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Sixth International Workshop on Digital Image Processing and Computer Graphics: Applications in Humanities and Natural Sciences
Editor(s): Emanuel Wenger; Leonid I. Dimitrov

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Volume Number: 3346
Date Published: 1 February 1998

Table of Contents
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Local adaptive filtering in transform domain for image restoration, enhancement, and target location
Author(s): Leonid P. Yaroslavsky
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POCS approach to Gabor analysis
Author(s): Hans Georg Feichtinger; N. Kaiblinger; Peter Prinz
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Analysis of running discrete orthogonal transforms
Author(s): Karen O. Egiazarian; Jaakko T. Astola
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History of a stochastic growth model
Author(s): Murray Eden; Philippe Thevenaz
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Geometry-driven diffusion: an alternative approach to image filtering/segmentation in diagnostic imaging
Author(s): Ivan Bajla
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Digitally generated soft edges with predetermined luminance: an analysis of its influence on image degradation
Author(s): Inmaculada Sanz; M. L. Calvo; Margarita L. Chevalier
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Image restoration involving connectedness
Author(s): Simon Masnou; Jean-Michel Morel
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Medical imaging
Author(s): Michael Prinz; Manfred Gengler; Ernst Schuster
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Pixel dissimilarities for local controlling of the conductance in geometry-driven diffusion
Author(s): Ivan Bajla; Igor Hollaender
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Selected new trends in scientific visualization
Author(s): Werner Purgathofer; Helwig Loeffelmann
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Case study: visualizing various properties of dynamical systems
Author(s): Georg Fischel; Helmut Doleisch; Lukas Mroz; Helwig Loeffelmann; Eduard Groeller
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Object-oriented design and implementation of VORTEX--a C++-class library with Tcl-interface for volume visualization
Author(s): Leonid I. Dimitrov
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Fast shadow profiler and its applications
Author(s): Georg Glaeser; Eduard Groeller
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Automated generation of free-form deformations by using evolution strategies
Author(s): Guenther R. Raidl; Ingeborg Tastl; Christian Wurm
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Urban topography: 3D database construction for propagation modeling in an urban environment
Author(s): Viktor Goldsmith; Doug Williamson; Juan Tobar; Mark Becker
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Probabilistic modeling and analysis of technical drawings
Author(s): Oliver Bringmann; Manfred Buchroithner; Siegfried Fuchs; Hans-Haiko Seifert
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Analysis of simulated satellite imagery with different ground pixel sizes for forestry applications
Author(s): H. Burger; F. Kroiher; J. Steinwendner; Werner Schneider
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Derivation of land cover information by fuzzy clustering of remotely sensed imagery
Author(s): Helmut Beissmann; Gernot Tutsch
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Watershed-based image segmentation: an effective tool for detecting landscape structure
Author(s): Milos Sramek; Thomas Wrbka
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Image recognition using a directional field technique
Author(s): Victor A. Soifer; Victor V. Kotlyar; Svetlana N. Khonina; Alexander G. Khramov; R. V. Skidanov
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Singular feature detection and classification of fingerprints using Hough transform
Author(s): Sergey O. Novikov; Valery S. Kot
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Fingerprint ridge structure generation models
Author(s): Sergey O. Novikov; Gennady N. Glushchenko
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SPFL-graph with pattern modeling of fingerprints
Author(s): Ching-Yu Austin Huang; Daochuan Douglas Hung; Jane H. C. Cheng
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Fast precise preclassification method using a candidate table designed by projections of feature regions
Author(s): Katsuhito Fujimoto; Hiroshi Kamada; Koji Kurokawa
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Dot pattern clustering using a cellular neural network
Author(s): Herbert Jahn
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Equivalent weighting functions to equivalent contraction kernels
Author(s): Walter G. Kropatsch
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Optimal quantization of true-color images in MacAdam uniform color space
Author(s): Ilia M. Bockstein; Friedrich J. Firneis
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Two-dimensional variation and image decomposition
Author(s): Pavel A. Chochia; Olga P. Miliukova
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Development of an archive image database within the framework of modern technologies of image processing and storage
Author(s): Ilia M. Bockstein; Nikolai A. Kuznetsov; Nikolay S. Merzlyakov; Lev I. Rubanov
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Digital restoration, enhancement, and archiving of photodocuments
Author(s): Ilia M. Bockstein; Viktor N. Karnaukhov; Nikolai A. Kuznetsov; Nikolay S. Merzlyakov; Lev I. Rubanov
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