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Micromachining and Microfabrication Process Technology IV
Editor(s): James H. Smith

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Volume Number: 3511
Date Published: 31 August 1998

Table of Contents
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Converting MEMS technology into profits
Author(s): Janusz Bryzek
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Microstructures fabricated by laser-induced polymerization
Author(s): Xinming Huang; Robert O'Neil Warrington Jr.; Craig R. Friedrich
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NC-controlled production of smooth 3D surfaces in brittle materials with 193-nm excimer laser
Author(s): Hans Kurt Toenshoff; Christoph Graumann; Hanno Hesener; Marcus Rinke
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Fabrication of binary microlens array by excimer laser micromachining
Author(s): Frank H. S. Lin; J. H. Huang; Eric H. Y. Chou; Chii-Rong Yang; Bruce C. S. Chou; Roger G. S. Luo; Wen-Kai Kuo; Jer-Wei Chang; Mao-Hong Lu; Wen-Hsiung Huang; Chien-Jen Chen
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Fabrication of ordered nanostructure based on anodic porous alumina
Author(s): Hideki Masuda; Masashi Nakao; Toshiaki Tamamura; Hidetaka Asoh
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Galvanic etching of silicon
Author(s): Colin M. A. Ashruf; Patrick J. French; Pasqualina M. Sarro; John J. Kelly
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Diffusion-induced dislocations in highly boron-doped silicon layers used for bulk micromachining applications
Author(s): Florin Gaiseanu; Jaume Esteve; Gudrun Kissinger; D. Kruger
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Advanced silicon trench etching in MEMS applications
Author(s): Karl Kuehl; Steffan Vogel; Ulrich Schaber; Rainer Schafflik; Bernhard Hillerich
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Antistiction coatings for surface micromachines
Author(s): Roya Maboudian
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Thin Teflon-like films for MEMS: film properties and reliability studies
Author(s): Bradley K. Smith; Craig D. Brown; Glen LaVigne; Jeffry J. Sniegowski
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High-yield assembly of hinged 3D optical MEMS devices using magnetic actuation
Author(s): Yong Yi; Chang Liu
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Automatic microassembly of radar sensors for automotive applications
Author(s): Matthias Nienhaus; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Frank Michel; V. Graeff; Andrej Wolf
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Silicon surface micromachining by anhydrous HF gas-phase etching with methanol
Author(s): Won-Ick Jang; Chang-Auck Choi; Chang Seung Lee; Yoonshik Hong; Jong-Hyun Lee; Jong Tae Baek; Bo Woo Kim
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Silicon microlenses for IR image sensors
Author(s): Nuggehalli M. Ravindra; Fei Ming Tong; Dhiren K. Pattnaik; Dentcho I. Ivanov; Roland A. Levy; K. Aryusook; Vipulkumar Patel
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Combining the best of bulk and surface micromachining using Si (111) substrates
Author(s): James G. Fleming
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Fabrication of polycrystalline diamond film resonators
Author(s): Xiaodong Wang; Yirong Yang; Jianfang Xie; Weiyuan Wang; Zongxin Ren
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Growth and characterization of shape memory alloy thin films for micropositioning and microactuation
Author(s): Sam T. Davies; Kazuyoshi Tsuchiya
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Novel fabrication of comb actuator using RIE of polysilicon and (110) Si anisotropic bulk etching in KOH
Author(s): Hyung-Taek Lim; Yong-Kweon Kim
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Advances in LIGA-based post mold fabrication
Author(s): Todd R. Christenson
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Fabrication of miniaturized biotechnical devices
Author(s): Monika Niggemann; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Lutz Weber
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Uniform and simultaneous fabrication of high-precision and high-density orifice, channel, and reservoirs for ink-jet printheads
Author(s): Jun-Bo Yoon; Jae-Duk Lee; Chul-Hi Han; Euisik Yoon; Choong-Ki Kim
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Fabrication of freestanding microstructures using UV lithography and double-electroplating technique
Author(s): Chang-Wook Baek; Yong-Kweon Kim
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Novel and high-yield fabrication of electroplated 3D microcoils for MEMS and microelectronics
