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Current Developments in Optical Design and Engineering VII
Editor(s): Alson E. Hatheway; Malachy McConnell; Lawrence M. Germann; Robert E. Fischer; Lawrence M. Germann; Alson E. Hatheway; Malachy McConnell; Warren J. Smith

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Volume Number: 3429
Date Published: 29 October 1998

Table of Contents
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Effects of spherical aberration on the laser beam of a bar code scanner
Author(s): Hong Tang
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High-magnification zoom lenses for 3- to 5-um applications
Author(s): R. Lawrence Sinclair
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Mirror telescope for long linear detector arrays
Author(s): Michael Owen Lidwell
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Experimental and theoretical characterization of noise in a streak camera
Author(s): Aurelia Secroun; Alain Mens; Dominique Gontier; Pascal Brunel; Jean-Claude Rebuffie; Catherine Goulmy
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Compact hybrid video color mixer for large-area laser projection display
Author(s): Young Mo Hwang; Jungho Park; Yonghoon Kim
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Optomechanical design of a multi-axis stage for the SPARCLE telescope
Author(s): Bruce R. Peters; Timothy Scott Blackwell; Ye Li; Joseph M. Geary; Farzin Amzajerdian; Deborah Bailey
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Fabrication of an aspherical mirror for soft x-ray optics system
Author(s): Petros Abraha Abbay; Toyoshiro Inamura; Tamio T. Hara; Toshio Sata
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Low-distortion mounting techniques for metal mirrors
Author(s): Anees Ahmad
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Mounting-induced contact stresses in prisms
Author(s): Paul R. Yoder Jr.
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Minimizing tool marks in deterministic microgrinding
Author(s): Yi Li; Sheryl M. Gracewski; Paul D. Funkenbusch; Jeffrey L. Ruckman
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Syntheses of new type of high-quality optical resin
Author(s): Hui Ren; Changyou Gao; Zhanchen Cui; Bai Yang; Jiachong Shen
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Superpolishing by a tin polisher
Author(s): Honggang Gao; Jianlin Cao; Bin Chen
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Compact and stable multibeam fiber injector
Author(s): Leland F. Collins
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Comprehensive illuminator for solid state image sensor testing and characterization
Author(s): Dahong D. Qian; Anthony DeSimone; Stuart Boyd; Richard Young; William E. Schneider
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Novel high-frequency QW optical modulator based on surface effects
Author(s): Francis Karwacki; Hongliang Cui; Martin A. Sanzari; Zameer U. Hasan
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Fiber optic pressure sensor using a fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Chuan Swee Tjin; Jianzhong Hao; Rahul Malik
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High-quality low-loss coatings for diode-pumped solid state lasers
Author(s): Elena A. Levchuk; Vladimir V. Novopashin; Alexander V. Shestakov
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SCH dependence of linewidth enhancement factor for high-speed 1.55-um multiple quantum well laser diodes
Author(s): Beomhoan O; Heung-Ro Choo; Hyung Mun Kim; Soon-Ryong Park; Jeong Soo Kim
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Review of the design and manufacturing procedures for large-format holographic optical elements
Author(s): Christo G. Stojanoff; Hartmut Schuette; Jochen Schulat; Philipp Froning
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Variable gratings for optical switching: rigorous electromagnetic simulation and design
Author(s): Dan Gani; Mark Auslender; Shlomo Hava
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Two-axis pointing mechanism for Earth observation system using heterodyne interferometry positioning sensor
Author(s): Naozumi Tsuda; Katsutoshi Shimizu
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Diffractive phase screen for superresolution focal spot
Author(s): Jinhui Zhai; Yingbai Yan; Dawei Huang; Minxian Wu; Guofan Jin
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New device for display of ordinary transmission holograms with a white light source
Author(s): Weiping Zhang; Lin Pang
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Design of a reflective/diffractive hybrid optical system
Author(s): Mangzuo Shen; Yong Hong Guo; Zukang Lu
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Design and fabrication of hybrid dichroic mirrors for light separation/recombination by using a flat plate
Author(s): Jungho Park; Young Mo Hwang; Yonghoon Kim; Eung Ho Kim; Su Yong Jeong
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Three-channel acousto-optic modulator for laser projection display system
Author(s): Yonghoon Kim; Jungho Park; Seungnam Cha; Young Mo Hwang
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Diffraction models of radiation entering an aperture for use in a Monte Carlo ray-trace environment
Author(s): Katherine L. Coffey; Kory J. Priestley; J. Robert Mahan; Maria Cristina Sanchez
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High-power He-Ne laser and its application to photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Yi-Ming Ling; Si-En Wu M.D.
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New type of polarizer using a combination effect of birefringence and diffraction
Author(s): Yansong Chen; Shangqing Liu; Naijuan Wu; Alex Ignatiev
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Locking Lorentz slides
Author(s): John M. Vranish; Lawrence M. Germann; Donald R. Lutter; Dale A. Lawrence
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Inchworm motor developments for the Next-Generation Space Telescope (NGST)
Author(s): David A. Henderson; John C. Fasick
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Passive cryogenic structural actuators for the Next-Generation Space Telescope
Author(s): Alson E. Hatheway; Jim Hammond
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Vibratory response of a precision double-multilayer-monochromator positioning system using a generic modeling program with experimental verification
Author(s): Juan Barraza Jr.; Deming Shu; Tuncer M. Kuzay; Thomas J. Royston
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Inertial long-stroke linear actuator for low-frequency vibration control
Author(s): Scott W. Greeley; Clark A. Updike
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HECTOR: a trans-nanometer calibration artifact applied to end-to-end validation of an interferometric metrology facility
Author(s): Alson E. Hatheway
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Novel laser Doppler linear encoder using multiple-reflection optical design for a high-resolution linear actuator
Author(s): Deming Shu; Ercan E. Alp; Juan Barraza Jr.; Tuncer M. Kuzay; Timothy M. Mooney
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Linear precision inertial actuator built for low-impact in-situ installation on structures with vibration problems
Author(s): Clark A. Updike; Scott W. Greeley; James A. King
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New type of reflector mount array
Author(s): Yaping Dai; Quanhui Zhang; Xuechun Li; Jianqiang Zhu; Ximing Deng
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Finite-difference method in a nonorthogonal curvilinear coordinate system used for electron gun design
Author(s): Chen Wang; Hanchun Yin; Xunxing Xue; Linsu Tong
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Measurement of far-field divergence angle for high-power laser facility with phi 250-mm aperture
Author(s): Tingting Zhi; Kuixi Huang; Mingyi Ling; Zunqi Lin; Yuguang Xu
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