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Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices II
Editor(s): Zakya H. Kafafi

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Volume Number: 3476
Date Published: 16 December 1998

Table of Contents
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Spatial emission patterns in organic thin-film EL
Author(s): Tetsuo Tsutsui; Kounosuke Yamamato
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Gain mechanisms in conjugated polymer lasers
Author(s): Georg Wegmann; B. Schweitzer; Harald W. Giessen; Rainer Friedbert Mahrt
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Absolute photoluminescence quantum yield of molecular organic thin films: effects of doping with strongly fluorescent rubrene
Author(s): Hedi M. Mattoussi; Hideyuki Murata; Charles D. Merritt; Zakya H. Kafafi
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New organic and polymeric materials for thin-film luminescent devices
Author(s): Andrew B. Holmes; Beng Sim Chuah; Xiao Chang Li; Franco Cacialli; Jorgedo Morgado; Henning Sirringhaus; Donizetti A. Dos Santos; Stephen C. Moratti; Jean-Luc Bredas; Richard H. Friend; Francis Garnier
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Synthesis and characterization of mixed oligoheterocycles based on end-capped oligothiophenes suited for LED applications
Author(s): Peter Baeuerle; Ullrich Mitschke; E. Mena-Osteritz; M. Sokolowski; David C. Mueller; Markus S. Gross; Klaus Meerholz
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Vinylene-bridged triphenylamine dimers as an emitting material in trilayer organic electroluminescent devices
Author(s): S. Pfeiffer; Hans-Heinrich Hoerhold; H. Boerner; Hans Nikol; W. Busselt
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Novel amorphous molecular materials for organic light-emitting devices
Author(s): Karl-Heinz Weinfurtner; Frank Weissoertel; Gabriele Harmgarth; Josef Salbeck
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Development of the tris-chelated polypyridyl ruthenium (II) complex as a solid state light emitter
Author(s): Erik S. Handy; Erika D. Abbas; Amlan J. Pal; Michael F. Rubner
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Efficient full-color electroluminescence and stimulated emission with polyphenylenes
Author(s): Guenther Leising; Emil J. W. List; Christian Zenz; Stefan Tasch; Christoph Brandstaetter; Wilhelm Graupner; Peter Markart; Farideh Meghdadi; Gerald Kranzelbinder; Arnold Niko; Roland Resel; Egbert Zojer; P. Schlichting; U. Rohr; Y. Geerts; Ullrich Scherf; Klaus Muellen; Ryan Smith; Douglas Gin
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Dye-doped molecular light-emitting diodes with enhanced performance
Author(s): Hideyuki Murata; Charles D. Merritt; Hedi M. Mattoussi; Zakya H. Kafafi
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Conduction and trapping in electroluminescent polymer devices
Author(s): Alasdair J. Campbell; Michael S. Weaver; David G. Lidzey; Donal D. C. Bradley; Ekkehard Werner; Wolfgang Bruetting; Markus Schwoerer
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Injection, transport, and recombination in organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): J. Campbell Scott; George G. Malliaras; Jesse R. Salem; Phillip J. Brock; L. Bozano; Sue A. Carter
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Trap states in doped tris-8-(hydroxyquinoline) aluminum using thermally stimulated luminescence
Author(s): Eric W. Forsythe; David C. Morton; Ching W. Tang; Yongli Gao
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Charge transport in amorphous molecular materials
Author(s): Yasuhiko Shirota; Satoyuki Nomura; Hiroshi Kageyama
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Charge injection from indium tin oxide into a starburst amine and its implications for organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Homer Antoniadis; Carsten Giebeler; Donal D. C. Bradley; Yasuhiko Shirota
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Charge injection dynamics in organic multilayers
Author(s): Liang-Bih Lin; Ralph H. Young; M. Gary Mason; Deniz E. Schildkraut; Samson A. Jenekhe; Paul M. Borsenberger
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Charge transport and electrode injection in polymer light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Marie-Noelle Bussac; D. Michoud; Eduard Tutis; Libero Zuppiroli
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Interface electronic properties of organic molecular semiconductors
Author(s): Ian G. Hill; Antoine Kahn
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Electrochemical models for the radical annihilation reactions in organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Neal R. Armstrong; Jeffrey D. Anderson; Paul A. Lee; Erin McDonald; R. Mark Wightman; Hank K. Hall; Tracy Hopkins; Anne Padias; Sankaran Thayumanavan; Stephen Barlow; Seth R. Marder
