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Missions to the Sun II
Editor(s): Clarence M. Korendyke

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Volume Number: 3442
Date Published: 2 November 1998

Table of Contents
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High-Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (HESSI) Small Explorer mission for the next (2000) solar maximum
Author(s): Robert P. Lin; Gordon J. Hurford; Norman W. Madden; Brian R. Dennis; Carol Jo Crannell; Gordon D. Holman; Reuven Ramaty; Tycho T. von Rosenvinge; Alex Zehnder; H. Frank van Beek; Patricia L. Bornmann; Richard C. Canfield; A. Gordon Emslie; Hugh S. Hudson; Arnold Benz; John C. Brown; Shinzo Enome; Takeo Kosugi; Nicole Vilmer; David M. Smith; Jim McTiernan; Isabel Hawkins; Said A. Slassi-Sennou; Andre Csillaghy; George Fisher; Chris Johns-Krull; Richard Schwartz; Larry E. Orwig; Dominic Zarro; Ed Schmahl; Markus A. Aschwanden; Peter R. Harvey; David W. Curtis; David H. Pankow; David Clark; Robert F. Boyle; Reinhold Henneck; Akilo Michedlishvili; Knud Thomsen; Jeff Preble; Frank Snow
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Innovations on the Solar Probe mission
Author(s): James E. Randolph; Juan A. Ayon; Kim Leschly; Robert N. Miyake; Bruce T. Tsurutani
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HIREX: results of the mission concept study
Author(s): Jay A. Bookbinder; Peter Cheimets; William R. Davis Jr.; David Caldwell; Leon Golub; Edward E. DeLuca
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Stereographic image potential of a STEREO mission
Author(s): Dennis George Socker
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Report on new mission concept study: Stereo X-Ray Corona Imager mission
Author(s): Paulett C. Liewer; John M. Davis; E. M. De Jong; G. Allen Gary; James A. Klimchuk; Richard P. Reinert
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Solar Polar Sail mission: report of a study to put a scientific spacecraft in a circular polar orbit about the sun
Author(s): Bruce E. Goldstein; Andrew Buffington; Alan C. Cummings; Richard R. Fisher; Bernard V. Jackson; Paulett C. Liewer; Richard A. Mewaldt; Marcia Neugebauer
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Corrals, hubcaps, and crystal balls: some new designs for very-wide-angle visible-light heliospheric imagers
Author(s): Andrew Buffington; Pierre Paul Hick; Bernard V. Jackson; Clarence M. Korendyke
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Three-dimensional tomography of heliospheric features using Thomson scattering data
Author(s): Pierre Paul Hick; Bernard V. Jackson
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X-ray telescope for small satellites
Author(s): Upendra D. Desai; Larry E. Orwig; L. Piquet; Carl C. Gaither III
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Compact particle detector for space measurements: prototype performance
Author(s): G. B. Andrews; Robert E. Gold; Edwin P. Keath; Donald G. Mitchell; Richard W. McEntire; Ralph L. McNutt Jr.; Nicholas P. Paschalidis
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In-orbit performances of the EIT instrument on board SOHO and intercalibration with the EIT Calroc Sounding Rocket program
Author(s): Jean-Marc Defise; J. Daniel Moses; Frederic Clette
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Super-X: a soft x-ray telescope for Solar-B
Author(s): Loren W. Acton; Jay A. Bookbinder; Marilyn E. Bruner; Leon Golub; James R. Lemen
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Wavelet image compression aboard the LASCO/SOHO coronagraph
Author(s): Dennis Wang; Russell A. Howard; Scott E. Paswaters
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Digital attitude control for NASA sounding rockets
Author(s): Carlos Martinez
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Attitude control system evaluator for NASA sounding rockets
Author(s): Jesus Barros Martinez
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TIMED solar EUV experiment
Author(s): Thomas N. Woods; Scott M. Bailey; Francis G. Eparvier; George M. Lawrence; Judith Lean; William E. McClintock; Raymond G. Roble; Gary J. Rottman; Stanley C. Solomon; W. Kent Tobiska; Gregory J. Ucker; O. R. White
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Design and performance predictions for the GOES SXI telescope
Author(s): Marilyn E. Bruner; Richard C. Catura; James E. Harvey; Patrick L. Thompson; Paul B. Reid
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APT: an astrometric and photometric telescope
Author(s): Jeff R. Kuhn; Rock I. Bush; Roy Coulter; Claus Froehlich; Dz-Hung Gwo; A. Jones; Judit M. Pap; Philip H. Scherrer; Sabatino Sofia; Roger Ulrich
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Bolometric imager for solar irradiance studies
Author(s): Peter V. Foukal
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Hard x-ray spectroscopy for proton flare prediction
Author(s): Howard A. Garcia; Frantisek Farnik; Alan L. Kiplinger
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Low-weight plasma instrument to be used in the inner heliosphere
Author(s): Thomas H. Zurbuchen; George Gloeckler; Jeff C. Cain; S. E. Lasley; W. Shanks
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Compact Doppler magnetograph
Author(s): Alexander Ruzmaikin; Philip I. Moynihan; Arthur H. Vaughan; Alessandro Cacciani
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