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Xerographic Photoreceptors and Organic Photorefractive Materials IV
Editor(s): Stephen Ducharme; James W. Stasiak; James W. Stasiak

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Volume Number: 3471
Date Published: 23 October 1998

Table of Contents
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Influence of dipole moment of the transport agents on the carrier mobility in photorefractive polymers
Author(s): Arosha W. Goonesekera; Stephen Ducharme; James M. Takacs
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Mobility enhancement by adding fullerene C70 to molecularly doped polymers
Author(s): Takayuki Tsukamoto; Akiko Hirao; Hideyuki Nishizawa
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Progress in organic photorefractive material development
Author(s): Bernard Kippelen; Jon A. Herlocker; Jose-Luis Maldonado; Kyle B. Ferrio; Eric Hendrickx; Stephane Mery; A. Golemme; Seth R. Marder; Nasser Peyghambarian
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Synthesis and characterization of novel photorefractive low molecular weight glasses
Author(s): Christoph Hohle; Peter Strohriegl; Stefan Schloter; Uwe Hofmann; Dietrich Haarer
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Highly birefringent neutrocyanine dyes for photorefractive polymers
Author(s): Ruediger W. Wortmann; Frank Wuerthner; A. Sautter; Katarzyna Lukaszuk; R. Matschiner; Klaus Meerholz
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Organic photorefractive systems based on triphenyldiamine derivatives
Author(s): Uwe Hofmann; Stefan Schloter; Andreas Schreiber; K. Hoechstetter; G. Bauml; Stephan J. Zilker; Dietrich Haarer; Mukundan Thelakkat; Hans-Werner Schmidt; Kai Ewert; C.-D. Eisenbach
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Improved index modulation and stability of photorefractive polymers using merocyanine dyes
Author(s): Klaus Meerholz; Reinhard Bittner; Yessica De Nardin; Christoph R. Braeuchle; Ruediger W. Wortmann; Frank Wuerthner
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Trapping studies on photorefractive polymers
Author(s): Daniel Wright; Anders Grunnet-Jepsen; Maria Angeles Diaz-Garcia; J. D. Casperson; B. Smith; Matthew S. Bratcher; Michael S. De Clue; Jay S. Siegel; William E. Moerner; Robert J. Twieg
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Grating competition effects in photorefractive polymers
Author(s): Mark A. Smith; Geoffrey R. Mitchell; Sean V. O'Leary
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Photorefractive effect from photo-induced orientation of a novel carbazole derivative
Author(s): Takafumi Sassa; Tetsuya Aoyama; Yadong Zhang; Tatsuo Wada; Hiroyuki Sasabe
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New results on low-Tg photorefractive materials
Author(s): Alain F. Fort; Loic Mager; C. Melzer; Jacques Muller; Olivier Cregut; Stephane Mery; J. F. Nicoud; Catherine Combellas; G. Mathey; Andre Thiebault
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Photorefractivity in polymer-stabilized nematic liquid crystals
Author(s): Gary P. Wiederrecht; Michael R. Wasielewski
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Novel photorefractive liquid crystal polymer composites
Author(s): Jingwen Zhang; Kenneth D. Singer
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Electron transport in ferroelectric polymers
Author(s): Kira A. Verkhovskaya; A. Ch. Saidov; Anatoly V. Vannikov
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Hopping charge transport in conducting polymers studied by dc conduction and dielectric response analysis
Author(s): Simone Capaccioli; E. Butta; Silvia Corezzi; Mauro Lucchesi; Pierangelo A. Rolla
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Charge trapping in molecularly doped polymers
Author(s): Liang-Bih Lin; Paul M. Borsenberger; Edward H. Magin; Susan A. Visser; William T. Gruenbaum
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Charge-carrier transport in disordered organic materials: dipoles, quadrupoles, traps, and all that
Author(s): Sergey Vitalyevich Novikov; David H. Dunlap; Vasudev M. Kenkre
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Effect of dipole moment on hole transport in polymers doped with compounds containing two styryltriphenylamine units
Author(s): Tomoyuki Yoshii; Yoshinobu Takeda; Hiroyuki Endoh; Tsutomu Uezono; Etsuo Hasegawa
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Charge transport in spatially disordered dipolar media
Author(s): Paul E. Parris
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Electron transfer and geminate pair dissociation processes in layered photoreceptors containing azo compounds
Author(s): Minoru Umeda
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Exciton diffusion and charge-carrier generation in two-layer organic photoreceptors with azo and phthalocyanine sensitizer
Author(s): Andreas Schreiber; Roland Bilke; Junyou Pan; Ingo Bleyl; Jens Bondkowski; Dieter Adam; Dietrich Haarer
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Free-carrier photogeneration in electron donor, electron acceptor, and bifunctional molecular glasses
Author(s): Liang-Bih Lin; William T. Gruenbaum; Jeanne E. Kaeding; David S. Weiss; Samson A. Jenekhe; Paul M. Borsenberger
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Application of computational chemistry to the solid state structure of charge generation materials
Author(s): Robert Docherty
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Polyimides: new properties of xerographic, thermoplastic, and liquid-crystal structures
Author(s): Yuri A. Cherkasov; Natalia V. Kamanina; Elena Lvovna Alexandrova; Vladimir I. Berendyaev; Natalie A. Vasilenko; Boris V. Kotov
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Synthesis and properties of photorefractive polyimine with carbazole unit
Author(s): Han Young Woo; Kwang-Sup Lee; Hong-Ku Shim; Bong-Ki Kim; Bum Ku Rhee
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Co-located permanent photochromic and erasable photorefractive holographic images
Author(s): L. Michael Hayden; Shane J. Strutz
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Polyurethanes and polyesters for photorefractive applications
Author(s): Kai Ewert; Stefan Schloter; Uwe Hofmann; K. Hoechstetter; Dietrich Haarer; C.-D. Eisenbach
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