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Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing IV

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Volume Number: 3500
Date Published: 4 December 1998

Table of Contents
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High-resolution imaging methods: a comparison of optical and SAR techniques
Author(s): Gottfried Schwarz; Mihai P. Datcu
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New GOES landmark selection and measurement methods for improved on-orbit image navigation and registration performance
Author(s): Jaime Esper; William C. Bryant Jr.; James L. Carr; Joseph B. Harris
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Algorithms and analysis tools for Landsat detector trending
Author(s): Brian L. Markham; Lubomir Kurz; Jennifer C. Seiferth; Jan Smid; Petr Volf
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Mixed pixels classification
Author(s): S. Liangrocapart; Maria Petrou
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Target detection in hyperspectral images using projection pursuit with interference rejection
Author(s): Agustin I. Ifarraguerri; Hsuan Ren; Chein-I Chang
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K-means clustering algorithm using entropy
Author(s): Gintautas Palubinskas
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New search algorithm for feature selection in high-dimensional remote sensing images
Author(s): Lorenzo Bruzzone; Sebastiano Bruno Serpico
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Generalized orthogonal subspace projection approach to multispectral image classification
Author(s): Hsuan Ren; Chein-I Chang
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Deconvolution of physical effects in speckle imaging using power-averaged speckle size
Author(s): Barbara Tehan Landesman; David F. Olson
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Improvement in automatic detection and recognition of moving targets in Alenia Aerospazio activity
Author(s): Maria Nevia Ferrara; Andrea Gallon; Andrea Torre
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Multiresolution wavelet analysis for SAR image segmentation using statistical separability measures
Author(s): Chi Hau Chen; Yang Du
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Edge detection and localization in SAR images: a comparative study of global filtering and active contour approaches
Author(s): Olivier Germain; Philippe Refregier
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Combining multispectral images and selected textural features from high-resolution images to improve discrimination of forest canopies
Author(s): Luis A. Ruiz; Igor Inan; Juan E. Baridon; Jorge W. Lanfranco
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Texture analysis and despeckle of multitemporal SAR images
Author(s): Luciano Alparone; Stefano Baronti; Roberto Carla
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Multiresolution approach to oil spill detection in ERS-1 SAR images
Author(s): Giuliano Benelli; Andrea Garzelli
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Segmentation of images through texture in spaces with three or more dimensions
Author(s): Jose A. Malpica; Raquel Viana
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Reconnaissance of extended targets in SAR image data
Author(s): Helmut Schwan; R. Schaerf; Ulrich Thoennessen
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Classification of multispectral images using hierarchical random fields
Author(s): Hajime Futatsugi; Sadao Fujimura
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Remote sensing of land, water, and atmosphere: the role of forward modeling as a data analysis tool
Author(s): Mihai P. Datcu; Gottfried Schwarz
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Using SPOT images for urban area classification
Author(s): Vincent Bessettes; Jacky Desachy
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Data fusion of SPOT and Landsat images using additive multiresolution wavelet decomposition
Author(s): Jorge Nunez; Xavier Otazu; Octavi Fors; Ignacio Juvells Prades; Vincenc Pala; Roman Arbiol
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Neural refinement strategy for a fuzzy Dempster-Shafer classifier of multisource remote sensing images
Author(s): Elisabetta Binaghi; Paolo Madella; Ignazio Gallo; Anna Rampini
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Contextual methods for multisource land cover classification with application to Radarsat and SPOT data
Author(s): Danielle Ducrot; Hugues Sassier; Juste Mombo; Stephane Goze; Jean-Guy Planes
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Assessment of pyramid-based multisensor image data fusion
Author(s): Bruno Aiazzi; Luciano Alparone; Stefano Baronti; Roberto Carla
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Line tracking from satellite images
Author(s): I. Gracia; Maria Petrou; A. J. Fraser
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Robust automatic recognition system of manmade areas using morphological segmentation and very-high-resolution remotely sensed data
Author(s): M. Pesaresi; Ioannis Kanellopoulos
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Building detection from high-resolution color images
Author(s): Stephane Girard; Philippe Guerin; Henri Maitre; Michel Roux
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Fuzzy neural network model for the estimation of subpixel land cover composition
Author(s): Elisabetta Binaghi; Pietro Alessandro Brivio; Pier Paolo Ghezzi; Anna Rampini; Massimo Vicenzi
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Optimized combination, regularization, and pruning in parallel consensual neural networks
Author(s): Jon Atli Benediktsson; Jan Larsen; Johannes R. Sveinsson; L. K. Hansen
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Recursive unsupervised neural network approach to extract concepts from remote sensing images
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Novak; Jerzy J. Korczak
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Classification of remote sensing images using radial-basis-function neural networks: a supervised training technique
Author(s): Lorenzo Bruzzone; Diego Fernandez-Prieto
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Fusion of multispectral and radar images in the redundant wavelet domain
Author(s): Youcef Chibani; Amrane Houacine; Christian Barbier; Y. Cornet
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Terrain segmentation by structural texture discrimination
Author(s): Antoni Grau; Joan Climent; Joan Aranda
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Determination of a dense depth map from an image sequence: application to aerial imagery
Author(s): Brigitte Geraud; Guy Le Besnerais; Gilles Foulon
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New remote-sensing data compression technique using wavelet decomposition and related procedures
Author(s): Chi Hau Chen; Tzu-Hung Cheng
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Image sharpening by means of spectral unmixing: comparison among different techniques
Author(s): Giancarlo Bellucci
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Hierarchical water property extraction from the ADEOS Ocean Colour and Temperature Scanner
Author(s): Ewa J. Ainsworth
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Optimal processing techniques for SAR
Author(s): David Stewart; Rod Cook; Ian McConnell; Christopher John Oliver
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Performance analysis of SAR change detection technique
Author(s): Pierfrancesco Lombardo; G. Fedele; Debora Pastina
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Synthesis of conceptual hierarchies applied to remote sensing images
Author(s): N. Louis; Jerzy J. Korczak
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Low-fidelity space-based imagery for automatic feature extraction using a multisensor fusion approach under IMaG
Author(s): Shin-Yi Hsu; J. Ching-Yang Huang
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Extraction of geographic features using multioperator fusion
Author(s): Pierre Dherete; Jacky Desachy
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Use of multisensor, multiscale, and temporal data for characterizing land surface temperature variability according to land cover
Author(s): Jean-Paul Berroir; Isaac Cohen; Isabelle L. Herlin; Fabien Lahoche
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Use of texture information for urban analysis in spaceborne remote sensing imagery
Author(s): Paul C. Smits; Alessandro Annoni
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Compound deterministic pseudo-annealing Markov random field model for contextual classification of remotely sensed imagery
Author(s): Salim Chitroub; Radja Khedam; H. Belhadj; Boualem Sansal
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Overview of the SkyMed/COSMO mission
Author(s): Francesco Caltagirone; Paolo Spera; R. Vigliotti; Gemma Manoni
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