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Optical Fiber Communication
Editor(s): Winston I. Way; Franklin F. Tong; Alan Eli Willner

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Volume Number: 3420
Date Published: 19 June 1998

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Gigabit-to-the-home (GTTH): Gbps optical access system for future multimedia infrastructure
Author(s): Makoto Shibutani; Hajime Ishikawa; Hiroshi Tezuka; Wataru Domon; Masaaki Soda; Tomomi Shioiri; Y. Suda; Katsumi Emura
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Implementation of Flexible Access System
Author(s): Chen-Hsiang Wu; Jan-Wen Peng; Shou-Kuo Shao; Tzooming Eric Chen; Shih Chang Chen; Meng-Shu Lee; K.-Y. Yen; Tsung-Mao Chen; Ching Sheu Wang; Yuan-Kuang Tu
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Performance analysis of direct optical switching CDMA cable-to-the-air network
Author(s): Sangjo Park; Katsutoshi Tsukamoto; Shozo Komaki
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Feasibility study of transporting wireless CDMA signals over HFC networks
Author(s): Yu-Min Lin; Winston I. Way
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Passive optical network for CDMA personal communication system
Author(s): Hoon Kim; Jong Min Cheong; Chang-Hee Lee; Yun Chur Chung
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Novel BER analysis method for M-QAM signal in analog/digital hybrid optical transmission
Author(s): Kazuki Maeda; Susumu Morikura
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Novel wavelength-matching scheme for wavelength routers without any reference sources
Author(s): Chun-Kit Chan; T. P. Kong; Franklin F. Tong; Lian-Kuan Chen
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WDM transmission system using dispersion slope management
Author(s): Kazushige Sawada; Masanori Hanawa; Mikio Takahara
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Exact analysis of homodyne-cross-talk-induced penalty in optical networks
Author(s): Keang-Po Ho; Chun-Kit Chan; Franklin F. Tong; Lian-Kuan Chen
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Large nonblocking multiwavelength cross-connects based on fiber Bragg gratings for WDM networks
Author(s): Yung Kung Chen; Chien-Chung Lee; Yuan-Kuang Tu; Shien-Kuei Liaw; Chi-Hsiung Chang
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Multiwavelength WDM source generated by four-wave mixing in a dispersion-shifted fiber
Author(s): Keang-Po Ho; Shien-Kuei Liaw
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Realizing of an optical WDM network controlled by telephone network
Author(s): Linzhen Xie; Michael Han
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Novel variable bit-rate bandwidth limiter for optical transmission system
Author(s): W. S. Chan; Franklin F. Tong; Lian-Kuan Chen; Chun-Kit Chan; D. Lam
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Experimental study of a new transmission system for fiber optic interconnect and transport
Author(s): Shingo Shimada; Yoshitaka Takasaki
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Diagnosing cross talk faults in dilated omega photonic network
Author(s): I-Shyan Hwang; San-Nan Lee; Doon-Ze Jan
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Efficient analysis of high power nonlinear soliton propagation
Author(s): Ping Shum; William A. Gambling; Siu Fung Yu; Tony T. Yuk
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Design of a high-power highly linear directly modulated 1.3-um DFB laser transmitter for multichannel CATV transmissions
Author(s): Cheng R. Yang; David Liang; H. H. Lin
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Novel electro-optical predistortion technique and its application in externally modulated CATV transmission systems
Author(s): Kuen-Ting Tsai; Chien Tai; Winston I. Way
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Self-phase-modulation-limited transmission distance of repeaterless 1.55 um multichannel AM-VSB external modulation systems
Author(s): Wei Hong Chen; MingChia Wu; Ching Ten Chang; Winston I. Way
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Integrated monitoring system for optical CATV networks
Author(s): Ching Sheu Wang; Chien-Chung Lee; Frank Tsai; T. J. Liaw; W. C. Fang; L. J. Wei; S. Y. Huang; Y. K. Tu
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Design consideration of a 77-channel 64-QAM signal transmission system using a light-injected MQW-SOA as an in-line amplifier
Author(s): SohnLing Tzeng; Chien Tai; Hung-Chun Chang
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Directly modulated transmission systems using half-split-band and wavelength division multiplexing techniques
Author(s): Hai-Han Lu; Ching-Ting M. Lee
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Using a precoding technique to reduce the BER penalty of an M-QAM channel in hybrid AM-VSB/M-QAM subcarrier multiplexed lightwave systems
