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Satellite Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere III
Editor(s): Jaqueline E. Russell

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Volume Number: 3495
Date Published: 14 December 1998

Table of Contents
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Long-term cloud observations from a satellite and ground-based remote sensing network
Author(s): Joop A. Konings; Arnout J. Feijt; Andre C.A.P. van Lammeren
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Cloud retrieval algorithm for the European Space Agency's Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment
Author(s): Thomas P. Kurosu; Kelly Van Chance; Robert J. D. Spurr
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Infrared cloud properties retrieval algorithm accounting for cloud vertical inhomogeneity
Author(s): Carsten Rathke; Juergen Fischer
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Method to estimate the emissivity from NOAA-AVHRR channel 3 in order to extract a distribution of effective droplet radius of stratocumulus clouds
Author(s): Fernando Rosa; Felix Herrera; Juan C. Perez; Albano Gonzalez
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Discretization of effective droplet radius in order to extract stratocumulus cloud parameters from NOAA-AVHRR channel 3
Author(s): Albano Gonzalez; Fernando Rosa; Felix Herrera; Juan C. Perez
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Interpretation of ATSR-2 measurements of cirrus clouds using phase functions of imperfect hexagonal ice crystals
Author(s): Wouter H. Knap; M. Hess; Piet Stammes; Robert B. A. Koelemeijer; Philip D. Watts
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Retrieval of cirrus cloud microphysical properties based on TOVS-3I observations
Author(s): Ralf Holz; Claudia J. Stubenrauch; Noelle A. Scott; David L. Mitchell; Anthony J. Baran
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Airborne infrared and microphysical measurements of cirrus clouds
Author(s): Gerard Durand; Jean-Francois Gayet; Luc Kaes; Philippe Matharan
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Effect of water and ice clouds in the outgoing long-wave radiation
Author(s): Francesca Di Giuseppe; Rolando Rizzi; Laura Mannozzi
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High-spectral-resolution simulation of the impact on heating rates of cirrus clouds in the far infrared
Author(s): Catherine Naud; Jaqueline E. Russell; John E. Harries
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Effect of cirrus clouds in the infrared (4 to 100 um): high-spectral-resolution simulations
Author(s): Jaqueline E. Russell; Richard J. Bantges; Catherine Naud; Joanna D. Haigh
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Algorithms for nonlinear retrieval problems in atmospheric remote sensing using regularization methods
Author(s): Fabian O. Gonzalez; Miguel Velez-Reyes
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Radiation transport effects and the interpretation of infrared images of gravity waves and turbulence
Author(s): John H. Gruninger; James W. Duff; James H. Brown; William A.M. Blumberg
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Atmospheric water vapor over the Mediterranean Sea: using a physical model and satellite microwave data
Author(s): Stefano Nativi; Stefano Migliorini; Dino Giuli
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Using IR satellite data to improve the initialization of a mesoscale model
Author(s): B. Codina; A. Sairouni; Josep Vidal; Angel Redano
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Improved method of optical particle size retrieval with new types of a prioi information
Author(s): Sergey Oshchepkov; Alexander Sinyuk; Harumi Isaka; Jean-Francois Gayet; Frederique Auriol
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Retrieval procedures to derive atmospheric and surface properties from infrared radiation measurements in an orbit around Mars
Author(s): Rainer Haus
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Development of a correlated-k distribution band model scheme for the radiative transfer program GOMETRAN/SCIATRAN for retrieval of atmospheric constituents from SCIMACHY/ENVISAT-1 data
Author(s): Michael Buchwitz; Vladimir V. Rozanov; John P. Burrows
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Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment III
Author(s): Larry W. Thomason; William P. Chu; Michael C. Pitts
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Analysis of the atmospheric water vapor content determination in the 940-nm band using moderate spectral resolution measurements of direct solar irradiance
