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Electronic Imaging: Processing, Printing, and Publishing in Color
Editor(s): Jan Bares

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Volume Number: 3409
Date Published: 7 September 1998

Table of Contents
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Superhigh-quality color image TV system TELAN
Author(s): Alexander A. Antonov
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Dual nonlinear correlation applied to textured and color object recognition
Author(s): Elisabet Perez; Maria Sagrario Millan Garcia-Verela; Katarzyna Chalasinska-Macukow
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Analysis of the compensating mechanism of a color CCD camera for changes of light
Author(s): Montserrat Corbalan-Fuertes; Maria Sagrario Millan Garcia-Verela; Maria Josefa Yzuel
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Multispectral color technology: a way toward high-definition color image scanning and encoding
Author(s): Bernhard Hill
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Multispectral-based color reproduction research at the Munsell Color Science Laboratory
Author(s): Roy S. Berns; Francisco Hideki Imai; Peter D. Burns; Di-Yuan Tzeng
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Performance estimation of color printing models
Author(s): Werner Praefcke; Friedhelm Koenig
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Practice of multispectral image acquisition
Author(s): Friedhelm Koenig; Werner Praefcke
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Development and standardization of a spectral characteristics database for evaluating color reproduction in image input devices
Author(s): Johji Tajima; Masato Tsukada; Yoichi Miyake; Hideaki Haneishi; Norimichi Tsumura; Masayuki Nakajima; Yoshihiko Azuma; Tetsuo Iga; Masao Inui; Noboru Ohta; Nobutoshi Ojima; Sei Sanada
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Economical subject-selective metrics of perceptible color image quality
Author(s): Vitali V. Gavrik
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Color image comparison and visual perception: a process for descriptor validation
Author(s): Eric Favier; Eric Dinet; Alain Tremeau
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Uniform-color scales and RGB primaries for color-signal coding
Author(s): Claudio Oleari
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Display white point characterization
Author(s): Janos Schanda; Sandor Borda; Peter Bodrogi; Cecilia Sik-Lanyi
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Color appearance: effects of texture and relief
Author(s): Philippe Longere; Alain Tremeau
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Spectral characterization of electronic cameras
Author(s): Jon Yngve Hardeberg; Hans Brettel; Francis J. M. Schmitt
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LED-illuminated CCD slide scanner with a new concept for color processing
Author(s): Bernhard Hill; Moon-Cheol Kim
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Characterization of color texture: CIEL*a*b* calibration of CCD device
Author(s): Philippe Laflaquiere; Dominique Lafon; O. Eterradossi; Pierre R. Slangen
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Quality assessment of digitized aerial photographs
Author(s): O. Koelbl
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Automatic out-of-range photo recognition using digital techniques
Author(s): Genevieve Dardier; Henri Maitre
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Secure robust digital image watermark
Author(s): Joseph J.K. O'Ruanaidh; Shelby Pereira
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Copyright protection for multimedia data based on asymmetric cryptographic techniques
Author(s): Alexander Herrigel
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Key issues for watermarking digital images
Author(s): Daniel Augot; Chantal Fontaine
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Comparison of color median filters
Author(s): Philippe Colantoni; Alain Tremeau; Bernard Laget
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New scanning approach for motion picture digitizing
Author(s): Werner Graff; Axel Wittmann; Lukas Rosenthaler; Anton Gunzinger; Rudolf Gschwind
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One-dimensional dithering
Author(s): Robert A. Ulichney
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Structure-artifact-free multilevel error diffusion algorithm
Author(s): Victor Ostromoukhov; Roger David Hersch
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Color halftoning by indexing the visual-optimized dot profiles
Author(s): YongJun Yoo; Hyun Wook Park
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Binary tree context modeling of halftone images using a fast adaptive template selection scheme
Author(s): Koen N.A. Denecker; Peter De Neve; Ignace L. Lemahieu
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Invisible modification of the palette color image enhancing lossless compression
Author(s): Jaroslav Fojtik; Vaclav Hlavac
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Adaptive compression of still images: automating the choice of algorithm and parameters
Author(s): Frederic Gilbert; Fabien Moutarde
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Adaptive compression of DICOM image data
Author(s): Sergei Hludov; Thomas Engel; Christoph Meinel
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Compressing CMYK images by removing color redundancy: a perceptual-based quality evaluation
Author(s): Peter De Neve; Koen N.A. Denecker; Wilfried R. Philips; Ignace L. Lemahieu
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Adaptive color correction based on object color classification
Author(s): Hiroaki Kotera; Tetsuro Morimoto; Nobuyuki Yasue; Ryoichi Saito
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Control scheme for printers using more than three color inks
Author(s): Shoji Tominaga
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Development of an automated system for the analysis of print-quality variables
Author(s): Jack Tchan; A. Manning; R. C. Thompson
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Diamond ink jet
Author(s): Eberhard P. Hofer; Stefan aus der Wiesche; Christian Rembe; Joachim Patzer; Peter Gluche; Ruediger Leuner; Erhard Kohn
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Nonreproducible phenomena in thermal ink jets with real high-speed cine photomicrography
Author(s): Christian Rembe; Stefan aus der Wiesche; Michael Beuten; Eberhard P. Hofer
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Aquarelle: a cultural heritage information network
Author(s): Alain Michard
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Retrieving similar color images
Author(s): Isabella Gagliardi; Raimondo Schettini
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Characterization of color texture: color texture based sorting of tiles
Author(s): Y. Bourada; Dominique Lafon; O. Eterradossi
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Automatic delineation and three-dimensional visualization of the lungs
Author(s): Jamshid Dehmeshki; Fraser N. Hatfield
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Automatic delineation and 3D visualization of the human ventricular system using probabilistic neural networks
Author(s): Fraser N. Hatfield; Jamshid Dehmeshki
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Implementation of a segmentation method for agricultural fields in aerial sequences of images based on CSAR model
Author(s): Haijun Chen; Zweitze Houkes
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Optimal changes in the prepress process: a model for evaluation of state and direction of productivity and quality improvements
Author(s): Henrik Kihlberg; Mats Lindgren
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Using PDF in high-end color reproduction
Author(s): Steven Linehan; Phil J. Green; Bryan Sunderland; Ian Hibbert; Adolphus Agbasonu; Chris Linford
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Color engineering in the age of digital convergence
Author(s): Lindsay William MacDonald
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Using color in multimedia applications
Author(s): Cecilia Sik-Lanyi; Janos Schanda
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Digital graphic network
Author(s): Phil J. Green
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Some aspects of the use of contextual information in production processes
Author(s): Michael Has; Christian Luidl; Jochen Schaeffner; Ute Klotzbuecher
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