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Recent Developments in Optical Gauge Block Metrology

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Volume Number: 3477
Date Published: 30 September 1998

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Portable I2-stabilized Nd:YAG laser for wavelength standards at 532 nm and 1064 nm
Author(s): Feng-Lei Hong; Jun Ishikawa; Tai Hyun Yoon; Long-Sheng Ma; Jun Ye; John L. Hall
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Interferometric gauge block measurement with 633-nm He-Ne and 1,064-nm Nd:YAG lasers
Author(s): Hideaki Yoshimori; Katuo Seta; Yong-Chol Lee; Satoshi Hatano; Hirokazu Matsumoto
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Primary wavelength standards for direct measurement of gauge blocks
Author(s): Esa Jaatinen; Nicholas Brown
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Long gauge block measurements based on a Twyman-Green interferometer and three stabilized lasers
Author(s): Han Haitjema; Gerard J. Kotte
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Long gauge block interferometer using two frequency-stabilized lasers
Author(s): Mikael Frennberg; M. Johansson; Stefan Kaellberg; U. Karn; Leslie R. Pendrill
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Realization of the optimum performance from length-measuring interferometers by atmospheric refractometry
Author(s): Michael J. Downs
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Interferometric refractometer with a variable-length vacuum cylinder
Author(s): Antti Lassila; P. Tallgren; Kari Riski; Erkki Ikonen
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Fit of Edlen formulae to measure values of the refractive index of air
Author(s): Gerhard Boensch; Eckhard Potulski
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Interferometer for long gauge blocks up to 1000 mm and its measurement uncertainty
Author(s): Tatsuya Narumi; Yoshio Saruki; Taizo Nakamura; Shunji Shutoh; Masaji Sawabe
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Development of a new automatic gauge block interferometer up to 250 mm
Author(s): Tatsuya Narumi; Shunji Shutoh; Taizo Nakamura; Junichi Iida; Masaji Sawabe
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Realizing subnanometer accuracy level in gauge block measurements
Author(s): Alexandre Titov; Igor Malinovsky; C. A. Massone
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Fringe-image processing gauge block comparator of high precision
Author(s): Igor Malinovsky; Alexandre Titov; C. A. Massone
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Ball diameter measuring instrument in a gauge block interferometer
Author(s): Gerard J. Kotte; Han Haitjema
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Double-ended Fizeau interferometers with phase-stepping evaluation for measurement of cubes
Author(s): R. Arnold Nicolaus; Chu-Shik Kang; Gerhard Boensch
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Modification of the Koster interferometer for automatization of gauge block measurements
Author(s): Leszek A. Salbut; Malgorzata Kujawinska; Zbigniew J. Ramotowski
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Improvements to a 1960s Hilger gauge block interferometer
Author(s): Eleanor F. Howick; Christopher M. Sutton
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Minimizing error sources in gauge block mechanical comparison measurements
Author(s): Bryon S. Faust; John R. Stoup; Eric S. Stanfield
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Measurement of a correction for the phase change on reflection due to surface roughness
Author(s): Richard K. Leach
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Interferometric calibration of an integrating sphere for determination of the roughness correction of gauge blocks
Author(s): Gerhard Boensch
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Minimizing errors in phase change correction measurements for gauge blocks using a spherical contact technique
Author(s): John R. Stoup; Bryon S. Faust; Theodore D. Doiron
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Phase correction in measurement of gauge blocks using a new double-ended interferometer
Author(s): Yasushi Ishii
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Phase shift on ceramic gauge blocks
Author(s): Shunji Shutoh; Hirofumi Moriyama; Masaji Sawabe
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Case against optical gauge block metrology
Author(s): Theodore D. Doiron; Dennis Everett; Bryon S. Faust; Eric S. Stanfield; John R. Stoup
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Gauge blocks as length standards measured by interferometry or comparison: length definition, traceability chain, and limitations
Author(s): Gerhard Boensch
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Contribution to traceability and consistency in length measurement standards
Author(s): Masaji Sawabe
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Network of international comparisons in gauge block metrology
Author(s): Rudolf Thalmann
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Uncertainty of gauge block calibration by mechanical comparison: a worked example for gauge blocks of dissimilar materials
Author(s): Jennifer E. Decker; Anthony Ulrich; James R. Pekelsky
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Uncertainties in the measurement of gauge blocks by interferometry
Author(s): Yu-Pin Lan; Wei-Cheng Chang
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Some practical aspects of long gauge block calibration
Author(s): Alessandro Balsamo; Marco Zangirolami
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Thermal expansion measurement of gauge blocks
Author(s): Wen-Mei Hou; Rudolf Thalmann
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Ultraprecise thermal expansion measurements of partially stabilized zirconia gauge blocks with an interferometric dilatometer
Author(s): Masahiro Okaji; Naofumi Yamada; Hirofumi Moriyama
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Calibration of shaft alignment instruments
Author(s): Bjorn Hemming
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Domestic round-robin tests in Japan for about 40 years
Author(s): Katuo Seta; Yasushi Ishii; Hirokazu Matsumoto
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Intercomparison of phase shifts in interferometric gauge block calibration
Author(s): Mikael Frennberg; Reine Johansson; Jes Henningsen; Steen-Ulrik Ipsen; Bitten Poulsen; Helge Karlsson; Heikki Lehto
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