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Superconducting and Related Oxides: Physics and Nanoengineering III

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Volume Number: 3481
Date Published: 22 December 1998

Table of Contents
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Strategies for increasing the critical temperature of superconductors
Author(s): Massimo Marezio; Francesca Licci; Andrea Gauzzi
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Scaling behavior of the normal-state properties of the underdoped high-Tc cuprates
Author(s): Victor V. Moshchalkov; Lieven Trappeniers; Johan Vanacken; Yvon Bruynseraede
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Experimental constraints on models of normal-state transport
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Clayhold; F. Chen; John P. McCarten; Z. H. Zhang; A. J. Schofield
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Magnetization experiments on the thermal fluctuations of vortices and Cooper pairs in multilayered superconducting cuprates: how strongly coupled are the pancake vortices of the closest layers?
Author(s): Felix Vidal; Carolina Torron; Manuel V. Ramallo; Jesus Mosqueira
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Spin injection into superconductors
Author(s): Michael S. Osofsky; Robert J. Soulen Jr.; J. M. Byers; B. F. Woodfield; Douglas B. Chrisey; James S. Horwitz; Raymond C. Y. Auyeung
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Initial dissipation and a finite-size effect in inhomogeneous superconductors: the case of BPSCCO/Ag tapes
Author(s): Mladen Prester; P. Kovac; I. Husek
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Mechanism of oxygenation of YBaCuO thin films during in-situ growth in presence of oxygene plasma: correlation between oxygenation and physical properties
Author(s): Julius Siejka; J. Garcia-Lopez; Yves Lemaitre
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Thermoelectric power of cuprates and other superconductors
Author(s): Alan B. Kaiser; G. C. McIntosh
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Universal transport and magnetic properties of YBCO and TBCCO films
Author(s): Jan Alexander Jung; H. Yan; H. Darhmaoui; Wai K. Kwok
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Filamentary theory of cuprate superconductivity phase diagram and giant electron-phonon interactions
Author(s): James C. Phillips
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Thermodynamics of strongly correlated electrons in a three-band model
Author(s): Denis Karl Sunko
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Quasi-particle spectrum of vortices in cuprates
Author(s): Irena Knezevic; Zoran Radovic
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Molecular beam epitaxial growth of BSCCO and Bi-based oxides: self-limiting growth of the Bi element
Author(s): Shigeki Sakai; S. Migita; Hiroyuki Ota; H. Fujino; Yuji Kasai; Tsunehiro Oohira; H. Matsuhata; Koji Kajimura
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Femtosecond photoimpedance response and dynamic structural distortions in YBCO samples
Author(s): T. Venkatesan; Rajeshwar P. Sharma; Ramamoorthy Ramesh; Yang G. Zhao; Insik Jin; Satish B. Ogale; M. Rajeswari; Hua Zhang; J. R. Liu; Wei-Kan Chu; Boyd W. Veal; Arvydas P. Paulikas; H. Zheng; Chi Hsiang Lee; Wei-lou Cao; J. J. Li; G. Baskaran
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Step-flow growth of perovskite PbTiO3 thin films epitaxially grown on a miscut SrTiO3 substrate
Author(s): Kiyotaka Wasa; Yoko Haneda; Toshifumi Sato; Hideaki Adachi; Isaku Kanno; Darrell G. Schlom; Susan Trolier-McKinstry; Qing Gang; Chang-Beom Eom
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Reactive evaporation technology for fabrication of YBCO wafers for microwave applications
Author(s): Vladimir C. Matijasevic; Per Slycke
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In-situ monitoring during pulsed laser deposition of layered oxide materials
Author(s): Dave H. A. Blank; Gertjan Koster; Guus J. H. M. Rijnders; Horst Rogalla
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Anisotropic enhancement of flux pinning in Y-Ba-Cu-O thin films grown by the step-flow growth mode
Author(s): Hanns-Ulrich Habermeier; T. Haage; Jorg Zegenhagen; V. G. Hadjev; R. Warthmann; Ch. Joob
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Oxygen nonstoichiometry of MBE-grown cuprate films to lose or give high-Tc superconductivity
Author(s): Michio Naito; Hisashi Sato; Hideki Yamamoto
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New interpretation of the doping and temperature dependence of photoemission line shape and its implication to the high-Tc superconductivity
Author(s): Changyoung Kim
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Fermi surface features and charge segregation in Bi2212 superconductor
Author(s): N. L. Saini; A. Lanzara; Antonio Bianconi; J. Avila; M. C. Asensio; Setsuko Tajima; G. D. Gu; N. Koshizuka
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Electronic nanofeatures in epitaxial ferroelectric oxide heterostructures
Author(s): C. H. Ahn; Thomas Tybell; L. Antognazza; Kookrin Char; Malcolm R. Beasley; C. Beeli; Paul A. Stadelmann; Oystein Fischer; Jean-Marc Triscone
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Searching for superconductivity in epitaxial films of copper-free layered oxides with the K2NiF4 structure
Author(s): Darrell G. Schlom; Yunfa Jia; L. N. Zou; J. H. Hanei; S. Briczinski; M. A. Zurbuchen; Christopher W. Leitz; Sethu Madhavan; S. Wozniak; Yanning Liu; Marilyn E. Hawley; Geoffrey W. Brown; A. Dabkowski; H. A. Dabkowska; R. Uecker; Peter Reiche
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Differences in properties of thin films of La0.73Ca0.27MnO3 grown on SrTiO3 or LaAlO3 by sputter deposition
Author(s): Sabine Freisem; T. Nojima; R. W. A. Hendrikx; Henny W. Zandbergen; Jan Aarts
