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X-Ray Microfocusing: Applications and Techniques
Editor(s): Ian McNulty

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Volume Number: 3449
Date Published: 6 November 1998

Table of Contents
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Low-temperature x-ray microscopy of biological samples in amplitude and phase contrast
Author(s): Gerd Schneider; Bastian Niemann; Peter Guttmann; Guenther A. Schmahl
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Bend magnet beamline for scanning transmission x-ray microscopy at the Advanced Light Source
Author(s): Anthony Warwick; Howard A. Padmore; Harald Ade
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Applications and instrumentation advances with the Stony Brook scanning transmission x-ray microscope
Author(s): Michael Feser; Mary Carlucci-Dayton; Chris J. Jacobsen; Janos Kirz; Ulrich Neuhaeusler; Graham Smith; Bo Yu
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X-ray microprobe for studies of cellular radiation response
Author(s): Alan G. Michette; Slawka J. Pfauntsch; Melvyn Folkard; Barry D. Michael; Guiseppe Schettino
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Effects of feature orientation in tomographic reconstructions
Author(s): Andrew R. Kalukin; Zachary H. Levine; Sean P. Frigo; Ian McNulty; Markus Kuhn
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Using x-ray microprobes for environmental research
Author(s): Ken M. Kemner; Wenbing Yun; Zhonghou Cai; Barry P. Lai; Heung-Rae Lee; Dan G. Legnini; W. Rodrigues; Julie D. Jastrow; R. M. Miller; Stephan T. Pratt; M. A. Schneegurt; C. F. Kulpa Jr.; Alvin J. M. Smucker
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Status of the King's College laboratory x-ray microscopes
Author(s): Alan G. Michette; Christopher J. Buckley; Slawka J. Pfauntsch; Naz I. Khaleque; Geraint Dermody; I. C. Edmond Turcu
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Design and performance of the 2-ID-B scanning x-ray microscope
Author(s): Ian McNulty; Sean P. Frigo; Cornelia C. Retsch; Yuxin Wang; Yipeng Feng; Yonglin Qian; Emil M. Trakhtenberg; Brian Tieman; B.-C. Cha; K. Goetze; Timothy M. Mooney; Waleed S. Haddad
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New stepped spherical x-ray diffractor for microprobe analysis
Author(s): M. I. Mazuritsky; Alexander V. Soldatov; Augusto Marcelli; Evgeny L. Latush
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Scanning microscopy end station at the ESRF x-ray microscopy beamline
Author(s): Ray Barrett; Burkhard Kaulich; Sebastian Oestreich; Jean Susini
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Phase zone plates for hard x-ray microscopy
Author(s): Burkhard Kaulich
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High-resolution phase zone plates for water window wavelengths
Author(s): M. Peuker; Gerd Schneider; Daniel Weiss
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X-ray microfocusing by a Ti/Al multilayer zone plate and a Bragg-Fresnel lens
Author(s): Masaki Koike; Isao H. Suzuki; Satoshi Komiya
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Advanced zone plate microfocusing optics
Author(s): Barry P. Lai; Wenbing Yun; Jorg Maser; Zhonghou Cai; W. Rodrigues; Dan G. Legnini; Zhen Chen; Azalia A. Krasnoperova; Yuli Vladimirsky; Franco Cerrina; Enzo M. Di Fabrizio; Massimo Gentili
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Progress toward submicron hard x-ray imaging using elliptically bent mirrors and its applications
Author(s): Alastair A. MacDowell; Chang-Hasnain C. Chang; G. M. Lamble; Richard S. Celestre; J. R. Patel; Howard A. Padmore
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Dynamically figured Kirkpatrick Baez x-ray microfocusing optics
Author(s): Peter J. Eng; Matthew Newville; Mark L. Rivers; Stephen R. Sutton
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Tapered monocapillary optics for synchrotron x-ray microfocusing
Author(s): David X. Balaic; Zwi N. M .N. Barnea; J. N. Varghese; M. Cholewa; C. T. Dillon; P. A. Lay; G. Shea-McCarthy
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Focusing neutrons with a lobster-eye optic
Author(s): Brendan E. Allman; Alberto Cimmino; Shaun L. Griffin; Anthony G. Klein; Keith A. Nugent; Ian S. Anderson; Peter Hoghoj; Andrew G. Peele
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Metal microarrays for collimating neutrons and x rays
Author(s): Brendan E. Allman; Alberto Cimmino; Anthony G. Klein; William A. Hamilton
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X-ray bubble lens and x-ray hollow plastic ball lens
Author(s): Yoshiki Kohmura; Mitsuhiro Awaji; Yoshio Suzuki; Tetsuya Ishikawa
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Experimental and theoretical performances of an implanted lamellar multilayer grating
Author(s): Hughes Trambly; Frederic Montiel; Michel Neviere; Bernard Vidal
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Electron multiplier as a detector for soft x rays from synchrotron and laser plasma sources
Author(s): Christopher J. Buckley; Geraint Dermody; Naz I. Khaleque; Alan G. Michette; Slawka J. Pfauntsch; I. C. Edmond Turcu; Ric M. Allott
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Effect of small radiation divergence on the measurement of source size
Author(s): Peter P. Ilinski
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Characteristics and compensation of the thickness effect in quantitative NEXAFS measurements
Author(s): Christopher J. Buckley; Xiaodong Zhang
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