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Imaging Spectrometry IV
Editor(s): Michael R. Descour; Sylvia S. Shen

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Volume Number: 3438
Date Published: 16 October 1998

Table of Contents
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Sensor design considerations for HSI remote sensing
Author(s): Robert A. Keller; Sylvia S. Shen; Alfred T. Pritt Jr.
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TRWIS III hyperspectral imager: instrument performance and remote sensing applications
Author(s): Stephanie R. Sandor-Leahy; Debra Beiso; Miguel A. Figueroa; Mark A. Folkman; Darrell A. Gleichauf; Ted R. Hedman; Peter J. Jarecke; Sveinn Thordarson
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Comparison of low-cost hyperspectral sensors
Author(s): John Fisher; Mark M. Baumback; Jeffrey H. Bowles; John M. Grossmann; John A. Antoniades
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Compact low-distortion imaging spectrometer for remote sensing
Author(s): Pantazis Z. Mouroulis; David A. Thomas
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Bathymetry from fusion of airborne hyperspectral and laser data
Author(s): Mary E. Kappus; Curtiss O. Davis; W. Joseph Rhea
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Target detection using HSI systems: an update of TRW results
Author(s): R. Daniel McGregor; Mai H. Nguyen; Ian S. Robinson; Arel Weisberg; Jerome X. Tull; Stuart D. Augustin; Robert W. Crow
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CHAMP: a locally adaptive unmixing-based hyperspectral anomaly detection algorithm
Author(s): Eric P. Crist; Brian J. Thelen; David A. Carrara
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Hyperspectral imagery for mineral exploration: comparison of data from two airborne sensors
Author(s): Robert A. Neville; C. Nadeau; John Levesque; Tomas Szeredi; Karl Staenz; P. Hauff; Gary A. Borstad
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Fusion of hyperspectral (DAIS 7915), wide-angle (WAAC),and SAR (E- SAR) data acquistion methods: the MultiSwiss '97 campaign
Author(s): Michael E. Schaepman; Mathias Kneubuehler; Erich H. Meier; Andreas A. Mueller; Peter Strobl; Ralf Reulke; Ralf Horn
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ISIS: an information-efficient spectral imaging system
Author(s): William C. Sweatt; Clinton Andrew A. Boye; Stephen M. Gentry; Michael R. Descour; Brian R. Stallard; Carter L. Grotbeck
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Signal-to-noise ratio analysis of the computed-tomography imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Curtis Earl Volin; Michael R. Descour; Eustace L. Dereniak
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Performance trade-offs of infrared spectral imagers: II
Author(s): Jack N. Cederquist; Craig R. Schwartz; K. C. Cheng
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Thermal infrared hyperspectral data compression
Author(s): Bernard V. Brower; Austin Lan; Rulon E. Simmons; David H. Haddock
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Performance and application of real-time hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Mark S. Dombrowski; Paul D. Willson; Clayton C. LaBaw
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Comparison of output from ORASIS and pixel purity calculations
Author(s): Jeffrey H. Bowles; Mark Daniel; John M. Grossmann; John A. Antoniades; Mark M. Baumback; Peter J. Palmadesso
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Automated scene-derived normalization of spectral imagery for subpixel classification
Author(s): Robert L. Huguenin; Mo-Hwa Wang; Mark A. Karaska; Kelly E. Roberts
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Unmixing hyperspectral image pixels using Excel SOLVER
Author(s): R. Michael Hord
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Construction of filter vectors for the information-efficient spectral imaging sensor
Author(s): Brian R. Stallard; Stephen M. Gentry
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Statistics enhancement in hyperspectral data analysis using spectral-spatial labeling, the EM algorithm, and the leave-one-out covariance estimator
Author(s): Pi-Fuei Hsieh; David A. Landgrebe
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Effects of hyperspectral compression on nonliteral exploitation
Author(s): Sylvia S. Shen; Brian S. Beard
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Description of component model for automated generation of scene statistics and comparison of algorithm performance applied to both natural and hypothetical spectral scenes
Author(s): Andreas F. Hayden; Peter E. Miller; Sabbir A. Rahman; Kim E. Ostrander-O'Brien
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Efficient interactive agglomerative hierarchical clustering algorithm for hyperspectral image processing
Author(s): Sabbir A. Rahman
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Synthetic hyperspectral data cubes for complex thermal scenes
Author(s): Christoph C. Borel; William B. Clodius; Pierre V. Villeneuve
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New iterative algorithm for restoration of chromotomographic images
Author(s): Andrzej K. Brodzik; Jonathan Martin Mooney
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Tunable 1.3- to 5-um wavelength target reflectance measurement system
Author(s): Mohan Vaidyanathan; William F. Lynn; Wendy C. Shemano; Carl W. Schmidt; Paul F. McManamon
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APEX-airborne PRISM experiment: hyperspectral radiometric performance analysis for the simulation of the future ESA land surface processes Earth Explorer Mission
Author(s): Michael E. Schaepman; Lieve de Vos; Klaus I. Itten
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Exploration of spectroradiometric sensor performance in the LWIR regime
Author(s): Harold Gumbel
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Spectral imaging in biomedicine: a selective overview
Author(s): Richard M. Levenson; Elliot S. Wachman; Wenhua Niu; Daniel L. Farkas
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Fast position and time-resolved read-out of micro-channelplates with the delay-line technique for single-particle and photon-detection
Author(s): Ottmar Jagutzki; Volker Mergel; Klaus Ullmann-Pfleger; Lutz Spielberger; Ullrich Meyer; Reinhard Doerner; Horst W. Schmidt-Boecking
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PARGE: parametric geocoding based on GCP-calibrated auxiliary data
Author(s): Daniel Schlaepfer; Michael E. Schaepman; Klaus I. Itten
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Unmixing of simulated ASTER data with applications for the assessment of mining impacts in central Germany
Author(s): Goetz Reinhaeckel; Boris Zhukov; Dieter Oertel; Andreas A. Mueller; Peter Strobl
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Anomaly detection using simulated MTI data cubes derived form HYDICE data
Author(s): Mary M. Moya; John G. Taylor; Brian R. Stallard; Sheila E. Motomatsu
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Automated hyperspectral ground processing chain
Author(s): Robert J. Alexander; Patrick S. Cheatham
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Multispectral thermal imaging
Author(s): Paul G. Weber; Steven C. Bender; Christoph C. Borel; William B. Clodius; Alfred J. Garrett; R. Rex Kay; Malcolm M. Pendergast; Barham W. Smith
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Video-rate spectral imaging of fluorescence phonomena
Author(s): Bridget K. Ford; Curtis Earl Volin; Michael R. Descour; John Phillips Garcia; Daniel W. Wilson; Paul D. Maker; Gregory H. Bearman
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