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Mathematical Modeling and Estimation Techniques in Computer Vision
Editor(s): Francoise J. Preteux; Jennifer L. Davidson; Edward R. Dougherty

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Volume Number: 3457
Date Published: 24 September 1998

Table of Contents
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Statistical design of stack filters
Author(s): Jaakko T. Astola; Pauli Kuosmanen
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Novel robust rank KNN filters with impulsive noise suppression for image processing
Author(s): Volodymyr I. Ponomaryov; Oleksiy B. Pogrebnyak
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Hard-switching adaptive filter for speckle image processing
Author(s): Vladimir V. Lukin; Vladimir P. Melnik; Victor I. Chemerovsky; Jaakko T. Astola; Kari P. Saarinen
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Adaptive design of logical structure filters
Author(s): Yidong Chen; Edward R. Dougherty
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Recognition of binary images from three signatures
Author(s): Gabor T. Herman; Avi Vardi; Samuel Matej
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Split method for assessing real images as Markov random field
Author(s): Irina S. Sineva; Natalia N. Louniakova
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Training Bayesian networks for image segmentation
Author(s): Xiaojuan Feng; Christopher K. I. Williams
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Model-based head tracking and 3D pose estimation
Author(s): Francoise J. Preteux; Marius Malciu
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Image dense matching based on Delauney triangulation
Author(s): Peiyi Shen; Wei Wang; Chengke Wu
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Global cost optimization in image registration using simulated annealing
Author(s): Babak Farsaii; Andras Sablauer
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Affine epipolar geometry via factorization method and its application
Author(s): Takeshi Kurata; Jun Fujiki; Katsuhiko Sakaue
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Visualization of x-ray computer tomography using computer-generated holography
Author(s): Masahiro Daibo; Norio Tayama
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Computational algorithm for unified focus and defocus analysis for 3D scene recovery
Author(s): Murali Subbarao; Yen-Fu Liu
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Telesign: a videophone system for sign language distant communication
Author(s): Gerard Mozelle; Francoise J. Preteux; Jean-Emmanuel Viallet
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Random sets in image processing
Author(s): John C. Handley
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Parameter estimation in the polynomial regression model by aggregation of partial optimal estimates
Author(s): Roman M. Palenichka; Peter Zinterhof
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Class of error metrics for gray-scale image comparison
Author(s): Nial Friel; Ilya S. Molchanov
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Classification of SAR images based on estimates of the parameters of the Goa distribution
Author(s): Wojtek Chomczimsky; Marta Mejail; Julio Cesar Jacobo Berlles; Alejandro Varela; Fernando Kornblit; Alejandro C. Frery
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GA0 distribution model in edge-preserving parameter estimation of SAR images
Author(s): Julio Cesar Jacobo Berlles; Marta Mejail; Alejandro C. Frery
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Applications of polynomial transforms to motion estimation
Author(s): Jose Luis Silvan-Cardenas; Boris Escalante-Ramirez
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Binary filter design: optimization, prior information, and robustness
Author(s): Edward R. Dougherty; Artyom M. Grigoryan; Junior Barrera; Nina Sumiko Tomita Hirata
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Lexicodes of foot patterns for mine detection
Author(s): Dan Ashlock; Jennifer L. Davidson
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Stochastic modeling in image segmentation
Author(s): Christine Graffigne
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Severe document skew detection
Author(s): Oleg G. Okun
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Modeling of digital mammograms using bicubic spline functions and additive noise
Author(s): Christine Graffigne; Aboubakar Maintournam; Anne Strauss
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Genetic snakes for medical image segmentation
Author(s): Lucia Ballerini
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Compression and accelerated rendering of volume data using DWT
Author(s): Preyas Kamath; Ergun Akleman; Andrew K. Chan
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