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Microfluidic Devices and Systems
Editor(s): A. Bruno Frazier; Chong Hyuk Ahn

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Volume Number: 3515
Date Published: 10 September 1998

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Micropump for viscous liquids and muds
Author(s): Norbert Schwesinger; Sasha Bechtel
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Prototype microvalve using a new magnetic microactuator
Author(s): Daniel J. Sadler; Trifon Liakopoulos; Jeff Cropp; Chong Hyuk Ahn; H. Thurman Henderson
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Liquid and gas-liquid phase behavior in thermopneumatically actuated microvalves
Author(s): Albert K. Henning
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Biological transport in a microfabricated device: active immunochromatography with motorized antibodies
Author(s): Loren Limberis; Russell J. Stewart
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Optical MEMS-based fluorescence detection scheme with applications to capillary electrophoresis
Author(s): Kurt D. Kramer; Kwang Wook Oh; Chong Hyuk Ahn; James J. Bao; Kenneth R. Wehmeyer
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MEMS-based microfluidic system for chromatographic analysis of liquid samples
Author(s): Nevenka C. Golubovic; Qinghua Kang; H. Thurman Henderson; Neville Pinto
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Integrated capillary electrophoresis using glass and plastic chips for multiplexed DNA analysis
Author(s): Aran Paulus; Stephen J. Williams; Alexander P. Sassi; Pin H. Kao; Hongdong Tan; Herbert H. Hooper
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Parallel sample manipulation using micromachined pipette arrays
Author(s): Ian Papautsky; John D. Brazzle; Robert B. Weiss; Timothy A. Ameel; A. Bruno Frazier
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Microgasketing and adhesive wicking techniques for fabrication of microfluidic devices
Author(s): Chang-Jin Kim
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Fluid-coupled hollow metallic micromachined needle arrays
Author(s): John D. Brazzle; Ian Papautsky; A. Bruno Frazier
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Acousto- and electro-osmotic microfluidic controllers
Author(s): Jack C. Rife; Michael I. Bell
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Selective hydrophobic and hydrophilic texturing of surfaces using photolithographic photodeposition of polymers
Author(s): Darren K. Jones; Carlos H. Mastrangelo; Mark A. Burns; David T. Burke
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Micromanipulation system for handling of biological molecule and screening of microbes in a microchannel by electric field and laser tweezers
Author(s): Keisuke Morishima; Fumihito Arai; Toshio Fukuda; Hideo Matsuura; Kenichi Yoshikawa
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Coherent macro porous silicon as a wick structure in an integrated microfluidic two-phase cooling system
Author(s): Alexander Holke; Jorg Pilchowski; H. Thurman Henderson; Ahed Saleh; Michael Kazmierczak; Frank M. Gerner; Karl Baker
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Quartz channel fabrication for electrokinetically driven separations
Author(s): Carolyn M. Matzke; D. W. Arnold; Carol I. H. Ashby; Stanley H. Kravitz; Mial E. Warren; Christopher A. Bailey
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Fabrication of plastic microfluidic components
Author(s): Peter M. Martin; Dean W. Matson; Wendy D. Bennett; D. J. Hammerstrom
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Microfluidic devices for u-TAS applications fabricated by polymer hot embossing
Author(s): Holger Becker; Wolfram Dietz
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Novel monolithic and multilevel integration of high-precision 3-D microfluidic components
Author(s): Jun-Bo Yoon; Chul-Hi Han; Euisik Yoon; Choong-Ki Kim
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Simulation of fluid-structure interaction in micropumps by coupling of two commercial finite element programs
Author(s): Andreas Klein; Gerald Gerlach
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First principles-based approach to modeling of microfluidic systems
Author(s): Ashish Mehta; Arthur J. Helmicki
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Numerical framework for the modeling of electrokinetic flows
Author(s): Manish Deshpande; Chahid Ghaddar; John R. Gilbert; Pamela M. St. John; Timothy M. Woudenberg; Charles R. Connell; Joshua Molho; Amy Herr; Godfrey Mungal; Thomas W. Kenny
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Electrical conductivity particle detector for use in biological and chemical micro-analysis systems
Author(s): Bruce K. Gale; Karin D. Caldwell; A. Bruno Frazier
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On-chip DNA band detection in microfabricated separation systems
Author(s): Sundaresh N. Brahmasandra; Brian N. Johnson; James R. Webster; David T. Burke; Carlos H. Mastrangelo; Mark A. Burns
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Design of microfluidic sample preconditioning systems for detection of biological agents in environmental samples
Author(s): Paul Yager; Martin A. Afromowitz; Darrel J. Bell; Fred K. Forster; James P. Brody; Dong Qin; Catherine Cabrera; Mark R. Holl; Andrew Evan Kamholz; Bernhard H. Weigl
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Planar bio/magnetic bead separator with microfluidic channel
Author(s): Jin-Woo Choi; Chong Hyuk Ahn; H. Thurman Henderson
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Design and fabrication of variable focusing lens
Author(s): Si-Hong Ahn; Yong-Kweon Kim
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Biological sensor based on localized surface plasmon associated with surface-bound Au/polystyrene composite microparticles
Author(s): Hiroyuki Takei
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Microassembly technologies for MEMS
Author(s): Michael B. Cohn; Karl F. Boehringer; J. Mark Noworolski; Angad Singh; Chris G. Keller; Kenneth A. Goldberg; Roger T. Howe
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Finding markets for microstructures
Author(s): James W. Knutti
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Micromachining technologies for miniaturized communication devices
Author(s): Clark T.-C. Nguyen
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