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Targets and Backgrounds: Characterization and Representation IV

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Volume Number: 3375
Date Published: 7 July 1998

Table of Contents
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Perception test of infrared images of soldiers in camouflaged uniforms
Author(s): Thomas J. Meitzler; R. Darin Ellis; Eui Jung Sohn; Darryl Bryk; Lisa B. Hepfinger; Kathy Rock; H. Singh
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Flight-testing passive infrared warning receivers in various background clutter environments
Author(s): Steven M. Davis
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Surface reflectance variations in realistic targets
Author(s): David J. Thomas; Roger Evans; Jim Crosby; James C. Jafolla
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Background clutter in the SW infrared spectral band: measurement and analysis
Author(s): Alex Shteinman; Yossi Bushlin
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Polarization signatures of man-made objects in the SW infrared spectral band
Author(s): Leslie Salem Balfour; Yossi Bushlin; Nahum Brandman
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Automatic target detection in cluttered IR images
Author(s): Markus Mueller; Axel Korn
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Camouflage assessment considering human perception data
Author(s): Floris M. Gretzmacher; Georg S. Ruppert; Sten Nyberg
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Irma multisensor predictive signature model
Author(s): John S. Watson; Michael R. Wellfare; Joseph Foster; Monte A. Owens; Douglas A. Vechinski; Mike Richards; Andrew Resnick; Vincent Underwood
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Modeling cognitive effects on visual search for targets in cluttered backgrounds
Author(s): Magnus Snorrason; Harald Ruda; James Hoffman
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EOSAEL and PcEosael
Author(s): Alan Wetmore; Patti S. Gillespie; John W. Schroeder
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The HITRAN molecular spectroscopic database and HAWKS (HITRAN atmospheric workstation)
Author(s): Laurence S. Rothman; Curtis P. Rinsland; Aaron Goldman; Steven T. Massie; David P. Edwards; Jean-Marie Flaud; Agnes Perrin; Claude Camy-Peyret; Victor Dana; Y.-Y. Mandin; John W. Schroeder; Robert R. Gamache; R. B. Wattson; Kouichi Yoshino; Kelly Van Chance; Kenneth W. Jucks; L. R. Brown; Vassilii Nemtchinov; Prasad Varanasi
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Novel concept for the emulation of ground-target diurnal infrared signatures
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Sanders
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Algorithms and methodology used in constructing high-resolution terrain databases
Author(s): Bryan L. Williams; Aaron Wilkosz
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Quantifying target distinctness through visual conspicuity
Author(s): Alexander Toet; Piet Bijl; Frank L. Kooi; J. Mathieu Valeton
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Multiresolution motion estimation and target detection
Author(s): Robert E. Karlsen; David J. Gorsich; Grant R. Gerhart
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Average search time for ground-vehicle target detectability
Author(s): Richard C. Goetz; Grant R. Gerhart; Roy M. Matchko
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Stability of Vis&NIR lidar against sky background clutter: analysis and improvement methods
Author(s): Ravil R. Agishev; Valery A. Vlasov
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Analysis and synthesis of inhomogeneous infrared clutter images
Author(s): Keith T. Olree; James A. Dawson; Joe DeBlaquiere
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Closed-loop modeling of imaging infared missiles
Author(s): John S. DiMarco
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Glistening-region model for multipath studies
Author(s): Gordon William Groves; Winston C. Chow
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Determination of material parameters and influence of measurement errors on the reflection and backscatter properties of realistic material arrangements
Author(s): Juergen Preissner; Volker Stein
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Deconvolution approaches applied to space-time radar data
Author(s): Armando B. Barreto; Luis R. Granadillo; E. Elise Diner
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Microwave and millimeter-wave systems for wall penetration
Author(s): David D. Ferris Jr.; Nicholas C. Currie
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High-efficiency high-gain Fresnel zone plate antennas
Author(s): James C. Wiltse
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Development of laser-based direct-write projection methods: sensor optics and system characterization issues
Author(s): Heard S. Lowry III; Celia A. Doub; Lanny L. Holt; Sidney L. Steely; R. H. Fugerer
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Sensor-based validation of synthetic thermal scenes: how close is good enough?
Author(s): Jerrell R. Ballard Jr.; Bruce M. Sabol; R. Eddie Melton Jr.
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Critical image formation parameters in thermal hyperspectral image simulations
Author(s): Scott D. Brown; John R. Schott; Rolando V. Raqueno
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Polarization-sensitive thermal imaging sensors for target discrimination
Author(s): Cornell S. L. Chun; David L. Fleming; W. A. Harvey; E. J. Torok
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Adaptive wavelet-based contrast enhancement of IR imagery
Author(s): Sridhar Srinivasan; Robert E. Karlsen; Grant R. Gerhart
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Measurements of backgrounds and target object polarization using visible-band hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Abraham J. Franklin; Leonard John Otten III; Andrew D. Meigs; Robert D. Sears; Theodore S. Turner Jr.; John R. O'Hair
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Ground-target infrared signature uncertainties and their effect on simulation and validation
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Sanders; Stacie B. Taylor
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Modeling of object image formation systems in remote probes: optimization of distortion compensation
Author(s): Oksana A. Tarasova; Genady I. Kuznetsov; Evgeni N. Terentiev
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Retrieval of the aerosol particle size distribution (APSD) in the lower part of the marine atmospheric boundary layer (LP MABL) from horizontal measurements of the atmospheric spectral transmittance
Author(s): Kusiel S. Shifrin; Rowena M. Carlson; Ilja G. Zolotov
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Calculating models of cooling IR window and window background radiation
Author(s): Ziming Wan
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RADAR flashlight for through-the-wall detection of humans
Author(s): Eugene F. Greneker III
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Millimeter-wave interferometric SAR and polarimetry
Author(s): Stephan Boehmsdorff; Helmut Essen; Hartmuf Schimpf; Alfred Wahlen
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