Author(s): Pi-Yang Chiang; Cherng-Chyi Hsiao; Winston I. Way
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In-service fault locating and supervisory CATV optical distribution network using WDM-based OTDR and optical switches
Author(s): Ching Sheu Wang; Frank Tsai; Y. K. Tu; Chien-Chung Lee; Chi-Hsiung Chang; Yung Kung Chen
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Long-period gratings as an ASE suppressor
Author(s): Yeong Her Chen; Lin-Gen Sheu; Ching Chung Yang; I-Wen Wei; Win Chen Lin; Yen Zen Lee; Chung Ho Hsia
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Characteristics of fiber Bragg grating with deuterium loading
Author(s): Chih-Wei Hsu; Lon A. Wang; Hsuen-Li Chen
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Highly accurate fiber Bragg grating strain- sensing system
Author(s): Tsung-hsuan Chiu; Ming-The Chang; Chung Ho Hsia
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Mass preparation of photosensitive fibers and 248-nm excimer writing of fiber gratings by use of a pi/2 phase shift mask
Author(s): K. Roger Lee; Steve Lin; Chia-Tse Sun
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Low-cost temperature sensor based on long-period fiber gratings with linear wavelength transmission characteristics
Author(s): Ching Chung Yang; Chung Ho Hsia
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Tunable chirped fiber Bragg grating embedded in a textile laminated beam for fiber dispersion compensation
Author(s): Weichong Du; W. P. Liu; David G. Du; Hwa-Yaw Tam; Xiaoming Tao; ChongXiu Yu; Shong Hao Liu
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Acousto-optic switch for DWDM network
Author(s): I.-Chang Chang
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Characteristic comparison of broadband erbium-doped superfluorescent fiber sources using different flattening techniques
Author(s): Tsair-Chun Liang; Yung-Shi Lin; Yung Kung Chen
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Single-longitudinal-mode fiber laser using passive multiple-ring-cavity technique
Author(s): Chien-Chung Lee; Yung Kung Chen; Shien-Kuei Liaw; Frank Tsai; Ching Sheu Wang; Y. K. Tu
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Novel multiwavelength Er3+-doped fiber laser with double-pass Mach-Zehnder comb filter
Author(s): Honglin An; Hongdu Liu; Xiang Zhi Lin; Edwin Y. B. Pun; Po Sheun Chung
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Realizing of OADM using FP resonator as both dropping and bypass device
Author(s): Michael Han; Zhangyuan Chen; Anshi Xu; Linzhen Xie
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Design of tunable dispersion compensation device used in optical WDM network
Author(s): Michael Han; Anshi Xu; Linzhen Xie
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Design of tunable flat-passband optical filter
Author(s): Michael Han; Deming Wu; Anshi Xu; Linzhen Xie
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Fabrication of planar beamsplitter integrated with Er-doped waveguide amplifier for optical fiber communication
Author(s): Cheng-Chung Li; Hong Koo Kim
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New passive fiber depolarizer based on cascaded all-fiber recirculating rings
Author(s): Benson Paisheng Shen; Chinlon Lin
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Employing an out-of-plane coupling model for optical sub-assembly packaging applications
Author(s): W. T. Chen; Lon A. Wang
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Design of optical circulators
Author(s): K. Roger Lee; Steve Lin; Chien-Hsiung Chiu; Jing-Yuan Lin
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Characteristics of a fiber optic storage loop using MQW semiconductor optical amplifier
Author(s): Shyh-Lin Tsao
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Effects of optical feedback on backward Er-doped fiber superfluorescent sources
Author(s): Chau-Da Su; Lon A. Wang
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Hot carrier effects on the second-order harmonic distortion of directly modulated semiconductor lasers: a theoretical investigation
Author(s): Chin-Yi Tsai; Tsu-Yin Wu; Jenkins C.H. Chen; Tien-Li Sung; Fang-Ping Shih; Chin-Yao Tsai
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Wideband optical waveguides with arbitrary index profile: propagation solution by quadratic finite element approach
Author(s): Aditya Goel
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Ultrabroadband LiNbO3 electro-optic modulators with novel complex electrode
Author(s): Boyu Wu; Jinghua Gu; Jinyang Hu; Shuyun Luo; Jihu M. Peng
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Multimode WDM using holographic gratings and substrate-guided waves
Author(s): Chuang Zhou; Jian Liu; Ray T. Chen
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