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Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology
Editor(s): Edwin T. Engman

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Volume Number: 3499
Date Published: 11 December 1998

Table of Contents
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Comparison of calibration techniques of an impedance probe for near-surface soil moisture measurement
Author(s): Teferi D. Tsegaye; Tommy L. Coleman; Thomas J. Jackson
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Use of ERS SAR interferometric coherence and PRI images to evaluate crop height and soil moisture and to identify crops
Author(s): Benoit Moeremans; Sylvia Dautrebande
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Estimation of soil moisture under vegetation using multisensor data
Author(s): Hans Thonfeld; Maria von Schoenermark
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Satellite microwave estimates of soil moisture and applications for desertification studies
Author(s): Manfred Owe; Adriaan A. Van de Griend; Richard A. de Jeu; Jorrit de Vries; E. Seyhan
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Mesoscale soil moisture patterns derived from ERS data
Author(s): Natascha Maria Oppelt; Karl Schneider; Wolfram Mauser
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Application of Landsat TM data to evaluate soil hydrological status in the Arno basin, Italy: preliminary results
Author(s): Francesca Caparrini; Enrica Caporali; Giuliana Profeti
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Application of remote sensing techniques to the evaluation of water consumption
Author(s): Alicia Vela Mayorga; Alfonso Calera Belmonte; Miguel F. Mejuto; Santiago Castano; Jose-Reyes Ruiz Gallardo
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Modeling the spatial snow-water equivalent using NOAA-AVHRR data for mesoscale catchments
Author(s): Stefan Taschner; Ulrich Strasser; Wolfram Mauser
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Determination of the surface evaporative fraction from combined AVHRR-SSM/I remote sensing
Author(s): Koen De Ridder; Clemens Mensink
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Water quality mapping of the major lakes in northern Italy using TM data
Author(s): Claudia Giardino; Pietro Alessandro Brivio; Roberto Colombo; Eugenio Zilioli
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Distinguishing between chlorophyll-a and suspended solids in lake water using hyperspectral data
Author(s): Samuel F. Atkinson; Miguel F. Acevedo; Kenneth L. Dickson; David A. Rolbecki
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Extraction of wetland areas in West Siberia using NOAA/AVHRR data
Author(s): Masayuki Tamura; Yoshifumi Yasuoka
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Evaluation of atmospheric anomalous propagation conditions: an application for weather radars
Author(s): Joan Bech; David H.O. Bebbington; B. Codina; A. Sairouni; Jeronimo Lorente
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Functional assessment and remote-sensing upscaling of coastal erosion damages on forest stands
Author(s): Sabrina Raddi; Federico Magnani; Ivan Pippi
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Remote sensing and GIS techniques for land degradation monitoring and assessment in Niger
Author(s): Claudio Conese; M. Benvenuti; Paola Grande; Maurizio Romani
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Soil-erosion-state interpretation using pre- and postprocessing of multichannel radar images
Author(s): Gennady P. Kulemin; Vladimir V. Lukin; Alexander A. Zelensky; Andrei A. Kurekin; Edwin T. Engman
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New approach to thermal inertia determination using NOAA-AVHRR data: application to the Iberian Peninsula
Author(s): Jose Antonio Sobrino; Mohamed Hecham El Kharraz; Emilia Hurtado
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Effect of spatial resolution on thermal IR sensing of plant canopies
Author(s): James Alan Smith; Jerrell R. Ballard Jr.; Lee K. Balick; James R. Getter
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Methods for classification of agricultural fields in aerial sequences: a comparative study
Author(s): Zweitze Houkes; Haijun Chen; Jan-Friso Blacquiere
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Spatial-temporal analysis of NOAA/AVHRR vegetation index and rainfall in the Northeast region of Brazil in 1982-85
Author(s): Humberto A. Barbosa; Alberto W. Setzer
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Monitoring land cover with a vegetation-soil-water index
Author(s): Mikio Sugita
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Time variation of radiation use efficiency of a semiarid grassland: consequences for remotely sensed estimation of primary production
Author(s): Yann Nouvellon; Danny Lo Seen; S. Rambal; Agnes Begue; M. Susan Moran; Yann H. Kerr; Jiaguo Qi
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Estimating biophysical properties of eucalyptus plantations using optical remote sensing techniques
Author(s): Joao Vianei Soares; Alexandre Candido Xavier; Auro Campi de Almeida; Corina da Costa Freitas
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Spatiotemporal analysis for characterizing the landscape of the biosphere reserve of Menorca, Spain, using remote sensing data
Author(s): Guillem Chust; Danielle Ducrot; Joan Lluis Pretus
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Geometric and radiometric corrections of ERS SAR data for biomass estimation of meadows in rugged terrain
Author(s): Gertrud Riegler; Roswitha Stolz; Wolfram Mauser
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Atmospheric correction for hyperspectral DAIS imagery of a forested zone
Author(s): Victoria E. Cachorro; Agustin Lobo; Nicolau Pineda; Ricardo Vergaz; Angel M. de Frutos
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Forest understory characterization at regional levels with satellite data: a conceptual approach
Author(s): Mario R. Caetano; Alfredo R. Huete; Jose M. Cardoso Pereira; Wenge Ni
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Evaluation of the importance of nonlinear spectral mixing in coniferous forests
Author(s): Mario R. Caetano; Wenge Ni; Jose M. Cardoso Pereira; Alfredo R. Huete
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Precision agriculture with hyperspectral remotely sensed data, GIS, and GPS technology: a step toward environmentally responsible farming
Author(s): Ahmed Fahsi; Teferi D. Tsegaye; John L. Boggs; Wubishet Tadesse; Tommy L. Coleman
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Imaging derivative spectroscopy for vegetation dysfunction assessments
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater Jr.