Author(s): Jun-Bo Yoon; Chul-Hi Han; Euisik Yoon; Choong-Ki Kim
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High-aspect-ratio single-crystal Si microelectromechanical systems
Author(s): Jason W. Weigold; Stella W. Pang
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Selective deep-Si-trench etching with dimensional control
Author(s): Randy J. Shul; Christi Lober Willison; Lei Zhang
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Microfabricated silicon gas chromatographic microchannels: fabrication and performance
Author(s): Carolyn M. Matzke; Richard J. Kottenstette; Stephen A. Casalnuovo; Gregory C. Frye-Mason; Mary L. Hudson; Darryl Y. Sasaki; Ronald P. Manginell; C. Channy Wong
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Microfabrication of membrane-based devices by HARSE and combined HARSE/wet etching
Author(s): Ronald P. Manginell; Gregory C. Frye-Mason; W. Kent Schubert; Randy J. Shul; Christi Lober Willison
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CMOS compatibiltity of high-aspect-ratio micromachining (HARM) in bonded silicon-on-insulator (BSOI)
Author(s): Mark E. McNie; David O. King
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Design criteria of buckling microbridges
Author(s): Weileun Fang; Hsin-Hwa Hu; Chun-Hsien Lee
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Planarization and trench filling on severe surface topography with thick photoresist for MEMS
Author(s): Jun-Bo Yoon; Gilbert Y. Oh; Chul-Hi Han; Euisik Yoon; Choong-Ki Kim
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Optical properties of micromachined polysilicon reflective surfaces with etching holes
Author(s): Jun Zou; Colin Byrne; Chang Liu; David J. Brady
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Control and modeling of stress in multistacked polysilicon films considering oxidation effect
Author(s): Chang Seung Lee; Won-Ick Jang; Chang-Auck Choi; Yoonshik Hong; Jong-Hyun Lee; Kwangsoo No; Dang Moon Wee
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MEMS assembly apparatus with a suction glass needle
Author(s): Dunwu Lu; Huijie Huang; Beijun Shen; Liangmin Yang; Zengshui Liu; Longlong Du
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Development of a microforming system using mold technology and cutting technology
Author(s): Isamu Aoki; Toshinori Takahashi
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Anisotropic etching of (111)-oriented silicon and applications
Author(s): Bruce C. S. Chou; Chun-Nan Chen; Jin-Shown Shie; Wen-Hsiung Huang; Chien-Jen Chen
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PMMA microstructure as KrF excimer-laser LIGA material
Author(s): Chii-Rong Yang; Bruce C. S. Chou; Hsiao-Yu Chou; Frank H. S. Lin; Wen-Kai Kuo; Roger G. S. Luo; Jer-Wei Chang; Z. J. Wei
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Composite cantilever beam-mass structure gyroscope by a novel etching technology
Author(s): Xinxin Li; Minhang Bao; Heng Yang; Shaoqun Shen; Weiyuan Wang
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High-aspect-ratio fine-line metallization
Author(s): Chienliu Chang; Peizen Chang; Kaihsiang Yen; Sheyshi Lu
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Transport limitations in electrodeposition for LIGA microdevice fabrication
Author(s): Stewart K. Griffiths; Robert H. Nilson; R. W. Bradshaw; Aili Ting; William D. Bonivert; John T. Hachman; Jill M. Hruby
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Microarray collimators for x rays and neutrons
Author(s): Alberto Cimmino; Brendan E. Allman; Anthony G. Klein; William A. Hamilton; Ian S. Anderson; Bernard Hamelin; Peter Hoghoj; Pierre Bastie
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Photographic method for the fabrication of surface-relief diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Enrique Navarrete-Garcia; Sergio Calixto-Carrera
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Square microchannel arrays for focusing neutrons and x rays
Author(s): Alberto Cimmino; Brendan E. Allman; Steven P. Brumby; Thomas H. K. Irving; Anthony G. Klein; Keith A. Nugent; Ian S. Anderson; Peter Hoghoj; Andrew G. Peele
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Microassembly technologies for MEMS
Author(s): Michael B. Cohn; Karl F. Boehringer; J. Mark Noworolski; Angad Singh; Chris G. Keller; Kenneth A. Goldberg; Roger T. Howe
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Finding markets for microstructures
Author(s): James W. Knutti
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Micromachining technologies for miniaturized communication devices
Author(s): Clark T.-C. Nguyen
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