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Medical Imaging 1998: Physiology and Function from Multidimensional Images
Editor(s): Eric A. Hoffman

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Volume Number: 3337
Date Published: 3 July 1998

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Dynamic cardiopulmonary imaging by x-ray CT: a view to the future
Author(s): Douglas P. Boyd
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Adaptive multiple feature method (AMFM) for early detecton of parenchymal pathology in a smoking population
Author(s): Renuka Uppaluri; Geoffrey McLennan M.D.; Paul Enright; James Standen; Pamela Boyer-Pfersdorf; Eric A. Hoffman
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Automated assessment of split lung functon in post-lung-transplant evaluation
Author(s): Jonathan G. Goldin; Matthew S. Brown; Michael F. McNitt-Gray; Lloyd E. Greaser; Katherine Martin; James W. Sayre; Denise R. Aberle
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New technique to quantitate regional pulmonary microvascular transit times from dynamic x-ray CT images
Author(s): Jehangir K. Tajik; Binh Q. Tran; Eric A. Hoffman
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Microfocal angiography of the pulmonary vasculature
Author(s): Anne V. Clough; Steven T. Haworth; David T. Roerig; John H. Linehan; Christopher A. Dawson
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Optimization of CT scan with predictive contrast monitoring
Author(s): Jiang Hsieh
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Respiratory kinematics by optoelectronic analysis of chest-wall motion and ultrasonic imaging of the diaphragm
Author(s): Andrea Aliverti; Antonio Pedotti; Giancarlo Ferrigno; P. T. Macklem
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Dynamic chest image analysis: model-based pulmonary perfusion analysis with pyramid images
Author(s): Jianming Liang; Arto Haapanen M.D.; Timo Jaervi; Aaro J. Kiuru; Martti Kormano M.D.; Erkki Svedstrom; Raimo Virkki
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Automatic axis generation for 3D virtual-bronchoscopic image assessment
Author(s): Roderick David Swift; William E. Higgins; Eric A. Hoffman; Geoffrey McLennan M.D.; Joseph M. Reinhardt
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Optimization of CO2 arteriography based on flow regime maps of co-current gas-liquid pulsatile flow
Author(s): Albert A. Gossler; Elvira V. Lang; William Barnhart
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Laser speckle contrast analysis (LASCA): a real-time solution for monitoring capillary blood flow and velocity
Author(s): Xiao-Wei He; J. David Briers
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Automated analysis of brachial ultrasound time series
Author(s): Weidong Liang; Roger L. Browning; Ronald M. Lauer; Milan Sonka
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Assessing the differences of reactive hyperemic flow due to the contribution of forearm composition using automated tissue segmentation from MR scans and venous occlusion strain gauge plethysmograph
Author(s): Roland Bammer; Thomas Wascher; Markus Pedevilla; Paul Wach; Franz Ebner; Rudolf Stollberger
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Pharmacokinetic imaging of pediatric solid tumors
Author(s): Wilburn E. Reddick; Sihong Wang; Sue C. Kaste
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Direct calculation of 2D components of myocardial strain using sinusoidal MR tagging
Author(s): Nael F. Osman; Jerry L. Prince
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Dynamic heart model for the mathematical cardiac torso (MCAT) phantom to represent the invariant total heart volume
Author(s): P. Hendrik Pretorius; Michael A. King; Benjamin M.W. Tsui; Karen LaCroix; Weishi Xia
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Quantitative 3D analysis of shape dynamics of the left ventricle
Author(s): Barry C. Scowen; Stephen L. Smith; Mani A. Vannan; Marie Arsenault
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Analysis of cardiac velocity MR images using fuzzy clustering
Author(s): Ahmed Ismail Shihab; Peter Burger
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Left ventricle surface reconstruction from volumetric CT images by the fusion of clustering and active contours
Author(s): Li Fan; Chang Wen Chen
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Imagewise model fitting for generating parametric images in dynamic PET studies
Author(s): Sung-Cheng Huang; Yun Zhou; David Stout; Jorge R. Barrio
