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Intelligent Systems in Design and Manufacturing
Editor(s): Bhaskaran Gopalakrishnan; San Murugesan

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Volume Number: 3517
Date Published: 9 October 1998

Table of Contents
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Collaborative immersive workspace through a shared augmented environment
Author(s): Kiyoshi Kiyokawa; Hidehiko Iwasa; Haruo Takemura; Naokazu Yokoya
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Intelligent task scheduling, planning, and control for manufacturing work cells
Author(s): Mumin Song; Tzyh-Jong Tarn; Ning Xi
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Creative strategies of businesses with the holistic eigensolution in manufacturing industries
Author(s): Gerfried Zeichen; Paul G. Huray
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Disassembly problem in rapid prototyping
Author(s): Rammohan K. Ragade; Ilkka T. Ikonen; James E. Lewis; William E. Biles; Anup Kumar
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Using distributed genetic algorithms in three-dimensional bin packing for rapid prototyping machines
Author(s): James E. Lewis; Rammohan K. Ragade; Anup Kumar; William E. Biles; Ilkka T. Ikonen
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GARP: genetic algorithm for part packing in a rapid prototyping machine
Author(s): Ilkka T. Ikonen; William E. Biles; James E. Lewis; Anup Kumar; Rammohan K. Ragade
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Dynamic product development
Author(s): Thomas Lanner; Gerfried Zeichen
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In-process layer surface inspection of SLA products
Author(s): W. S. Park; M. Y. Kim; H. G. Lee; H. S. Cho; M. C. Leu
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Rapid tooling from protoypes: the cool-spray mold-making method
Author(s): Francois Peres; Arthur Mofakhami
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Machine accuracy for rapid prototyping of quality components
Author(s): Peihua Gu; May Yan; X. Huang; Xiaochen Zhang
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In-the-loop training algorithm for neural network implementation with digital weights
Author(s): Jinming Yang; Graham A. Jullien; Majid A. Ahmadi; W. C. Miller
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Fuzzy integrated decision-making system used to assign service priority for an automatic assembly station
Author(s): Behzad Foroughi; Robert W. Brennan
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Neural network model for predicting the backside dimension of weld pool during pulsed GTAW process
Author(s): Dongbin Zhao; Yajun Lou; Shanben Chen; Lin Wu
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Mobile robot navigation control under coded light
Author(s): Rachid Manseur; Zohra Z. Manseur
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Machine-vision-based bar code scanning for long-range applications
Author(s): Larry E. Banta; Franz A. Pertl; Charles Rosenecker; Kimberly A. Rosenberry-Friend
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Compensation for robot arm flexibility using machine intelligence
Author(s): Peyman Kabiri; Nasser Sherkat; Chi-Hsien Victor Shih
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Application of new actuator and vision control systems for micro-electro-discharge machining
Author(s): Andrej Wolf; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Frank Michel; Oliver Koch; Stefan Preuss; Hesham Soultan; Hans-Peter Gruber
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Process-oriented off-line programming of industrial robots
Author(s): Eckhard Freund; D. Rokossa; Juergen Rossmann
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Return of feature-based cost modeling
Author(s): Robert C. Creese; Taher B. Patrawala
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Integrated reverse engineering and machining system
Author(s): Jianjun Li; Joe Chow; Chinsheng Chen; TianDi Xu; David Tsai; Weidong Xue
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Intelligent quality function deployment system in concurrent engineering environment
Author(s): Zhihang Lin; Ada Che
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Image compression by discrete cosine transformation
Author(s): Nour-Eddine Belkhamza; Ali Chekima; Nadjia Benblidia
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Hardware/software codesign system using reconfigurable computing technology
Author(s): Steve Casselman; John Schewel
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Imposing geometric constraints on virtual 3D objects within an immersive modeler
Author(s): Norikazu Hiraki; Kiyoshi Kiyokawa; Haruo Takemura; Naokazu Yokoya
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Process description language: an experiment in robust programming for manufacturing systems
Author(s): Natalie R. Spooner; G. Alan Creak
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Development of an expert system to help design for worker safety
Author(s): Magdy Akladios; Bhaskaran Gopalakrishnan; Aaron Bird; Michael Carr; Ricardo Garcia; Dianne McMullin; Warren R. Myers; Vikram Vennetti; Juan Zayas; Paul E. Becker; Dan McCullom
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Integrated architectures for a horticultural application
Author(s): Natalie R. Spooner; T. Surangi Rodrigo
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THINEX: an expert system for estimating forest harvesting productivity and cost
Author(s): Chris B. LeDoux; Bhaskaran Gopalakrishnan; R. S. Pabba
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Web-based system for surgical planning and simulation
Author(s): Ayman M. Eldeib; Mohamed Nooman Ahmed; Aly A. Farag; C. B. Sites
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Context-sensitive filtering in RLE for PCB inspection
Author(s): Fikret Ercal; Filiz Bunyak; Hao Feng
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Long-range optical character recognition for product ID
Author(s): Larry E. Banta; Franz A. Pertl; Kimberly A. Rosenberry-Friend
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Automatized disassembly of electrical industrial motors
Author(s): Bjoern Karlsson; Erwin Fugger
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Optimization-based manufacturing scheduling with multiple resources and setup requirements
Author(s): Dong Chen; Peter B. Luh; Lakshman S. Thakur; Jack Moreno Jr.
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Simulation of dynamic communication clusters in a factory environment
Author(s): Kazunori Isomoto; Neil Johnson; Saburo Okada; Satoshi Fujita; Masafumi Yamashita
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Joint approach to design and control of process flows to avoid deadlocks in flexible production systems
Author(s): Elzbieta K. Roszkowska
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Real-time wavelet-based target tracking
Author(s): Kimberly A. Rosenberry-Friend; Larry E. Banta
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Concrete object recognition by multispectral systems
Author(s): Konstantin A. Zlotnikov
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