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Optical Systems Contamination and Degradation
Editor(s): Philip T. C. Chen; William E. McClintock; Gary J. Rottman

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Volume Number: 3427
Date Published: 27 October 1998

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MSX spacecraft contamination control methodology and results
Author(s): David F. Hall; Joan H. Cranmer; Jack T. Sanders Jr.; Paul C. Griffith; B. David Green; Bob E. Wood; Mark T. Boies; James S. Dyer; Jeffrey C. Lesho; David M. Silver; Gary E. Galica; Richard C. Benson; Robert E. Erlandson; O. Manuel Uy
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Contamination of the GOES-K filter wheel cooler
Author(s): Jack T. Sanders Jr.; Glenn P. Rosecrans
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Spacecraft compartment venting
Author(s): John J. Scialdone
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Contamination lessons learned from the Midcourse Space Experiment
Author(s): O. Manuel Uy; Richard C. Benson; Robert E. Erlandson; David M. Silver; Jeffrey C. Lesho; Gary E. Galica; B. David Green; Mark T. Boies; Bob E. Wood; David F. Hall
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Contamination control requirements for the Space Infrared Telescope Facility
Author(s): A. Peter M. Glassford; Joyce M. Steakley; Radford L. Perry; Joe Hueser; Roland Manning; Pramod K. Sharma; Thomas L. Roellig
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Spacecraft contamination: active cleaning and control
Author(s): Charles Stein; Thomas R. King; Warren G. Wilson; R. Robertson
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Contamination control considerations for the Next-Generation Space Telescope (NGST)
Author(s): Eve M. Wooldridge
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First tests of an extremely high mass sensitivity: miniature TQCM, which is impervious to solar thermal radiation effects
Author(s): Donald A. Wallace; Scott A. Wallace; Kenneth W. Rogers
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Comparison of high-frequency quartz crystal microbalances' (QCMs') mass sensitivities to theory
Author(s): Donald A. Wallace; Scott A. Wallace; Bob E. Wood
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Infrared detection of near co-orbiting particles in the SIRTF field of view
Author(s): Pramod K. Sharma; Edward A. Romana; A. Peter M. Glassford; Joyce M. Steakley
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Quartz crystal instrumentation for space research
Author(s): Daniel McKeown
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Determining area fractions from SEM imaging of witness plate specimens
Author(s): Phil Whitesmith; Brian K. Blakkolb
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Development of an airborne hydrocarbon monitoring system based on FTIR technology
Author(s): Paul A. Mogan; Carl B. Mattson; Chris J. Schwindt
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Real-time particulate fallout contamination monitoring technology development at NASA Kennedy Space Center
Author(s): Paul A. Mogan; Chris J. Schwindt
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Measuring particle deposition on witness surfaces using a silicon wafer scanner
Author(s): Eugene N. Borson; Chris J. Schwindt
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Application of a wafer surface scanner to spacecraft contamination control
Author(s): Brian K. Blakkolb; Phil Whitesmith
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Atomic oxygen erosion of a graphite coating on a TQCM onboard the Return Flux Experiment (REFLEX)
Author(s): Steve M. Benner; Charles C. Lorentson; Philip T. C. Chen; Shaun R. Thomson
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Discrete particle release observed on the Midcourse Space Experiment satellite
Author(s): Gary E. Galica; B. David Green; O. Manuel Uy; David M. Silver; Richard C. Benson; Jeffrey C. Lesho; Mark T. Boies; Bob E. Wood; David F. Hall
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Contamination observed on the Passive Optical Sample Assembly-I (POSA-I) experiment
Author(s): James M. Zwiener; Rachel R. Kamenetzky; Jason A. Vaughn; Miria M. Finckenor
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Ambient pressure environment surrounding the MSX spacecraft during the first year on orbit
Author(s): Mark T. Boies; B. David Green; Gary E. Galica; O. Manuel Uy; David M. Silver; Richard C. Benson; Jeffrey C. Lesho; Bob E. Wood; David F. Hall; James S. Dyer