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Assessment of combined effects of mild water stress, elevated tropospheric O3, and CO2 on crops using fluorescence imaging
Author(s): Moon S. Kim; Emmett W. Chappelle; E. Leblanc; Charles L. Mulchi; Craig S. T. Daughtry; James E. McMurtrey III; Randy A. Rowland
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Spectral characterization of water stress impact on some agricultural crops: II. Studies on alfalfa using handheld radiometer
Author(s): Safwat H. Shakir Hanna; B. Girmay-Gwahid
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Information system for monitoring and evaluating meteorological disasters for agriculture
Author(s): Dominique Medal; Jacques Stakenborg; Graham Russell; Frederic Biard; Dorothea Aifantopoulou; Marino Palacios; Jean Pierre Riglet; Leonidas Toulios; Miguel Angel Soler; J. L. Masson
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Algorithms and analysis tools for carbon content modeling in soil based on satellite data
Author(s): Elissa R. Levine; Lubomir Kurz; Jan Smid; Marek Smid; Petr Volf
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Remote detection and ecological monitoring of the industrial and natural nuclei activity of radioactive elements based on passive microwave radiometry
Author(s): Liliya K. Chistyakova; Vyacheslav Yu. Chistyakov; Dmitry V. Losev; Sergei T. Penin; Yurij K. Tarabrin; Vladimir P. Yakubov; Igor A. Yurjev
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Use of remote sensing in ecological research: preliminary results
Author(s): Francesca Casucci; Enrica Caporali; Marco Lebboroni; Giuliana Profeti
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Mapping forest fire impact from Landsat-TM imagery
Author(s): Agustin Lobo; Nicolau Pineda; Rafael Navarro-Cedillo; Pilar Fernandez-Rebollo; Francisco J. Salas; Jose-Luis Fernandez-Turiel; Arturo Fernandez-Palacios
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Fire detection by AVHRR: toward a new approach for operational monitoring
Author(s): Rosa Lasaponara; Vincenzo Cuomo; Valerio Tramutoli
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Analysis of smoke propagation from a sequence of aerial images
Author(s): Marc Salotti; Nabil Laachfoubi
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Determination of total suspended solids distribution in Lake Taihu from Landsat Thematic Mapper data
Author(s): Xiaozhou Shu; Dingbo Kuang
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Climatic interpretation of the NDVI: applications for vegetation monitoring in Castilla y Leon (Spain)
Author(s): Alfonso Fernandez Manso; Pilar Illera; Jose A. Delgado; Alberto Fernandez Unzueta
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Fire danger indices derived from NOAA-AVHRR images: a comparison and interpretation using meteorological variables
Author(s): Alberto Fernandez Unzueta; F. Sedano; Pilar Illera
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Designing a generalized soil-adjusted vegetation index (GESAVI)
Author(s): M. A. Gilabert; Jose Gonzalez Piqueras; Joan Garcia-Haro; J. Melia
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Atmospheric effects on the temperature emissivity separation algorithm
Author(s): Cesar Coll; Thomas J. Schmugge; Simon J. Hook
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Ground-based infrared remote sensing of forest fires
Author(s): Antonio J. de Castro; Jose Manuel Aranda; Susana Briz; Juan Melendez; Fernando Lopez; C. Hernando; M. Guijarro; C. Diaz
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Experimental investigation of the angular variation of emissivity in the thermal infrared band
Author(s): Jose Antonio Sobrino; Juan Cuenca; Mohamed Hecham El Kharraz; Laura Dempere-Marco
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Grass-cover scattering cross-section in the millimeter-wave range
Author(s): Alexander N. Roenko; Boris D. Zamaraev; Vera L. Kostina; Yu. F. Vasiliev
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Precision agriculture in dry land: spatial variability of crop yield and roles of soil surveys, aerial photos, and digital elevation models
Author(s): Mahmood Nachabe; Laj Ahuja; Mary Lou Shaffer; J. Ascough; Brian Flynn; J. Cipra
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