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Radar Processing, Technology, and Applications III
Editor(s): William J. Miceli

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Volume Number: 3462
Date Published: 14 October 1998

Table of Contents
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ISAR target parameter estimation with application for automatic target recognition
Author(s): Kenneth A. Melendez; John R. Bennett
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Point scatterers in radar imaging
Author(s): Peter N. R. Stoyle
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Measurement of persistent scatterers in manmade targets
Author(s): August W. Rihaczek; Stephen J. Hershkowitz
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Reduction of radar image artifacts caused by target inlets
Author(s): Brett H. Borden
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ISAR range measurement via complex analysis and its application to motion compensation
Author(s): Jae Sok Son; Benjamin C. Flores
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Radar images analysis for scattering surfaces characterization
Author(s): Enrico Piazza
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Target resolvability from single-tone fringe patterns of digitally spotlighted SAR image
Author(s): Shih I. Chou; Michael E. Pollock; Mehrdad Soumekh
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Simulation of the effect of phase uncertainties on the estimation of linear Doppler velocities using coherent random noise radar
Author(s): Muhammad Dawood; Ram Mohan Narayanan; Dmitriy S. Garmatyuk
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ISAR imaging using coherent random noise radar techniques
Author(s): Daryl C. Bell; Ram Mohan Narayanan
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FM-cw radar for imaging applications
Author(s): John E. Bjornholt; Terry B. Wilson
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Bistatic synthetic aperture radar imaging using wide-bandwidth continuous-wave sources
Author(s): Mehrdad Soumekh
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Progress in three-dimensional SAR from curvilinear apertures
Author(s): Kenneth Knaell
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Use of wideband waveforms for reducing dynamic range requirements
Author(s): Howard Myers; Walker Butler; Steven M. Ware
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Monopulse elevation discrimination experiments in low-angle multipath
Author(s): William J. Bangs II; Joel Bock; Thomas M. Wagner
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Jamming cancellation algorithm for wideband imaging radar
Author(s): Yibin Zheng; Kai-Bor Yu
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Application of adaptive joint time-frequency processing to ISAR image enhancement and Doppler feature extraction for targets with rotating parts
Author(s): Yuanxun Wang; Hao Ling; Victor C. Chen
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Signal-to-noise ratio analysis in the joint time-frequency domain for ISAR imaging
Author(s): Genyuan Wang; Xiang-Gen Xia; Victor C. Chen
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Time-varying filters for ISAR motion compensation
Author(s): Gabriel Thomas; Benjamin C. Flores
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Time-frequency MUSIC: an array signal processing method based on time-frequency signal representations
Author(s): Moeness G. Amin; Adel Belouchrani
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Imaging analysis of photorefractive phased array beamforming
Author(s): Gregory Kriehn; Andrew M. Kiruluta; Paulo E. X. Silveira; Samuel P. Weaver; Kelvin H. Wagner
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Optimal sequential search technique for radar target localization
Author(s): Ayman A. Abdel-Samad; Ahmed H. Tewfik
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Biomorphic networks: approach to invariant feature extraction and segmentation for ATR
Author(s): Andrew Baek; Nabil H. Farhat
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Multihypothesis method in pulse deinterleaving
Author(s): Cecile Brolly; Gerard Alengrin; Jean-Marc Lopez; Philippe F. Perez
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Ground-based observing optical system for remote sensing of space debris
Author(s): Konstantin N. Sviridov; Nicolay D. Belkin; Galina Yu. Sviridova
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New signal-selective parameter estimation approach to time-delay estimation
Author(s): Yan Zhang; Shuxun Wang
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Matched pursuits analysis of synthetic aperture radar images in the digital spatial domain
Author(s): Troy G. Wood; Dean John Sauer; Gary A. Ybarra
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Design and performance of an active radar calibration target for ultrawideband radar cross section measurements
Author(s): Ram Mohan Narayanan; Muhammad Dawood; Matthew A. Falkinburg
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Orthogonal on-off control of radar pulses for the suppression of mutual interference
Author(s): Yong Cheol Kim
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Array interpolation for improved SAR imaging
Author(s): Alain C. Barthelemy; Peter K. Willett
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Recent synthetic aperture radar results using optical processing
Author(s): Louis C. Phillips; Stephen M. Evanko
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Generation and assessment of turntable SAR data for the support of ATR development
Author(s): Marvin N. Cohen; Gregory A. Showman; K. James Sangston; Vincent B. Sylvester; Lamar Gostin; C. Ruby Scheer
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Comparison of superresolution algorithms
Author(s): Raman K. Mehra; Avinash Gandhe; Melvyn Huff; Ravi B. Ravichandran
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Adaptive ISAR focusing of distributed time-varying targets
Author(s): Richard A. Altes
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Improved template-based SAR ATR performance using learning vector quantization
Author(s): Lance M. Kaplan; Romain Murenzi; Kameswara Rao Namuduri; Marvin N. Cohen
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Distorting effects on the high-range-resolution profile of a target due to small random rotational motion of the target
Author(s): Silvester K. Wong
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Acousto-optic range Doppler processor for target discrimination
Author(s): Keith R. Frampton; Donald A. Coon; Michael J. Dorsett
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