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Superconducting Superlattices II: Native and Artificial

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Volume Number: 3480
Date Published: 9 December 1998

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Superconductivity in cuprates: the Van Hove scenario
Author(s): Julien Bok; Jacqueline Bouvier
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Josephson plasma resonance as a structural probe of vortex liquid
Author(s): Lev Boulaevskii; A. E. Koshelev; M. P. Maley
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Angular dependence of the Josephson critical current across c-axis twist junctions of layered superconductors
Author(s): Richard A. Klemm; Carsten T. Rieck; Kurt Scharnberg
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Pseudo gap resonant charge dynamics in cuprate superconductors
Author(s): Juergen Halbritter
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Theory and application of Josephson-coupled multilayers as switching devices in superconducting electronics
Author(s): Susanne Lomatch
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Magnetism-coupled vortex matter
Author(s): Igor F. Lyuksyutov; Valery L. Pokrovsky
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I-V characteristics and longitudinal Josephson plasma in intrinsic layered superconductors
Author(s): Tomio Koyama; Masahiko Machida; Masashi Tachiki
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Coupling of intrinsic Josephson oscillations in layered superconductors by charge fluctuations
Author(s): Christian Preis; Christian Helm; Joachim Keller; A. Sergeev; Reinhold Kleiner
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I-V characteristics and formation of single Josephson junction using the intrinsic layer in Bi-2223 thin films
Author(s): Kentaro Setsune; Akihiro Odagawa; Masahiro Sakai; Hideaki Adachi
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Interplay between artificially induced and intrinsic anisotropies in 123 superconducting superlattices
Author(s): Jose Luis Vicent; E. M. Gonzalez; J. I. Martin; M. Velez
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Growth and features of high-Tc superconducting multilayers and heterostructures
Author(s): Bai Ru Zhao; B. T. Liu; Yingzhang Lin; Z. Hao; E. Z. Luo; Z. Xie; I. H. Wilson; B. Xu
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Coupling phenomena and critical currents in superconducting/magnetic superlattices
Author(s): Yvon Bruynseraede; G. Verbanck; M. J. Van Bael; K. Temst; Victor V. Moshchalkov
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Periodic and aperiodic superconducting microstructures
Author(s): John B. Ketterson; P. R. Auvil; D. J. Morgan; Stevan R. Maglic; Christopher D. Thomas; Ivan P. Nevirkovets
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Pinning forces in Nb/CuMn multilayers
Author(s): Luigi Maritato; Carmine Attanasio; S. Barbanera; C. Coccorese; T. Di Luccio; Lucia Vittoria Mercaldo; S. L. Prischepa; R. Russo; Matteo Salvato
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Niobium nitride/aluminum nitride superlattices
Author(s): Zoe H. Barber; El Hadi S. Sadki; Richard A. Doyle; Stephen J. Lloyd; Mark G. Blamire
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Systematic analysis of the critical temperature oscillations in superconducting (Nb)/spin-glass (CuMn) multilayers
Author(s): Lucia Vittoria Mercaldo; Carmine Attanasio; Luigi Maritato
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Periodic arrays of pinning centers in thin vanadium films
Author(s): Vitali Metlouchko; U. Welp; G. Crabtree; Zhao Zhang; Steven R. J. Brueck; B. Watkins; L. E. DeLong; B. Ilic; K. Chung; Peter J. Hesketh
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Interlayer tunneling mechanism: experimental test of single-layer compounds
Author(s): Artem A. Tsvetkov; Dirk van der Marel; D. Dulic; H. J. Molegraaf; Nikolai N. Kolesnikov; B. Willemsen; Z. F. Ren
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Observation of normal and superconducting state energy gap features from intrinsic c-axis interlayer tunneling in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 crystals
Author(s): Ian F. G. Parker; Colin E. Gough; Martin Endres; Philip J. Thomas; Guang Yang; August Yurgens
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Superconducting properties of thin films of CeRu2
Author(s): Dirk Groten; A. C. Wallast; G. J. Nieuwenhuys; J. A. Mydosh; Jan Aarts
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Pinning in superconducting normal metal superlattices
Author(s): S. L. Prischepa; V. N. Kushnir; A. Yu. Petrov; Carmine Attanasio; Luigi Maritato
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Direct numerical experiments on electromagnetic wave emission by flux flow in layered high-Tc superconductors
Author(s): Masahiko Machida; Tomio Koyama; Masashi Tachiki
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Transport properties of YBa2Cu3O7-(delta)/PrBa2Cu3O7-(delta) superlattices
Author(s): Wan Kyu Park; Su Youn Lee; Zheong Gu Khim
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Influence of degraded surface layer of HTS on differential conductance of HTS/metal junctions
Author(s): Paul Seidel; Miroslav Grajcar; Andrej Plecenik; M. A. Belogolovskii; Andre Matthes; M. Zuzcak
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[BaCu02)m./[[Ca,Sr]CuO2]n superlattices grown by pulsed laser deposition: structural and electrical transport properties
Author(s): Giusepe Balestrino; A. Crisan; Sergio Martellucci; P. G. Medaglia; A. Paoletti; G. Petrocelli
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Electromagnetic and microstructural properties of pure c-axis twist Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+(delta) bicrystal junctions
Author(s): Y. N. Tsay; Qiang Li; Y. Zhu; M. Suenaga; G. D. Gu; N. Koshizuka
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