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Medical Imaging 1998: Ultrasonic Transducer Engineering
Editor(s): K. Kirk Shung

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Volume Number: 3341
Date Published: 1 May 1998

Table of Contents
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Design guidelines for medical ultrasonic arrays
Author(s): Ronald E. McKeighen
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Virtual design of medical transducers
Author(s): Wenwu Cao
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Broadband phased array transducer design with frequency-controlled two-dimension capability
Author(s): Amin Hanafy
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Ultrasound phased arrays for noninvasive surgery and therapy
Author(s): Kullervo H. Hynynen; Todd Fjield; Douglas R. Daum; Nathan McDannold; Jie Sun
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Combined ultrasound image guidance and therapy using a therapeutic phased array
Author(s): Claudio Simon; Idris A. Elbakri; Jian Shen; Timothy L. Hall; Emad S. Ebbini
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Control of lesion geometry using asymmetric beams for ultrasonic tumor therapy
Author(s): Frederick L. Lizzi; Michael Astor; Cheri X. Deng; Angel Rosado; Ronald H. Silverman; Mark Rondeau; D. Jackson Coleman M.D.
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Finite element modeling for ultrasonic transducers
Author(s): Najib N. Abboud; Gregory L. Wojcik; David K. Vaughan; John Mould Jr.; David J. Powell; Lisa Nikodym
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New approach toward field and transducer characterization
Author(s): Andrew J. Healey; Sidney Leeman
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Finite element and experimental study of composite and 1D array transducers
Author(s): Wenkang Qi; Wenwu Cao
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Resonant ultrasound spectroscopy
Author(s): J. D. Maynard
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Characterization of materials using ultrasonic spectroscopy
Author(s): Junru Wu
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Characterization of piezoelectric materials using ultrasonic and resonant techniques
Author(s): Shining Zhu; Bei Jiang; Wenwu Cao
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Measuring elastic properties of isotropic materials using the scanning acoustic microscope
Author(s): Grant A. Gordon
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Innovations in piezoelectric materials for ultrasound transducers
Author(s): Thomas R. Shrout; Seung Eek Eagle Park; Patrick D. Lopath; Richard J. Meyer Jr.; Timothy A. Ritter; K. Kirk Shung
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Development of novel piezoelectric ceramics and composites for transducer applications
Author(s): Ahmad Safari; Stephen C. Danforth
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Electrostrictive materials: characterization and applications for ultrasound
Author(s): Stewart Sherrit; Benoy K. Mukherjee
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Novel volume fraction gradient and oriented piezoelectric composites for medical imaging applications
Author(s): Rajesh K. Panda; T. Raj Gururaja; Stephen C. Danforth; Ahmad Safari
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Ultrasonic beamforming architectures
Author(s): Richard L. Tutwiler
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Efficient high-performance ultrasound beamforming using oversampling
Author(s): Steven R. Freeman; Marshall K. Quick; Marc A. Morin; R. Carver Anderson; Charles S. Desilets; Thomas E. Linnenbrink; Matthew O'Donnell
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Miniature polymer transducers for high-frequency medical imaging
Author(s): Geoffrey R. Lockwood; Christopher R. Hazard
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Micromachined capacitive immersion ultrasonic transducers
Author(s): Butrus T. Khuri-Yakub; Xuecheng Jin; I. Ladabaum; F. Levent Degertekin
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Single-crystal PZN/PT transducers
Author(s): Patrick D. Lopath; Seung Eek Eagle Park; K. Kirk Shung; Thomas R. Shrout
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1-3 single-crystal composites for ultrasonic transducer arrays
Author(s): Timothy A. Ritter; K. Kirk Shung; Seung Eek Eagle Park; Xuecang Geng; Thomas R. Shrout
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Phased array ultrasonic probe using Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 single crystal
Author(s): Shiroh Saitoh; Tsuyoshi Kobayashi; Kouichi Harada; Senji Shimanuki; Yohachi Yamashita
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Single-element and linear-array transducer design for ultrasound biomicroscopy
Author(s): Marc Lukacs; Michael Sayer; Stuart Foster
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