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Effect of pinning and thermal fluctuations on the superconducting transition of YBa2Cu3O7 very thin films
Author(s): Michel Calame; Christian Leemann; L. Baselgia Stahel; Piero Martinoli
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Changes of Tc under epitaxial strain: implications for the mechanism of superconductivity
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Locquet; Joel Perret; Jeongwoo Seo; J. Fompeyrine
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First observations of YBaCuO thin films by atomic force microscopy with conducting tips
Author(s): Olivier Schneegans; Pascal Chretien; Eleonor Caristan; Frederic Houze; Annick Degardin; Alain J. Kreisler
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Local determination of the terminating layer of SrTiO3
Author(s): J. Fompeyrine; R. Berger; Christoph Gerber; Joel Perret; Jeongwoo Seo; Jean-Pierre Locquet
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Vortex dynamics in YBCO thin films with a low applied field
Author(s): Pierre Bernstein; Myriam Pannetier; Catherine L. Picard; P. Lecoeur; O. Riou; M. Hanotel; Jean Francois Hamet; T. D. Doan; Jean-Pierre Contour
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Effect of quenching temperature on the growth of a-axis-oriented HgBa2CaCu2Ox thin films
Author(s): S. H. Yun; U. O. Karlsson; B. J. Jonsson; K. V. Rao; L. D. Madsen
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Different tunnel barriers for c-axis-oriented Y(Ho)BaCuO-based trilayer heterostructures
Author(s): Anna Maria Cucolo
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High-temperature superconducting devices on buffered silicon substrates
Author(s): Paul Seidel; Sven Linzen; Gunter Kaiser; Frank Schmidl; Yongjun Tian; Andre Matthes; Swen Wunderlich; Henrik Schneidewind
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Nucleation and growth control in pulsed laser epitaxy of oxide thin films
Author(s): Hideomi Koinuma; Masashi Kawasaki; Satoru Ohashi; Mikk Lippmaa; Naoyuki Nakagawa; Masashi Iwasaki; X. G. Qiu
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Josephson junction fabricated by decanano technology using a focused ion beam
Author(s): Youichi Enomoto; Shinichi Morohashi; Naoki Yutani; Katsu Ohnishi; Jianguo Wen
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Effects induced by electron beam irradiation on Y1Ba2Cu3O7-x Josephson structures: a new approach to control the junction barrier properties
Author(s): Francesco Tafuri; B. Nadgorny; Sergey Shokhar; M. Gurvitch; Filomena Lombardi; F. Carillo; Alessandro Di Chiara
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Josephson and tunneling experiments in in-situ Pb/YBCO junctions
Author(s): Jerome Lesueur; X. Grison; Marco Aprili; S. Jong Kim; J. Ayache
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Ultrafast dynamics of nonequilibrium quasi-particles in high-temperature superconductors
Author(s): Roman Sobolewski
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Nonlinear THz mixing in YBaCuO thin film hot electron bolometers
Author(s): Mark Lee; Chao Te Li; Bascom S. Deaver Jr.; Robert M. Weikle II; Rajesh A. Rao; Chang-Beom Eom
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Recent progress in HTSC bolometric detectors at terahertz frequencies
Author(s): Alain J. Kreisler; Alain Gaugue
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Analytic modeling of patterned high-Tc superconductive bolometers: film and substrate interface effects
Author(s): Mehdi Fardmanesh; Allen Rothwarf
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Microstructural investigation of La1.9Sr0.1CuO4 thin films grown by MBE
Author(s): Jeongwoo Seo; Joel Perret; J. Fompeyrine; Gustaaf Van Tendeloo; Jean-Pierre Locquet
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Critical temperature enhancement by means of substrate-induced pressure
Author(s): Joel Perret; J. Fompeyrine; Jeongwoo Seo; E. Machler; Oystein Fischer; Piero Martinoli; Jean-Pierre Locquet
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Microstructural investigation of La2Ti2O7 thin films grown by MBE
Author(s): Jeongwoo Seo; J. Fompeyrine; Jean-Pierre Locquet
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Phase development of high-temperature Bi-2223 phase and effect of doping on formation rate
Author(s): Mustafa Yavuz; Hakim Faqir; Hiroshi Maeda
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Thermal- and radiation-induced changes of structure and luminescence properties of YBa2 Cu3 O7-x ceramics
Author(s): Rano R. Gulamova; Eldar M. Gasanov; Rustam Alimov; Gen Chan Kim
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Coefficient of electron diffusion in a single-crystal thin film
Author(s): Dragana B. Mijatovic; Ljiljana D. Maskovic; Milan Pantic
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Pulsed laser deposition for in-situ photoemission studies on YBa2Cu3O7-[delta] and related oxide films
Author(s): T. Schmauder; B. Frazer; R. Gatt; Xiaoxing Xi; Marshall Onellion; Daniel Ariosa; M. Grioni; Giorgio Margaritondo; Davor Pavuna
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Role of interface orientation in the coupling of an anisotropic superconductor with a normal conductor
Author(s): Emil Polturak; Orna Nesher; Gad Koren
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Nanoscale controlled growth and domain structure of epitaxial ferromagnetic conductive oxide SrRuO3 thin films
Author(s): Chang-Beom Eom
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Substrate- and growth-related microstructural and magnetic properties in La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 thin films
Author(s): Marilyn E. Hawley; Geoffrey W. Brown; Chuhee Kwon; Quanxi Jia
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Time-resolved optical response in BSCCO-2212
Author(s): Pierre Gay; Christopher J. Stevens; David C. Smith; John F. Ryan; Guang Yang; J. S. Abell
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