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New polymeric heterolayer systems for efficient light-emitting devices
Author(s): Sigurd K. Schrader; Walter Riess; Horst Vestweber; Norbert Koch
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Carrier transport in organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Jun Shen; Franky So; Jie Yang; Ji-Hai Xu; Vi-En Choong; H.-C. Lee
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Dual-color polymer light-emitting pixels processed by hybrid inkjet printing
Author(s): Shun-Chi Chang; Jayesh Bharathan; Roger Helgeson; Fred Wudl; Yang Yang; Michael B. Ramey; John R. Reynolds
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Patterning approaches and system power efficiency considerations for organic LED displays
Author(s): James C. Sturm; Florian Pschenitzka; T. R. Hebner; Min-Hao Lu; C. C. Wu; W. Wilson
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Transparent metal electrodes: the photonic bandgap approach
Author(s): Mark J. Bloemer; Michael Scalora
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Multicolor organic electroluminescent QVGA display devices with patterned lateral three-color emitters
Author(s): Yuichi Iketsu; Eiichi Kitazume; Taizou Tanaka; Eitaro Nishigaki; Shigeyoshi Ootsuki; Katsuhiro Mizoguchi
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Polymer light-emitting devices based on polyfluorenes
Author(s): Daniel B. Roitman; Homer Antoniadis; Rene Helbing; Fereidoun E. Pourmirzaie; James R. Sheats
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Substrate designs and contacts for organic light-emitting displays
Author(s): Eliav I. Haskal; Horst Vestweber; Hubert Schmid; Paul F. Seidler
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Fluorescence anisotropy of rhodamine 6G using incoherent laser light
Author(s): Attieh A. Al-Ghamdi; Angus J. Bain
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Linear, macrocyclic, and hyperbranched polymers for electroluminescent applications
Author(s): Xu Tang Tao; Yadong Zhang; Shinichiro Maruyama; Tatsuo Wada; Hiroyuki Sasabe; H. Suzuki; Tetsuya Watanabe; Seizo Miyata
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Organic/inorganic nanocomposite materials for light-emitting applications
Author(s): Encai Hao; Bai Yang; Junhu Zhang; Xuemei Zhou; Jiachong Shen
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Organic light-emitting diodes based on bicarbazyles
Author(s): Wolfgang S. Bacsa; Michel Schaer; D. Ades; A. Siove; Libero Zuppiroli
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Electroluminescence from the 1,1,4,4-tetraphenyl-1,3-butadiene-doped polymeric Langmuir-Blodgett films
Author(s): Jinman Huang; Yi Yang; Shanhua Xue; Bai Yang; Shiyong Liu; Jiachong Shen; Subhash H. Risbud
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Electroluminescence and cathodoluminescence from inorganic CdSe nanocrystals embedded in thin films
Author(s): Hedi M. Mattoussi; J. Rodriguez-Viejo; Klavs F. Jensen; Moungi G. Bawendi; Michael F. Rubner
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Stability and characterization of large-area polymer light-emitting diodes over extended periods
Author(s): Richard E. Gill; Peter van de Weijer; Coen T. H. F. Liedenbaum; Herman F. M. Schoo; Arjan J. M. Berntsen; Jeroen J. M. Vleggaar; Robert Jan Visser
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Synthesis of high-Tg hole-transporting polymers with different redox potentials and their performance in organic two-layer LEDs
Author(s): Erika Bellmann; Sean E. Shaheen; Seth R. Marder; Bernard Kippelen; Robert H. Grubbs; Nasser Peyghambarian
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Improving the efficiency and stability of organic light-emitting devices using mixed emitting layers
Author(s): Zoran D. Popovic; Hany Aziz; Carl P. Tripp; Nan-Xing Hu; Ah-Mee Hor; Gu Xu
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Electroluminescence of carbazole-substituted polyacetylenes
Author(s): Run G. Sun; Yunzhang Wang; Xiaoming Zou; Mats Fahlam; Qianbing Zheng; Takayoshi Kobayashi; Toshio Masuda; Arthur J. Epstein
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Orange and green electroluminescene with hybrid light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Tony Dantas de Morais; Frederic Chaput; Khalid Lahlil; Jean-Pierre Boilot
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Lanthanum-based cathodes for organic light-emitting devices
Author(s): Marie D'Iorio; Tim Gorjanc; M. Roussy; J. Lam; B. Williams
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