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Spectroscopic Atmospheric Environmental Monitoring Techniques
Editor(s): Klaus Schaefer

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Volume Number: 3493
Date Published: 15 December 1998

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Hot exhaust gases with passive FTIR emission spectroscopy
Author(s): Joerg Heland; Klaus Schaefer; Rainer Haus
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Using a Fourier transform spectrometer for tropospheric UV-visible DOAS measurements
Author(s): Michel R. Carleer; Reginald Colin; Ann Carine Vandaele
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Detection of soot particles in gas turbine engine combustion gases using nonintrusive FTIR spectroscopy
Author(s): Moira Hilton; John D. Black
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Remote sensing of atmospheric pollution by passive FTIR spectrometry
Author(s): Andreas Beil; Rainer Daum; Roland Harig; Gerhard Matz
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Evaluation procedure for nonintrusive exhaust gas analysis of jet engines using FTIR spectroscopy
Author(s): Erwin Lindermeir; Peter Haschberger; Rachel M. Geatches
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FTIS measurements of hydrocarbon emissions due to natural gas production
Author(s): Rainer Haus; Joerg Heland; Klaus Schaefer
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Quantitative analysis of flue gas FTIR-spectra employing a new mathematical method to determine the instrumental line shape
Author(s): Roman Windpassinger
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Determination of the temperature fields in exhaust gases by infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Olivier Jacquot; Philippe J.L. Herve
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Measurement of Fourier transform infrared spectrometer instrument lineshape
Author(s): Nicholas M. Davies; William Bell; A. Vance; Moira Hilton
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Different methods of evaluating sharp-peaked compounds in FTIR spectra using benzene as an example
Author(s): Bernhard Lechner; Peter J. Sturm
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Fourier transform spectroscopy of atmospheric gases
Author(s): Michel R. Carleer; Sophie Fally; Reginald Colin; Alain Jenouvrier; Bernard Coquart; Marie-France Merienne; Ann Carine Vandaele; Christian Hermans
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Assessment of the performance of a DIAL system by comparison with a correlation spectrometer COSPEC V in SO2 mode
Author(s): Francisco Molero-Menendez; Lourdes Nunez; Manuel Pujadas; Francisco Jaque
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Comparison of DOAS and standard monitoring measurements in urban areas
Author(s): Peter J. Sturm; Johannes Rodler
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Sun photometer for aerosol and precipitable water measurements used in Argentina
Author(s): Jorge O. Tocho; Carmen Esteban; Amilcar Fasulo; Edmundo J. Rodriguez; Elian Wolfran
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NO2 profiles during the CRISTA-2 experiment (August 1997) at subtropical regions
Author(s): Olga Puentedura; Manuel Gil; Margarita Yela; Gerald Lehmacher; Emilio Cuevas; Dattatraya Jadhav
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Signal optimization, noise reduction, and systematic error compensation methods in long-path DOAS measurements
Author(s): Emilio Simeone; Alessandro Donati
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Ground-based evaluation of aerosol transmittance for cloudless and scattered cloudy skies
Author(s): Josep-Abel Gonzalez; Josep Calbo; J. Mejias
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Infrared simultaneous gas detector for an atmospheric environmental network
Author(s): Juan A. Chavez; Juan Antonio Ortega Redondo; Antoni Turo; Jordi Salazar; Miguel J. Garcia
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Quality modulation parameter for a quasi-static optical modulator based on frustrated total internal reflection applied to infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Juan Antonio Ortega Redondo; Juan A. Chavez; Jordi Salazar; Antoni Turo; Miguel J. Garcia
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Infrared absorption device for analysis of exhaust gases from moving vehicles
Author(s): Jose-Luis Perez-Diaz; Fernando Lopez; Vicente Diaz-Lopez; Antonio J. de Castro; Susana Briz; Juan Melendez
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Plasma shutter for CO2 TEA laser for high-range resolved mapping of chemical plume
Author(s): Carlo Bellecci; Pasqualino Gaudio; Sergio Martellucci; Maria Richetta
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Evaluation of a low-cost and CCD-based electronic system destined to luminescence measurements
Author(s): Carlos Cagigal Olay; C. Blanco; M. Gonzalez; J. C. Campo
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Monitoring the atmospheric levels of H2S caused by sulphatoreduction phenomena produced in the Besos River (Catalonia, Spain) and efficiency of the correcting measures adopted
Author(s): O. Puig; Guillem Massagu; M. Soler; A. Ginebreda; L. Tirapu; J. Grimalt; I. Sola; L. Comellas; E. Mangas; A. Serrano
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Confirmation of a multilayer arrangement of aerosols in the Barcelona air basin using two independent lidar systems
Author(s): Cecilia Soriano; Francesc Rocadenbosch; Carles Puente; Alejandro Rodriguez-Gomez; Jose M. Baldasano; Adolfo Comeron
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Emission source strengths of gasoline-filling processes determined by open-path spectroscopic techniques and inverse modeling
Author(s): Klaus Schaefer; Martina Stockhause; Herbert Hoffmann; Achim Sedlmaier; Stefan M. Emeis
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DF laser application for hydrocarbon control in the atmosphere
Author(s): Sergey D. Velikanov; A. S. Elutin; Evgeniy A. Kudryashov; Ivan N. Pegoev; Sergey N. Sin'kov; Yuri N. Frolov
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First measurements of water vapor and ozone with TEA CO2 lasers to test lidar station
Author(s): Carlo Bellecci; Sergio Martellucci; P. Aversa; G. Caputi; F. De Donato; Pasqualino Gaudio; R. Zoccali
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Development of the method of radioactive cloud registration
Author(s): Sergey V. Avakyan; Alexandr I. Lazarev; Alla E. Serova; Nikolai A. Voronin; Vladimir V. Il'in; Aleksey N. Starchenko; Alexandr V. Tcharuhchev
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Gas plume characterization by passive remote sensing: application to CO2
Author(s): Philippe J.L. Herve; A. Riguet; P. Caron; Olivier Jacquot
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Differential absorption lidar (DIAL) measurements of the mechanisms of volatile organic compound loss from external floating roofed tanks
Author(s): Simon J. O Connor; Harold Lees Walmsley; Humphrey Pasley
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Detection of gas leaks along pipelines by spectrally tuned infrared imaging
Author(s): Werner Gross; Thomas Hierl; H. Scheuerpflug; U. Schirl; Max J. Schulz
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