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Infrared Glass Optical Fibers and Their Applications
Editor(s): Mohammed Saad

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Volume Number: 3416
Date Published: 28 September 1998

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Fluoride glass fibers: applications and prospects
Author(s): Marcel Poulain
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Fiber-pigtailed integrated spectrometer for the infrared spectral range
Author(s): Roman V. Kruzelecky; Asoke Kumar Ghosh; Christine L. Tremblay; Carl Paquet
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Use of fluoride fibers for NDIR monitoring of hydrogen fluoride in aluminum smelters
Author(s): Pierre Bernard; Bruno Labranche; Yvan-Martin Cyr
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Extrusion method for making fiber optic preforms of special glasses
Author(s): Angela B. Seddon; David Furniss; Arash Motesharei
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Sulfide and heavy metal oxide glasses for active fibers
Author(s): Dimitrij Lezal; Jitka Pedlikova; Marcel Poulain
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Chalcogenide glass multimode and single-mode fibers
Author(s): Jens Kobelke; Johannes Kirchhof; Michael Scheffler; Anka Schwuchow
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Preparation, optimization, and infrared applications of TeX glass optical fibers
Author(s): Karine Le Foulgoc; Lydia Le Neindre; Sandrine Hocde; Frederic Smektala; Xhang Hua Zhang; Jacques Lucas
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Multiphonon decay in halide and oxide glasses at high-excitation density: a comparison
Author(s): Francois E. Auzel; Fabienne Pelle
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Development of Er+3-doped heavy-metal fluoride glasses for WDM broadband applications
Author(s): Matthew F. Finley; Michael T. Murtagh; George H. Sigel Jr.
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Optical and thermal properties of rare earth containing low-phonon-energy glasses
Author(s): Michael Scheffler; Johannes Kirchhof; Jens Kobelke; Kay Schuster; Anka Schwuchow
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Yb3+-ion-doped glass with high stimulated emission cross-section at near-IR
Author(s): Peizhen Deng; Chun Jiang; Hongbing Yin; Fuxi Gan
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Optical fiber amplifiers: a comparative study of oxide- and non-oxide-doped glass fibers
Author(s): Jocelyn Lauzon; Mohammed Saad
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1310- to 1320-nm emission in Nd3+-ion-doped fluoroaluminate glasses
Author(s): Animesh Jha; Mira Naftaly; Elizabeth R. Manzanares-Taylor; Bryce N. Samson; Diego Marchese; David N. Payne
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Gallium lanthanum sulphide fiber for active and passive applications
Author(s): Daniel W. Hewak; Dominic Brady; Thorsten Schweizer
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Nd-doped glass-fiber lasers and up-conversion lasers
Author(s): Fuxi Gan
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Fluoride-based fiber lasers: prospects for the future
Author(s): Genji Tohmon; Jun Ohya; Tomoaki Uno
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Whispering-gallery-mode Nd-ZBLAN microlasers at 1.05 um
Author(s): Francoise Lissillour; Kamel Ait Ameur; Nicolas Dubreuil; Guy Michel Stephan; Marcel Poulain
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Propagation modes and avalanche spatial domains in Er-doped ZBLAN fiber
Author(s): Philippe Goldner; Francois E. Auzel
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Heavy metal oxide glasses for application in remote sensing
Author(s): Douglas R. MacFarlane; Peter J. Newman
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Viscosity of fluoroindate glasses
Author(s): B. J. Costa; Sidney J. L. Ribeiro; Younes Messaddeq
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GeS2-Ga2S3-CsI chalcohalide glasses for all-optical switching devices
Author(s): Diego Marchese; Marco De Sario; Animesh Jha; Ajoy Kumar Kar; Euan C. Smith
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New glasses in the system InF3-BaF2-ErPO4
Author(s): Younes Messaddeq; Carla M. Moya; Petr Melnikov; Sidney J. L. Ribeiro
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Glasses containing lutetium fluoride
Author(s): Petr Melnikov; Gisele de Carvalho; Marcelo Nalin; Younes Messaddeq; Sidney J. L. Ribeiro
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Novel way of improving the collection efficiency and image quality of Globar to mid-IR fibers
Author(s): Xiaoyi Bao; Ping Lu; Thomas K. Whidden
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100-GHz step-tunable single-frequency erbium-doped fiber lasers
Author(s): Antoine Bellemare; Jean-Francois Lemieux; Michel Tetu; Sophie LaRochelle
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New heavy halide glasses containing small amount of VIA compounds
Author(s): Jia Jiang; Guoyin Zhang; Marcel Poulain; Angela A.S. Delben; Jose Renato Delben
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Infrared optical logic operation by the use of chalcogenide glass fibers
Author(s): Mitsunori Saito; Hitoshi Katsumura; Itsunari Yamada; Takeshi Inoue
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Transmission and absorption spectra of aluminophosphate-doped glasses with rare-earth ions
Author(s): Rodica Rogojan; Paul E. Sterian; Mihai Elisa
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Critical problem of cadmium fluorochloride glass fiber drawing
Author(s): Guoyin Zhang; Jia Jiang; Marcel Poulain; Jose Renato Delben; Angela A.S. Delben
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