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Multislice 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging: assessment of epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Author(s): Michael W. Weiner; Andrew A. Maudsley; Norbert Schuff; Brian J. Soher; Peter P. Vermathen; George Fein; Kenneth D. Laxer
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Information encoding in the temporal characteristics of auditory-evoked neuromagnetic fields
Author(s): Timothy P. L. Roberts
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Presurgical multimodality neuroimaging analysis for complex partial seizures
Author(s): Stephen T. C. Wong; Kent Soo Hoo Jr.; Robert C. Knowlton M.D.; Kenneth D. Laxer; Randall A. Hawkins; Howard A. Rowley; Michael W. Weiner
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Factors affecting the accurate determination of cerebrovascular blood flow using high-speed droplet imaging
Author(s): Stephen Rudin; Afshin Divani; Ajay K. Wakhloo; Baruch B. Lieber; William Granger; Daniel R. Bednarek; Chang-Ying J. Yang
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Modified distance-density methods for instantaneous angiographic blood-flow measurement
Author(s): Simon D. Shpilfoygel; Robert A. Close; Reza Jahan; Gary R. Duckwiler M.D.; Daniel J. Valentino
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Dynamic contrast-enhanced x-ray CT measurement of cerebral blood volume in a rabbit tumor model
Author(s): Aleksa Cenic; Ting-Yim Lee; Rosemary A. Craen; Adrian W. Gelb
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Subtle volume differences in brain parenchyma of children surviving medulloblastoma
Author(s): Wilburn E. Reddick; Raymond K. Mulhern; T. David Elkin; John O. Glass; James W. Langston
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Assessment of brain perfusion using parametric and factor images extracted from dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI images
Author(s): Anne L. Martel; Alan R. Moody
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Tumor classification by means of eigenimage analysis of MRI perfusion scans
Author(s): Marco Winkelman; Cornelis H. Slump; Jouke Smink; Jacques A. den Boer
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Sensitivity analysis of brain morphometry based on MRI-derived surface models
Author(s): Gregory J. Klein; Xia Teng; P. Thomas Schoenemann; Thomas F. Budinger
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Dynamic feature analysis of vector-based images for neuropsychological testing
Author(s): Stephen L. Smith; Basilio R. Cervantes
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MRI as a tool to study brain structure from mouse models for mental retardation
Author(s): Marleen Verhoye; Jan Sijbers; R. F. Kooy; E. Reyniers; E. Fransen; B. A. Oostra; Peter Willems; Anne-Marie Van der Linden
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Sliding window approach for analyzing fMRI time series
Author(s): Tianhu Lei
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Novel local PCA-based method for detecting activation signals in fMRI
Author(s): Shang-Hong Lai; Ming Fang
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Dynamic three-dimensional phase-contrast technique in MRI: application to complex flow analysis around the artificial heart valve
Author(s): Soo Jeong Kim; Dong Hyuk Lee; Inchang Song; Nam Gook Kim; Jae-Hyeung Park; JongHyo Kim; Man Chung Han; Byong Goo Min
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Three-dimensional shape, deformation, and motion analysis of mitral annuli using transesophageal echocardiographic data
Author(s): Ajeetkumar Gaddipatti; Shalabh Chandra; Frank A. Flachskampf; Kimerly Powell; James D. Thomas
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Application of spectral imaging to the remote sensing of physiological responses
Author(s): Masaki Taniguchi; Yukihide Shigeno; Katsunori Matsuoka
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Assessment of dynamic magnetic resonance images using an independent workstation for determination, visualization, and quantitative analysis of pharmacokinetic and physiological parameters
Author(s): Roland Bammer; Markus Pedevilla; Stefan Ropele; Paul Wach; Franz Ebner; Rudolf Stollberger
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Computer-based objective quantitative assessment of pulmonary parenchyma via x-ray CT
Author(s): Renuka Uppaluri; Geoffrey McLennan M.D.; Milan Sonka; Eric A. Hoffman
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