Multiresolution representation of data in a haptic environment
Author(s): Mohammad Waqas Asghar; Kenneth E. Barner
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Instrumented fingernails: a haptically unobstructive method for touch force input
Author(s): Stephen A. Mascaro; H. Harry Asada; Kuo Wei Chang
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Project update: sharing resources over the Internet for robotics education
Author(s): Matthew R. Stein; Karen T. Sutherland
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Planning and control of Internet-based teleoperation
Author(s): Ning Xi; Tzyh-Jong Tarn
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DIGIMUSE: an interactive telerobotic system for remote viewing of three-dimensional art objects
Author(s): Steven B. Goldberg; George A. Bekey; Yuichiro Akatsuka; Mirco Bressanelli
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Painting on the World Wide Web: the PumaPaint project
Author(s): Matthew R. Stein
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Augmented-reality-based object modeling in Internet robotics
Author(s): Barney Dalton; Harald Friz; Kenneth Taylor
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Reusable framework for Web-based teleoperation
Author(s): Soraya Ghiasi; David Keaton; Matthew L. Seidl; Benjamin G. Zorn
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Telemanufacturing workcell over the Internet
Author(s): Kent-Peng Leu; Marcelo H. Ang Jr.; Yoke-San Wong
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