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Laser Radar Technology and Applications III
Editor(s): Gary W. Kamerman

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Volume Number: 3380
Date Published: 8 September 1998

Table of Contents
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Space Readiness Coherent Lidar Experiment (SPARCLE) Space Shuttle Mission
Author(s): Michael J. Kavaya; George David Emmitt
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Multiparametric lidar system spanning from UV to mid IR
Author(s): Paolo F. Ambrico; Aldo Amodeo; Salvatore Amoruso; Mario Armenante; Vincenzo Berardi; Antonella Boselli; Riccardo Bruzzese; Roberta Capobianco; Paolo Di Girolamo; Luca Fiorani; Gelsomina Pappalardo; Nicola Spinelli; Raffaele Velotta
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Heterodyne measurements of stratospheric ozone using a single sideband tunable CO2 laser
Author(s): Kambiz Shahnazi; Lahmer Lynds
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Coherent lidar crosswind sensing
Author(s): Philip Gatt; J. Alex L. Thomson; Stephen M. Hannon
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Laser radar development
Author(s): Paul F. McManamon
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Diode-pumped Er:glass lasers Q-switched by BBO E/O Q-switch and FTIR methods
Author(s): Ruikun Wu; John D. Myers; Scott J. Hamlin
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Mid-infrared multiwavelength source for lidar applications
Author(s): Allen R. Geiger; Egor V. Degtiarev; William H. Farr; Richard D. Richmond
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Development of high-pulse energy Ho:Tm:YLF coherent transmitters
Author(s): Upendra N. Singh
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Frequency-stabilized diode-pumped Tm,Ho:YLF local oscillator with + 4 GHz of tuning range
Author(s): Hamid Hemmati; Carlos Esproles; Robert T. Menzies
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Semiconductor and fiber laser development at Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy Directorate
Author(s): Michael R. Gregg; David J. Bossert; David J. Gallant; Ian McMackin; John R. Marciante; Malcolm W. Wright
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Novel optical Doppler frequency detector based on moving space charge field effects in semiconductors and its application to laser raders
Author(s): Chen Chia Wang; Sudhir B. Trivedi; Ronald G. Rosemeier
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Ladar using broadband optical source
Author(s): Roland K. Appel; William N. Dawber; John Lockwood
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Laser radar with atomic vapor ultranarrowband image detectors (UBID)
Author(s): Oleg I. Matveev; Benjamin W. Smith; James D. Winefordner
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Laser radar focal plane array for three-dimensional imaging: update
Author(s): Richard D. Richmond; Roger Stettner; Howard Bailey
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Ultrafast InGaAs pin detector for eye-safe lidar
Author(s): Frank J. Effenberger; Abhay M. Joshi
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Demodulation schemes for vibrometers and associated effects on target classification
Author(s): Brendan Ruck; Harvey Lewis; Andrew M. Rogoyski; Mark Bernhardt; Maxwell Hadley; Meryl Welch; Andrew J. Seedhouse
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Upgrades to DELTAS NRC (Defense Laser Target Signatures Code) for the evaluation of advanced ladar technologies
Author(s): Biff Lyons; Michael Timmins
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Numerical evaluation of the M parameter for direct detection ladar
Author(s): Douglas G. Youmans; George A. Hart
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Ranging accuracy analysis for the NRL@SOR satellite laser ranging capability
Author(s): Mark A. Davis; G. Charmaine Gilbreath
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Error analysis for laser-based metric calibration of the Naval Space Surveillance System
Author(s): Paul W. Schumacher Jr.; G. Charmaine Gilbreath; Edward D. Lydick; Mark A. Davis
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Sequential orbit determination for GPS-35 and GPS-36 using SLR data from NRL@SOR
Author(s): Richard S. Hujsak; G. Charmaine Gilbreath
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Determination of TiPS libration using laser radar
Author(s): William James Barnds; Shannon L. Coffey; Mark A. Davis
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Applications of the HI-CLASS (high-performance CO2 laser radar surveillance sensor) laser system for active imaging of space objects
Author(s): Debora E. Mosley; Charles L. Matson; Stanley R. Czyzak
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Coherent burst laser ranging
Author(s): Eric A. Wachter; Walter G. Fisher; Michael L. Keltos
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Agile multiple-pulse coherent lidar for range and micro-Doppler measurement
Author(s): Stephen M. Hannon; J. Alex L. Thomson; Sammy W. Henderson; Philip Gatt; Robert Stoneman; Dale Bruns
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Three-beam scanning laser radar microprofilometer
Author(s): Vasyl V. Molebny; Gary W. Kamerman; Eugene M. Smirnov; Leonid M. Ilchenko; Sergiy O. Kolenov; Vadym O. Goncharov
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Polarization diversity active imaging
Author(s): Philippe Clemenceau; Sebastien Breugnot; Laurent Collot
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Comparison of imaging laser radars based on range gating under different weather conditions
Author(s): Arno von der Fecht; Hendrik Rothe
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Laser radar in adverse weather
Author(s): Jeffrey W. Grantham; Eduardo C. Meidunas
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Video guidance sensor flight experiment results
Author(s): Richard T. Howard; Thomas C. Bryan; Michael L. Book
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Low-cost high-resolution video-rate imaging optical radar
Author(s): John T. Sackos; Robert O. Nellums; Steve M. Lebien; Carl F. Diegert; Jeffrey W. Grantham; Todd C. Monson
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Model-based target recognition in ladar imagery
Author(s): Qinfen Zheng; Sandor Z. Der
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Laser sensing application using an amplitude locked loop
Author(s): Olivier Jerome Dussarrat; D. Fraser Clark; T. J. Moir
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Novel method for ocean lidar air-submarine laser communication
Author(s): Duo-Min He
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Automatic docking system sensor: analysis and mission performance
Author(s): John Larkin Jackson; Richard T. Howard; Helen Johnson Cole; Ronald A. Belz
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Hollow-waveguide integrated optics for 10.6-um lidar
Author(s): Richard Michael Jenkins; R. W. J. Devereux; A. F. Blockley
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Wavelength selection for long-range laser vibration sensing
Author(s): Joel F. Fontanella; David E. Roberts; David R. Shoup
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Airborne laser swath mapping: results from project laser
Author(s): William E. Carter; Ramesh L. Shrestha
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