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International Conference on Atomic and Molecular Pulsed Lasers II
Editor(s): Victor F. Tarasenko; Georgy V. Mayer; Gueorgii G. Petrash

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Volume Number: 3403
Date Published: 29 June 1998

Table of Contents
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High-power ArXe laser
Author(s): Wilhelmus J. Witteman; S. W. A. Gielkens; V. N. Tskhai; Peter J. M. Peters
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Efficient pumping of discharge gas lasers by generators with inductive energy storage
Author(s): Alexei N. Panchenko; Evgenii H. Baksht; Mikhail I. Lomaev; Victor F. Tarasenko
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Gas lasers and their applications
Author(s): Willy L. Bohn
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Frequency-selected Q-switched e-beam-controlled discharge CO laser and its applications
Author(s): Andrei A. Ionin; Yurii M. Klimachev; Henry Kobsa; Dmitrii V. Sinitsyn
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Development of a high-power TEA CO2 laser pumped by an all-solid state exciter and its application to new material processing
Author(s): Minoru Obara; Hiroyuki Yabe; Katsumi Midorikawa
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Kinetics of XeF lasers
Author(s): Robert F. Walter
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Use of Brillouin scattering in excimer lasers
Author(s): Valery F. Losev; Yury N. Panchenko
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High-average-power phototriggered gas lasers
Author(s): Bernard Lacour
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High-pressure CO2 lasers with smooth tuning of radiation frequency
Author(s): Victor M. Orlovskii; A. G. Poteryaev
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Phase conjugation for improvement of solid state and excimer lasers
Author(s): A. Dehn; Hans Joachim Eichler; Andreas Haase; Oliver Mehl; J. Schwartz
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Discharge formation in a three-electrode XeCl laser in the regime of preliminary electron multiplication
Author(s): Valeriy V. Borovkov; Sergey L. Voronov; Boris V. Lazhintsev; Vladimir A. Nor-Arevyan; Gennadiy I. Feodorov
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Experimental results of investigations of the electrical discharges in Ne/SF6/CH4 and Ne/SF6 mixtures
Author(s): Yu. Bychkov; S. Gortchakov; Bernard Lacour
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Two-dimensional model of inhomogeneity evolution in XeCl laser discharge
Author(s): Yu. Bychkov; Arkadi G. Yastremsky
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Theoretical investigations of the influence of low-current preliminary discharge on the characteristics of a discharge-pumped XeCl* laser
Author(s): S. Gortchakov
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Repetitively pulsed CO2 laser pumped by combined discharge
Author(s): Vladimir V. Osipov; M. G. Ivanov; V. V. Lisenkov; P. B. Smirnov
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Kinetic processes determining attainable pulse repetition rate in pulsed metal vapor lasers
Author(s): Gueorgii G. Petrash
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Pulsed metal vapor ion lasers
Author(s): Miroslav F. Sem; Igor G. Ivanov
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PRR performance of Cu- and CuBr-vapor lasers
Author(s): V. F. Fedorov; Gennadiy S. Evtushenko; Vladimir M. Klimkin; Yu. P. Polunin; Anatoly N. Soldatov; Viktor B. Sukhanov
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Strontium and cadmium pulsed cataphoretic lasers
Author(s): Evgeny L. Latush; Gennady D. Chebotarev; A. V. Vasilchenko
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Metal vapor lasers with chemical depopulation of the metastable
Author(s): Vladimir M. Klimkin; V. E. Prokop'ev
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Beitler lasers
Author(s): Vladimir M. Klimkin; Vladimir G. Sokovikov
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Theoretical and experimental investigation of coherent characteristics of copper vapor laser radiation
Author(s): Valerii V. Kolosov; V. O. Troitskii
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Metal vapor lasers with indirect excitation of upper laser levels via intermediate states
Author(s): V. A. Gerasimov
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Mechanism of primary photochemistry reactions in organic molecules using quantum chemistry methods
Author(s): Georgy V. Mayer; O. K. Bazyl; Victor Ya. Artyukhov
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Blue-green laser radiation from dyes in matrix
Author(s): Tat'yana N. Kopylova; A. V. Reznichenko; Georgy V. Mayer; Lyibov G. Samsonova; V. A. Svetlichny; Rimma T. Kuznetsova; Viktor B. Sukhanov; E. N. Telminov
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Specific features of spontaneous and stimulated molecular radiation in high-power laser beams
