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Time Structure of X-Ray Sources and Its Applications
Editor(s): Andreas K. Freund; Henry P. Freund; Malcolm R. Howells

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Volume Number: 3451
Date Published: 1 December 1998

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Thresholds for femtosecond laser-induced breakdown in bulk transparent solids and water
Author(s): Christopher B. Schaffer; Nozomi Nishimura; Eric Mazur
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X-ray scattering applications using pulsed x-ray sources
Author(s): Bennett C. Larson
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Femtosecond time-resolved x-ray diffraction with a laser-produced plasma x-ray source
Author(s): Antoine Rousse; Christian Rischel; Ingo Uschmann; P. A. Albouy; Jean-Paul Geindre; Patrick Audebert; Jean-Claude J. Gauthier; Eckhart Foerster; Jean-Louis Martin; Andre Antonetti
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Time-resolved experiments using laser-plasma x-ray sources
Author(s): Eckhart Foerster; Ingo Uschmann; Paul Gibbon; T. Feurer
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Ultrashort x-ray pulse generation using laser-driven accelerators
Author(s): Wim P. Leemans; Carl B. Schroeder; P. B. Lee; Jonathan S. Wurtele; Eric Esarey
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High-contrast energy modulation of electron beams for improved microbunching and coherence of free-electron radiation sources
Author(s): Roman O. Tatchyn
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Dynamics of photon-induced processes in adsorbate-surface systems studied by laser-synchrotron pump-probe techniques
Author(s): Bernd J. Winter; Johannes Gatzke; T. Quast; Ingo Will; Manfred T. Wick; A. Liero; D. Pop; Ingolf V. Hertel
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Present time-structure properties of storage-ring-based x-ray sources
Author(s): Cecile Limborg
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Search for a chirp of a synchrotron x-ray beam at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility: II. Analysis and theory
Author(s): Jean-Francois Eloy; Andreas K. Freund
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Search for a chirp of a synchrotron x-ray beam at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility: I. Experiments
Author(s): Jean-Francois Eloy; Bernard Brullot; Jean Doublier; Andreas K. Freund; Remy Marmoret; Olivier Mathon; Remi Tucoulou; Bruno Villette; Rene Wrobel
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Investigation of ultrasonic fields by time-resolved x-ray diffraction
Author(s): Klaus-Dieter Liss; Andreas Magerl; Rainer Hock; Boris Waibel; Arndt Remhof
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Thoughts and first experiments on using crystal-based x-ray optics for control of the time structure of synchrotron x-ray beams
Author(s): Andreas K. Freund; Olivier Mathon; Remi Tucoulou; Ronan Le Letty
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High-frequency modulation of an x-ray beam by diffraction on surface acoustic waves: application to the design of a MHz-range chopper and to digital data transfer by x rays
Author(s): Remi Tucoulou; Dmitry V. Roshchupkin; Olivier Mathon; Igor A. Schelokov; Michel Brunel
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Characterization of ultrafast x-ray detectors at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Author(s): Rene Wrobel; Bernard Brullot; Francois Dainciart; Jean Doublier; Jean-Francois Eloy; Remy Marmoret; Bruno Villette; Olivier Mathon; Remi Tucoulou; Andreas K. Freund
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Development of a laser-triggered ultrafast streak camera for time-resolved x-ray diffraction
Author(s): Christian Y. Cote; Daniel Kaplan; Marcel A. Bouvier; Jean-Claude Kieffer; Gerard A. Mourou; G. Naylor; K. Scheidt; Douglas L. Craig
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Silicon avalanche photodiodes (APDs) for time-resolved x-ray measurements
Author(s): Alfred Q. R. Baron
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Seeded SASE free-electron lasers as fully coherent VUV and x-ray sources
Author(s): Josef Feldhaus; Jacek Krzywinski; Evgeny L. Saldin; Jochen R. Schneider; Evgeny A. Schneidmiller; Mikhail V. Yurkov
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Phase space and coherence properties of an x-ray FEL source
Author(s): Roman O. Tatchyn; John R. Arthur
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Report on the Workshop on the Uses and Generation of Femtosecond Radiation
Author(s): A. Jackson
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Rotating crystal cube as a variable shutter for use with synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Armon McPherson; Wah Keat Lee; Dennis M. Mills
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Laser and synchrotron radiation pump-probe x-ray absorption experiment with sub-ns resolution
Author(s): Christian Bressler; M. Chergui; Phillip Pattison; Michael Wulff; Adriano Filipponi; Rafael Abela
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