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Advances in Laser Remote Sensing for Terrestrial and Hydrographic Applications
Editor(s): Ram Mohan Narayanan; James E. Kalshoven Jr.

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Volume Number: 3382
Date Published: 3 July 1998

Table of Contents
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Lasers in remote sensing for terrestrial and hydrographic applications
Author(s): Walter G. Egan
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Identification of contaminated soil using CO2 laser reflectance ratios
Author(s): Ram Mohan Narayanan; Mark T. Pflum; Jon D. Schmeeckle
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Real-time evaporimeter/hygrometer
Author(s): Jerome Knopp; Leonard T. Smiglewski
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Application of full wave analyses to electromagnetic scattering by multiple-scale anisotropic models of rough surfaces for industrial and climatic remote sensing
Author(s): Ezekiel Bahar
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Rapid digital elevation data capture using airborne scanning lasers: recent projects in the U.S.A., Europe, and South Africa
Author(s): Alexandre Y. Fong; Bill Gutelius; Don Carswell
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Solid state Raman image amplification
Author(s): Lonnie K. Calmes; James T. Murray; William Lucas Austin; Richard C. Powell
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Tunable UV and compact 2- to 12-micron laser development
Author(s): Cynthia R. Swim; Jay A. Fox
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Applications of fluorescence sensing systems to the remote assessment of nitrogen supply in field corn (Zea Mays L.)
Author(s): Lawrence A. Corp; James E. McMurtrey III; Emmett W. Chappelle; Craig S. T. Daughtry; Moon S. Kim; Charles L. Mulchi
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Image instrumentation of chlorophyll a fluorescence
Author(s): Kenji Omasa
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Evaluation of nitrogen fertilization effect on apple-tree leaves and fruit by fluorescence imaging
Author(s): Malgorzata Sowinska; Tom Deckers; Caroline Eckert; Francine Heisel; Roland L. Valcke; Joseph-Albert Miehe
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Aquatic and terrestrial optical measurements - laser induced fluorescence technique (ATOM-LIFT): Summer 1997 field measurement campaign
Author(s): James E. McMurtrey III; Giovanna Cecchi; Emmett W. Chappelle; Moon S. Kim; Marco Bazzani; Lawrence A. Corp
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Fluorescence responses and photosynthetic rates of sunlit and shaded leaves of Italian alpine forest species: Summer 1997 ATOM-LIFT campaign
Author(s): Moon S. Kim; Giovanna Cecchi; Emmett W. Chappelle; Marco Bazzani; James E. McMurtrey III; Lawrence A. Corp; R. Sandu; Daniele Tirelli
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Fluorescence responses of Mediterranean sea grass Posidonia oceanica: Summer 1997 ATOM-LIFT campaign
Author(s): Giovanna Cecchi; Moon S. Kim; Marco Bazzani; E. Maserti; James E. McMurtrey III; Emmett W. Chappelle; Daniele Tirelli
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Calculation of signals for oceanographic lidar
Author(s): Kunal Mitra; James H. Churnside
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Observation of sea ice in the Sea of Okhotsk by a laser altimeter
Author(s): Mitsuo Ishizu; Toshikasu Itabe
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Infrared laser-glint sensor for measuring fractal sea-surface roughness
Author(s): Joseph A. Shaw; James H. Churnside
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Optical coherent model of atmosphere-ocean boundary layer
Author(s): Michael K. Rafailov
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Spatial coherence modulus retrieval using a method based on the fringe pattern histogram
Author(s): Andre Perennou
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Fluorescence imaging of soybean flavonol isolines
Author(s): Moon S. Kim; Edward H. Lee; Charles L. Mulchi; James E. McMurtrey III; Emmett W. Chappelle; Randy A. Rowland
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