Author(s): Victoria E. Cachorro; Pilar Utrillas; Ricardo Vergaz; Plinio Duran; Angel M. de Frutos Baraja; Jose A. Martinez-Lozano
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Net radiation of the Iberian Peninsula from NOAA-AVHRR data
Author(s): Emilia Hurtado; Jose Antonio Sobrino
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Cloud recognition from ground-based solar radiation measurements: preliminary results
Author(s): Josep Calbo; Josep-Abel Gonzalez
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Tropical cirrus cloud parameters from the Along Track Scanning Radiometer (ATSR-2)
Author(s): Sarah K. Watts; Philip D. Watts; Anthony J. Baran
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Lidar equation for sensing optically anisotropic media
Author(s): Bruno Valentinov Kaul
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Interpretation of laser sensing data based on a model of a cloud as plate crystals
Author(s): Olga Vladimirov Shefer; Ignatii V. Samokhvalov
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Absorption of solar radiation in the atmosphere in the presence of broken clouds
Author(s): T. B. Zhuravleva
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Ozone profile distributions in the Arctic from GOME satellite observations during spring 1997 and 1998
Author(s): Kai-Uwe Eichmann; M. Weber; K. Bramstedt; R. Hoogen; Vladimir V. Rozanov; John P. Burrows
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Validation of ozone profiles from GOME satellite data
Author(s): R. Hoogen; Vladimir V. Rozanov; K. Bramstedt; Kai-Uwe Eichmann; M. Weber; John P. Burrows
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Correction for aerosol effects on satellite sea surface temperature measurements
Author(s): Jose Antonio Sobrino; Laura Dempere-Marco; Eric F. Vermote; Juan Cuenca
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Preliminary study of the influence of the urban effect on the spectral aerosol optical thickness in a Mediterranean coastal site
Author(s): Pilar Utrillas; Jose A. Martinez-Lozano; Fernando Tena; Roberto Pedros; Javier Canada; Jose V. Bosca; Jeronimo Lorente
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Incorporation of GPS data into a parameterized ionospheric model for tomography of the electron distribution of the ionosphere
Author(s): Lidia Cucurull; G. Ruffini; Alejandro Flores; A. Rius
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Satellite remote sensing of volcanic aerosols: a new AVHRR-based approach
Author(s): Nicola Pergola; Carla Pietrapertosa; Valerio Tramutoli
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Vertical radiative properties of atmospheric aerosols in a representative continental area of north-central Spain during 1995
Author(s): Victoria E. Cachorro; Plinio Duran; Ricardo Vergaz; Angel M. de Frutos
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Remote sensing of atmospheric properties with the Modular Optical Scanner (MOS)
Author(s): Harald Krawczyk; Bringfried M. Pflug; Birgit Gerasch
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Ozone profile retrieval from GOME data
Author(s): Ronald J. van der A; Roeland Van Oss; Hennie Kelder
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Atmospheric trace gas measurements from the European Space Agency's Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment
Author(s): Kelly Van Chance; Robert J. D. Spurr; Thomas P. Kurosu
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Earth explorer earth radiation mission
Author(s): A. Tobias; Roland Meynart; Paul Ingmann; Wolfgang Leibrandt
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CERES/TRMM mission: early results
Author(s): George L. Smith; Bruce R. Barkstrom; Robert Benjamin Lee III; Bruce A. Wielicki; Richard N. Green; Thomas P. Charlock; Patrick Minnis; Bryan A. Baum; David F. Young; Kory J. Priestley
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Impact of radiometric noise on the performance of the Radiation Explorer in the Far Infrared (REFIR)
Author(s): Italia De Feis; Alberta M. Lubrano; Rolando Rizzi; Carmine Serio
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Use of global navigation satellite systems for the atmospheric calibration of radar altimeters
Author(s): Estel Cardellach; G. Ruffini; Alejandro Flores; Lidia Cucurull; A. Rius
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Data retrieval considerations for a spaceborne cloud radar
Author(s): Byron E. Richards; Ivan Astin
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