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Technologies for Synthetic Environments: Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing III

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Volume Number: 3368
Date Published: 13 July 1998

Table of Contents
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Hardware-in-the-loop missile simulation facility
Author(s): Hirofumi Eguchi; Kazumitu Obana; Masanori Kamiya
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Hardware-in-the-loop simulation system of the Beijing Simulation Center
Author(s): Xunda Chen; Zanping Jiang; Dongmu Wang; Wenjie Zhang
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Single-computer HWIL simulation facility for real-time vision systems
Author(s): Simon Fuerst; Stefan Werner; Ernst Dieter Dickmanns
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Dichroic beam combiner to support hardware-in-the-loop testing of dual-mode common aperture seekers
Author(s): Scott B. Mobley; John S. Cole Jr.
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Rare-earth-doped glass fibers as infrared sources for IRSS
Author(s): L. Brandon Shaw; David T. Schaafsma; Brian J. Cole; Barry B. Harbison; Jasbinder Singh Sanghera; Ishwar D. Aggarwal
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Characterization of various micromachined integrated-circuit IR scene simulator array designs in the 3- to 5- and 8- to 12-um bands
Author(s): H. Ronald Marlin; Richard L. Bates; Dennis M. Ingle; Daniel W. King
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Large-area infrared microemitter arrays for dynamic scene projection
Author(s): Barry E. Cole; Robert E. Higashi; Jeff A. Ridley; J. Holmen; Robert G. Stockbridge; Robert Lee Murrer Jr.; Eddie Burroughs Jr.
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Design and fabrication progress in BAe's high-complexity resistor-array IR scene projector devices
Author(s): Alan P. Pritchard; Mark D. Balmond; Stephen Paul Lake; David W. Gough; Mark A. Venables; Ian M. Sturland; Michael C. Hebbron; Lucy A. Brimecombe
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Innovations in infrared scene simulator design
Author(s): Richard Lane; Jeffery L. Heath
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Dynamic infrared scene projection: the scene filtering and sampling problem revisited
Author(s): Owen M. Williams
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Thermal emitter array: prediction of apparent blackbody temperature and thermal nonuniformity remedies
Author(s): James Lynn Smith
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Calculation of the contribution of the nonuniformity of the scene projector to the nonuniformity of the output image of a test article
Author(s): Brian P. Beecken; T. James Belich
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Analysis and implications of resistive emitter array non-uniformity correction (NUC) between sensors with different spectral bands
Author(s): Clay J. Stanek; Douglas K. Moore; Ronald G. Driggers
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Radiometric, noise, and spatial characterization of the wideband infrared scene projector
Author(s): Steven Arthur Marlow; David S. Flynn; James R. Kircher
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Characterization measurements of the wideband infrared scene projector (WISP) combined with the steerable laser projector (SLP)
Author(s): James R. Kircher; Steven Arthur Marlow; Paul R. Mackin
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Projector nonuniformity and spatial effects modeling
Author(s): David S. Flynn; Steven Arthur Marlow; Eric M. Olson
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Demonstration of KHILS two-color IR projection capability
Author(s): Lawrence E. Jones; Jason S. Coker; Dennis L. Garbo; Eric M. Olson; Robert Lee Murrer Jr.; Thomas P. Bergin; George C. Goldsmith II; Dennis R. Crow; Andrew W. Guertin; Michael Dougherty; Thomas M. Marler; Virgil G. Timms
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Scene generation and projection technologies: real-time methodologies and validation efforts
Author(s): Sidney L. Steely; Randy A. Nicholson; E. L. Kiech; Kimberly D. Mead; Heard S. Lowry III
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Ground target infrared signature model validation for real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulations
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Sanders; Jeremy B. Rodgers; Ahmed A. Siddique
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Composite hardbody and missile plume (CHAMP 98) IR scene generation program
Author(s): Dennis R. Crow; Charles F. Coker
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Eglin virtual range database for hardware-in-the-loop testing
Author(s): Sunjay E. Talele; J. Warren Pickard Jr.; Monte A. Owens; Joseph Foster; John S. Watson; Mary Amenda Amick; Kenneth Anthony
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Advancing real-time IR scene generation via commercial off-the-shelf components
Author(s): James A. Buford Jr.; David E. King; Mark H. Bowden
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Real-time synchronized multiple-sensor IR/EO scene generation utilizing the SGI Onyx2
Author(s): Robert J. Makar; Brian E. O'Toole
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Improvements to real-time ultraviolet scene simulation for sensor testing
Author(s): David J. Meyer; Paul A. Acevedo; Brian E. O'Toole
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Demonstration of innovative techniques used for real-time closed-loop infrared scene generation
Author(s): Eric M. Olson; Charles F. Coker; Jason S. Coker; Dennis L. Garbo
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Infrared model development for a high-speed imaging fuze
Author(s): Dennis L. Garbo; Eric M. Olson; Dennis R. Crow; Charles F. Coker; Donald A. Cunard
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Closed-loop real-time infrared scene generator
Author(s): Dennis R. Crow; Charles F. Coker; Dennis L. Garbo; Eric M. Olson
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Prototype development of a universal programmable interface for hardware-in-the-loop sensor emulation
Author(s): Paul A. Acevedo; Brian E. O'Toole; Timothy E. Eisenhauer
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Design and development of a flexible COTS-based nonuniformity data collection interface system
Author(s): Mark August Manzardo; Kenneth W. Zabel; Howard C. Graves III; Bruce E. Tucker; Eddie Burroughs Jr.; Kenneth G. LeSueur
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Requirements and methodologies for real-time infrared sensor emulation in hardware-in-the-loop testing
Author(s): James A. Buford Jr.; Terry M. Reynolds
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Unique digital imagery interface between a silicon graphics computer and the kinetic kill vehicle hardware-in-the-loop simulator (KHILS) wideband infrared scene projector (WISP)
Author(s): Ricky A. Erickson; Stephen E. Moren; Marion S. Skalka
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Programmable personality interface for the dynamic infrared scene generator (IRSG2)
Author(s): James A. Buford Jr.; Scott B. Mobley; Anthony J. Mayhall; William J. Braselton
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Application of holography to real-time dynamic structural analysis of an advanced graphite-epoxy composite flight control component
Author(s): Howard Fein
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Hardware-in-the-loop testing for the low-cost autonomous attack system (LOCAAS)
Author(s): Lawrence Y. Byrd III; Rhoe A. Thompson; Michael K. Rich
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Designing a flight motion simulator for IR-STAF
Author(s): Kenneth G. LeSueur; Mark L. Avory; Kenneth E. Willis
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History of flight motion simulators used for hardware-in-the-loop testing of missile systems
Author(s): John M. Carter; Kenneth E. Willis
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Current status of the laser diode array projector technology
Author(s): D. Brett Beasley; Daniel A. Saylor
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Refinements in practical accuracy factors for resistor-array IR scene projectors
Author(s): Alan P. Pritchard; Mark A. Venables; Stephen Paul Lake; David W. Gough
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Multiband infrared plume simulator for HWIL testing of the tactical FLIR pod modification
Author(s): Matthew C. Thomas; Donald G. Pritchett; Thomas A. Ellis
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Using hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) simulation to provide low-cost testing of TMD IR missile systems
Author(s): James A. Buford Jr.; Thad Paone
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Assessment of the wideband infrared scene projector (WISP) using conventional IR seekers
Author(s): Edward G. Huber Jr.; Rebecca A. Courtney; Albert G. Geiser
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