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Cockpit Displays V: Displays for Defense Applications
Editor(s): Darrel G. Hopper

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Volume Number: 3363
Date Published: 14 September 1998

Table of Contents
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Acquisition of flat panel displays for military applications
Author(s): Richard H. Van Atta; Larry Goodell; Brian S. Cohen; Michael J. Lippitz; Michael B. Marks; James Norman Bardsley; Charles H. Kimzey
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Flat panel display industry roadmaps
Author(s): James Norman Bardsley
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Defense display market assessment
Author(s): Daniel D. Desjardins; Darrel G. Hopper
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Performance specification methodology: introduction and application to displays
Author(s): Darrel G. Hopper
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Commercial market driving ruggedization of displays for mil-aerospace applications
Author(s): Dan Doyle; James Treveloni; John Wahl
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Accommodation of COTS LCDs in military displays
Author(s): James B. Armstrong; James M. Henz; Sonia R. Dodd
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Display research at the Army Research Laboratory
Author(s): David C. Morton; Gary L. Wood
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Application of AMLCDs to military aircraft displays
Author(s): David M. Craig
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Progress in video immersion using Panospheric imaging
Author(s): Stephen L. Bogner; David T. Southwell; Steven G. Penzes; Chris A. Brosinsky; Ron Anderson; Doug M. Hanna
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Integration of electroluminescent displays on multilayer ceramic-on-metal circuit boards for application in military vehicles
Author(s): George H. N. Riddle; A. N. Sreeram; David L. Staebler; Ken F. Mahdi; Sey-Shing Sun; David C. Morton
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Introducing large color displays in the Gripen fighter
Author(s): Mats Sundgren; Hans Brandtberg
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Design of the Eurofighter human-machine interface
Author(s): Chris J. Smith
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Display integration for ground combat vehicles
Author(s): David J. Busse
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Gray-scale and contrast compensator for LCDs using obliquely oriented anisotropic network
Author(s): Donald B. Taber; Leonard G. Hale; Bruce K. Winker; William J. Gunning III; Mark C. Skarohlid; James D. Sampica; Tom A. Seder
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Liquid crystal considerations for avionics AMLCD
Author(s): Adi Abileah; Rick Brinkley; Scott V. Thomsen
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Advanced image manipulation controller for cockpit LCD displays
Author(s): Gopal Ramachandran
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AMLCD image retention design issues for avionics applications
Author(s): Scott V. Thomsen; Adi Abileah; Young H. Byun; P. Weindorf
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Diffractive color separation fabrication
Author(s): Thomas V. Gunn; Wesley H. Halstead
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Novel bistable reflective cholesteric liquid crystal display device for use with night vision goggles
Author(s): Asad A. Khan; Donald J. Davis; Xiao-Yang Huang; Nick Miller; Chad M. Jones; J. William Doane
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Reflection-mode diffraction and matrix displays
Author(s): Brian P. Dehmlow; Kim A. Brostad
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Sunlight readable avionics displays
Author(s): Joseph R. Visinski
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3ATI flat panel replaces CRT on Air Force platforms
Author(s): Byron L. Coker Jr.; Michael J. Willis
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Stacked organic light-emitting devices for full-color flat panel displays
Author(s): Paul E. Burrows; G. Gu; Stephen R. Forest
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Advanced polysilicon TFT technology for active matrix organic light-emitting diode displays
Author(s): Miltiadis K. Hatalis; Mark J. Stewart; Robert S. Howell
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Optimization of the polyplanar optical display electronics for a monochrome B-52 display
Author(s): Leonard DeSanto
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Highly accelerated life testing for the 1210 Digital Ruggedized Display
Author(s): Bruce Becker; Ruth Phillips
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Head-mounted workstation displays for airborne reconnaissance applications
Author(s): Michael P. Browne
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Military displays based on a dual-use AMLCD technology
Author(s): Alan Lewis; Gretchen A. Espo; Haiji Yuan; Thomas G. Fiske; Duane Siemens; Chris Petti
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Validation and evaluation of common large-area display set (CLADS) performance specification
Author(s): David J. Hermann; Ronald L. Gorenflo
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Animated holography
Author(s): Michael H. Burney
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Video system characterization
Author(s): Timothy W. Jackson; James C. Byrd; John H. Harshbarger
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Advanced aerosense display interfaces
Author(s): Darrel G. Hopper; Frederick M. Meyer
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Lamp-life predictive model for avionics backlights
Author(s): Richard P. Webster; Leonard Y. Nelson
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Flat panel system dynamic range and luminance performance specifications
Author(s): Reay S. Dick
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Multiviewer 3D monitor
Author(s): Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Tin M. Aye; Dai Hyun Kim; Vladimir Esterkin; Gajendra D. Savant
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Polyplanar optic display for cockpit application
Author(s): James T. Veligdan; Cyrus Biscardi; Calvin Brewster; Leonard DeSanto; William C. Freibott
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High-definition displays for realistic simulator and trainer systems
Author(s): Reginald Daniels; Darrel G. Hopper; Steve Beyer; Philipp W. Peppler
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Approach of field-emission display toward technology status
Author(s): Joseph Ghrayeb; Timothy W. Jackson; Darrel G. Hopper; Reginald Daniels
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Approach of organic light-emitting displays (OLED) to technology status
Author(s): Gurdial S. Saini; Darrel G. Hopper
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Laws for the design of the universal cockpit displays
Author(s): Lawrence E. Tannas Jr.
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Enhancing cockpit design with an immersive virtual environment rapid prototyping and simulation system
Author(s): Kenneth Nemire
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Military GPS handheld display development: past, present, and future
Author(s): Alicia P. Shiel; Andrew D. Smothers
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Multimission helicopter display: COTS workstation solution
Author(s): Dale C. Green; Alan L. Smeyne
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16.1-in. MOTS display development and certification
Author(s): Leon B. LeCave
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Human interaction with wearable computer systems: a look at glasses-mounted displays
Author(s): Allen R. Revels; Laurie L. Quill; David E. Kancler; Barbara L. Masquelier
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Device reliability issues in field emission displays
Author(s): Babu Chalamala; Robert H. Reuss; Troy A. Trottier; Cecil W. Penn; Yi Wei
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AMLCD design considerations for avionics and vetronics applications
Author(s): Scott V. Thomsen; P. Weindorf
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Head-up display for air transport aircraft
Author(s): Paul L. Wisely; Christopher T. Bartlett
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Consideration of technologies for head-down displays
Author(s): Christopher T. Bartlett
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