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Instruments, Methods, and Missions for Astrobiology
Editor(s): Richard B. Hoover

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Volume Number: 3441
Date Published: 6 July 1998

Table of Contents
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ESA exobiology activities: present status and future perspectives
Author(s): Paul F. Clancy
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Low-resource techniques for astrobiology on Mars
Author(s): Mark R. Sims; S. Whitehead; A. A. Mills; W. D. Grant
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Beagle 2: a proposed exobiology lander for ESA's 2003 Mars Express mission
Author(s): Mark R. Sims; C. T. Pillinger; I. P. Wright; Richard E. Cole; S. Whitehead; Alan A. Wells; K. Wittmann; L. Richter; H. Kochan; Hans Hamacher; Alan Johnstone; K. Rees; R. F. Turner; S. C. Peskett; A. Brack; J. Hobbs; L. Berthoud; R. Durrant; J. Higgins; J. Windsor; Horst Uwe Keller; H. Rosenbauer; Nicolas Thomas; J. S. Lingard; J. C. Underwood; Gerhard Neukum; R. Turner
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Liquid water and life on Mars
Author(s): Gilbert V. Levin; Ronald L. Levin
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Life and survival in a magnesium chloride brine: the biology of the Dead Sea
Author(s): Aharon Oren
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Europa: a potential source of parallel evolution for microorganisms
Author(s): Julian Chela-Flores
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Long-term conservation of viable microorganisms in the ice sheet of Central Antarctica
Author(s): Sabit S. Abyzov; Irina N. Mitskevich; Margarita N. Poglazova; Nartsiss I. Barkov; Vladimir Ya. Lipenkov; Nikita E. Bobin; Boris B. Koudryashov; Victor M. Pashkevich
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Mineralization by nanobacteria
Author(s): E. Olavi Kajander; Michael Bjorklund; Neva Ciftcioglu
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Formation of bacterial nanocells
Author(s): Mikhail Vainshtein; Ekaterina Kudryashova; Natalia Suzina; Elena Ariskina; Vadim Voronkov
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Extraordinary survival of nanobacteria under extreme conditions
Author(s): Michael Bjorklund; Neva Ciftcioglu; E. Olavi Kajander
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Sedimentary rocks in our mouth: dental pulp stones made by nanobacteria
Author(s): Neva Ciftcioglu; Vefa Ciftcioglu; Hojatollah Vali; Eduardo Turcott; E. Olavi Kajander
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Stone formation and calcification by nanobacteria in the human body
Author(s): Neva Ciftcioglu; Michael Bjorklund; E. Olavi Kajander
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Carbonaceous objects resembling nannobacteria in the Allende meteorite
Author(s): Robert L. Folk; F. Leo Lynch
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Beginnings of terrestrial life: problems of the early record and implications for extraterrestrial scenarios
Author(s): Manfred Schidlowski
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Electron microscope methods in the search for the earliest life forms on Earth (in 3.5-3.3 Ga cherts from the Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa): applications for extraterrestrial life studies
Author(s): Frances Westall; Dane Gerneke
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Phosphate biomineralization of cambrian microorganisms
Author(s): David S. McKay; Alexei Yu. Rozanov; Richard B. Hoover; Frances Westall
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Role of the bacterial communities in the old phosphorites accumulation
Author(s): Elena A. Zhegallo; Alexei Yu. Rozanov; Galina T. Ushatinskaya
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Role of the microorganisms in the post-mortem transformations in the shells of the phosphate brachiopods
Author(s): Galina T. Ushatinskaya
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Tracing life back into space: a difficult task
Author(s): Hans D. Pflug; Bettina Heinz
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Stable isotopes as probes of terrestrial and extraterrestrial biotic and abiotic synthesis of organic matter
Author(s): Michael H. Engel; Stephen A. Macko
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Further evidence of microfossils in carbonaceous meteorites
Author(s): Richard B. Hoover; Alexei Yu. Rozanov; Stanislav I. Zhmur; Vladimir M. Gorlenko
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Combined SEM (secondary electrons, backscatter, cathodoluminescence) and atomic force microscope investigation of fracture surfaces in Martian meteorite ALH84001: preliminary results
Author(s): Frances Westall; Pier Giorgio Gobbi; Giovanni Mazzoti; Dane Gerneke; Robert W. Stark; Tanya Dobrek; Wolfgang M. Heckl; Everett J. Gibson Jr.; David S. McKay; Carlton Allen; Andrew Steele; Kathy L. Thomas-Keprta
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Hydrocarbon crystals as protoorganisms and biological systems predescessors
Author(s): Nikolai P. Yushkin
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Interstellar transport and local establishment dynamics of spaceborne propagules
Author(s): Jeff Secker; Richard Gomulkiewicz; Mark A. McPeek
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Search for living cells in stratospheric samples
Author(s): J. V. Narlikar; S. Ramadurai; Pushpa Bhargava; S. V. Damle; Nalin Chandra Wickramasinghe; David S.L. Lloyd; F. Hoyle; Daryl H. Wallis
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Panspermia in perspective
Author(s): Nalin Chandra Wickramasinghe; F. Hoyle; Brig Klyce
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Cosmological panspermia
Author(s): Nalin Chandra Wickramasinghe; Fred Hoyle
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Ecology of extremophile yeasts
Author(s): Helen S. Vishniac
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Bacterial paleontology
Author(s): Alexei Yu. Rozanov; Georgi A. Zavarzin
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Cyanobacterial mats and mineralization of cyanobacteria
Author(s): Lyudmila M. Gerasimenko; Georgi A. Zavarzin; Alexei Yu. Rozanov; Galina T. Ushatinskaya
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Evolution of biologic complexity: evidence from geology, paleontology, and molecular biology
Author(s): Jere H. Lipps; Allen G. Collins; M. A. Fedonkin
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Self-assembly and morphogenesis in prebiotic systems, extraterrestrial and terrestrial
Author(s): Bettina Heinz; Hans D. Pflug
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Amphorous hydrated Fe(III) sulfate: metastable product and bio-geochemical marker of iron oxidizing thiobacilli
Author(s): Norman Lazaroff; John Jollie; Patrick R. Dugan
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Functions of non-crystal magnetosomes in bacteria
Author(s): Mikhail Vainshtein; Ekaterina Kudryashova; Natalia Suzina; Elena Ariskina; Vladimir Sorokin
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