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In-situ materials experiments on the Mir station
Author(s): Donald R. Wilkes; Melvin Ralph Carruth
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Space active modular materials experiment
Author(s): Graham S. Arnold; David E. Brinza; Prakash Joshi; D. N. Keener
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General sticking coefficient theory for neutral and photochemically excited molecules
Author(s): Michael C. Fong
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Comparison of MTK and MOLFLUX models for molecular transport among multiple surface nodes
Author(s): Michael C. Fong; Aleck L. Lee; Chien W. Chang
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Comparison of contamination model predictions to LDEF surface measurements
Author(s): Raymond Rantanen; Tim Gordon; Miria M. Finckenor; Harold Gary Pippin
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Spacecraft contamination model development
Author(s): Graham S. Arnold
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Return flux of neutral and charged particles in geosynchronous orbit
Author(s): P. Denis Thomas; Michael C. Fong; Karen L. Neier
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Development and verification of the TRACE telescope contamination math model
Author(s): Michael S. Woronowicz
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EOS AM-1 flight-phase contamination analysis
Author(s): Chien W. Chang; Glenn P. Rosecrans
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Contaminant transport: numerical simulation and comparison to in-flight experiment
Author(s): Alex Bourdon; Jean-Francois Roussel
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Photochemical deposition of spacecraft material outgassing products
Author(s): Dianne J. Coleman; Kenneth T. Luey
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Evaluation of siliconic paint contamination effects on optical surfaces exposed to the space environment
Author(s): Moshe Shiloh; Eitan Grossman; Yoram Noter; Yeshayahu Lifshitz
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Stability and lifetime testing of photomultiplier detectors for the Earth observing system SOLSTICE program
Author(s): Joshua A. Hadler; Toni Van de Kop; Virginia Ann Drake; William E. McClintock; John Murphy; Paul Rodgers
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Spectralon diffusers used as in-flight optical calibration hardware
Author(s): Beatrice Chommeloux; Gilles Baudin; Georges Gourmelon; Jean-Loup Bezy; Carina Van Eijk-Olij; Jos Groote Schaarsberg; Henri G.C. Werij; Erik Zoutman
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Prevention of corrosion of silver reflectors for the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): Norman L. Thomas; Wigbert J. Siekhaus; Joseph C. Farmer; Hugh Gregg; Alvin C. Erlandson; Christopher D. Marshall; Jesse D. Wolfe; David Fix; David Ahre
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Damage observations on synchrotron beam-line mirrors
Author(s): Peter Z. Takacs; Karen Furenlid; Lars Furenlid
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Testing of optical materials for 193-nm applications
Author(s): Vladimir Liberman; Mordechai Rothschild; Jan H. C. Sedlacek; Ray S. Uttaro; Andrew Grenville; Allen Keith Bates; Chris K. Van Peski
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Lifetime responsivity behavior of the Landsat-5 thematic mapper
Author(s): Brian L. Markham; Jennifer C. Seiferth; Jan Smid; John L. Barker
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Backscatter ultraviolet instrument solar diffuser degradation
Author(s): Glen Jaross; Richard P. Cebula; Matthew DeLand; K. Steinfeld; Richard D. McPeters; Ernest Hilsenrath; Arlin J. Krueger
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Instrument responsivity evolution of SUSIM UARS
Author(s): Linton E. Floyd; Lynn C. Herring; Dianne K. Prinz; Patrick C. Crane
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In-flight degradation results for the UARS SOLSTICE instrument
Author(s): Thomas N. Woods; Gary J. Rottman
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Effect of the induced contamination environment on the long-term degradation of optical payloads
Author(s): John Richard Rawls; Lemuel E. Mauldin III; William P. Chu; Carl R. Maag
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Stability considerations for a solar spectral intensity monitor (SIM)
Author(s): George M. Lawrence; Jerald W. Harder; Gary J. Rottman; Thomas N. Woods; Jeremy Richardson; George Mount
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