Author(s): Rimma T. Kuznetsova; Tat'yana N. Kopylova; Georgy V. Mayer; Evgenii N. Tel'minov; Lyibov G. Samsonova; V. A. Svetlichny; A. K. Sergeev
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Spectral and spatial-angular characteristics of pulse-periodic flashlamp-pumped dye laser
Author(s): M. I. Dzyubenko; Vyacheslav V. Maslov; Viktor P. Pelipenko; Valeriy V. Shevchenko
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Influence of fluorination on the lasing efficiency of laser active media
Author(s): Irina V. Sokolova; Nina Vasil'eva
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SRS amplification in fluorescent dye drop system
Author(s): Alexander A. Zemlyanov; Valerii A. Donchenko; Aleksei A. Zemlyanov; Tat'yana N. Kopylova
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Coherent ultraviolet generated by wave packets interacting with chi(3) in Rb and K atoms
Author(s): Ju Gao; H. C. Tran; P. C. John; J. Gary Eden
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Nondispersive methods of ultrashort pulses of light encoding, recording, and transformation
Author(s): Mikhail K. Lebedev; Yurii A. Tolmachev
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Photoresonant plasma as laser active substance
Author(s): A. G. Gridnev
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Laser isotope separation of ytterbium-168 weighable amounts on the LAD Ltd. installation
Author(s): V. I. Derzhiev; S. A. Kostritsa; V. A. Kuznetsov; L. A. Mikhal'tsov; V. M. Mushta; A. Yu. Sapozhkov; A. N. Tkachev; S. A. Chaushanskii; Sergey I. Yakovlenko
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Present and future trends in excimer-laser-based microlithography
Author(s): Frank K. Tittel; Miklos Erdelyi; Zoltan L. Horvath; Armen Kroyan; William L. Wilson Jr.; Michael C. Smayling; Zsolt Bor; Gabor Szabo
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Environmental monitoring of chemical species
Author(s): Frank K. Tittel; Konstantin P. Petrov
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Vertical gas-concentration profile measurement procedure using laser sounding data throughout the atmosphere
Author(s): Olga K. Voitsekhovskaya; M. E. Antipin; F. G. Shatrov
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Evolution of alkali-halide defective structure at plastic deformation of large-sized preparations of wide-aperture CO2-laser windows
Author(s): Sergei G. Kazantsev
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Experimental study of laser-induced hydrodynamical and thermochemical processes by means of a laser brightness amplifier
Author(s): Valerii G. Prokoshev; Ivan I. Klimovskii; Arkadii F. Galkin; Vitalii N. Orlov; Dmitrii V. Abramov; Mihail A. Taranenko; S. U. Danilof; Sergei M. Arakelian
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Gas laser lidar system optimization for hydrogen molecule monitoring in the atmosphere
Author(s): Gennady V. Laktushkin; Vadim E. Privalov; Valery G. Shemanin
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Atmospheric attenuation of IR radiation from selected chemical and iodine photodissociation lasers
Author(s): Valentina A. Filimonova
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Copper steam laser irradiation modulates the theraupeutic effect of 5-fluorouracil and the activity of antioxidant enzymes in tumor-bearing mice
Author(s): N. V. Cherdyntseva; A. Kuznetsova; I. Kondakova; V. Yevtushenko
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Instrumental laser beam systems in navigation using scattered radiation
Author(s): Viktor G. Oshlakov
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Excimer formation using low-energy electron-beam excitation
Author(s): Andreas Ulrich; Jochen Wieser; Daniel E. Murnick
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Glow-and-barrier-discharge efficient excilamps
Author(s): Edward A. Sosnin; Mikhail I. Lomaev; Alexei N. Panchenko; Victor S. Skakun; Victor F. Tarasenko
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Light sources using energy transfer from excimer to line radiation
Author(s): Jochen Wieser; Andreas Ulrich; Manfred Salvermoser; H. Shaw; Daniel E. Murnick; H. Dahi
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Amplification of lambda ~147-nm radiation from discharge in heavy inert gases
Author(s): Gennadii N. Gerasimov; Reinhold Hallin; Boris E. Krylov; G. Volkova; F. Heijkenskold; A. Morozov
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Growth of beta-BaB2O3 single crystals for frequency converters of optical radiation
Author(s): Alexander I. Abramochkin; Alexander I. Gribenyukov; A. A. Tick; G. I. Schvarzman
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Nonlinear tunable parametric luminescence in ZnGeP2 crystals
Author(s): Yu. M. Andreev; Gopal C. Bhar; Alexander I. Gribenyukov; V. A. Verozubova; K. L. Vodopyanov
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Submillimeter-wave generation with ZnGeP2 crystals
Author(s): Yu. M. Andreev; V. V. Appolonov; Yu. A. Shakir; G. A. Verozubova; Alexander I. Gribenyukov
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