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Smart Structures and Materials 1998: Smart Electronics and MEMS
Editor(s): Vijay K. Varadan; Paul J. McWhorter; Richard A. Singer; Michael J. Vellekoop

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Volume Number: 3328
Date Published: 20 July 1998

Table of Contents
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CMOS MEMS technology and CAD: the case of thermal microtransducers
Author(s): Henry Baltes; Oliver Brand; Oliver Paul
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Development of a low-cost x-ray mask for high-aspect-ratio MEM smart structures
Author(s): Pratul K. Ajmera; Stefan Stadler; Neda Abdollahi
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Systematic design of microactuators using topology optimization
Author(s): Ole Sigmund
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MEMS design rule checking: a batch approach for remote operation
Author(s): Victor R. Yarberry
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MEMS system design and verification tools
Author(s): Mary Ann Perez-Maher; Hee Jung Lee
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IDT sensors for detection of ice on rotorcraft
Author(s): Vasundara V. Varadan; Vijay K. Varadan; Xiao-Qi Bao
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Integration technology
Author(s): Patrick J. French; Pasqualina M. Sarro
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Particle arrangement method and the fixing of arranged particles in the particle assemblage
Author(s): Mikihiko Kobayashi; Hiroshi Fudouzi; Mitsuru Egashira; Norio Shinya
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Low-temperature quartz-to-silicon bonding for SAW applications
Author(s): Axel Berthold; Pasqualina M. Sarro; Michael J. Vellekoop
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Planarization of metallic parts for single- and multilevel (S)LIGA
Author(s): Chantal G. Khan Malek; Robert L. Wood; Perry Genova
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High-etch-rate deep anisotropic plasma etching of silicon for MEMS fabrication
Author(s): Tam Pandhumsoporn; Lei Wang; Michael Feldbaum; Prashant Gadgil; Michel Puech; Philippe Maquin
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Determination of mechanical material properties of piezoelectric ZnO films
Author(s): Stefan Koller; V. Ziebart; Oliver Paul; Oliver Brand; Henry Baltes; Pasqualina M. Sarro; Michael J. Vellekoop
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MEMS sensors and wireless telemetry for distributed systems
Author(s): Charles L. Britton Jr.; R. J. Warmack; S. F. Smith; Patrick Ian Oden; Gilbert M. Brown; W. L. Bryan; Lloyd G. Clonts; Michael G. Duncan; Mike S. Emery; M. Nance Ericson; Z. Hu; Robert L. Jones; Michael R. Moore; J. A. Moore; Jim M. Rochelle; Timothy D. Threatt; Thomas G. Thundat; Gary W. Turner; Alan L. Wintenberg
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Applied research in remotely queried embedded microsensors
Author(s): Donald G. Krantz; John H. Belk; Joel Dubow; Charles Hautamaki; Susan C. Mantell; Dennis L. Polla; Shayne M. Zurn
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New integrated piezoelectric-dielectric microstrip antenna for dual wireless actuation and sensing functions
Author(s): Nirod K. Das; Farshad Khorrami; Said Nourbakhsh
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Design actuation and control of active patch antennas
Author(s): Edward Kiely; Gregory N. Washington; Jennifer Bernhard
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Piezoceramic actuated aperture antennas
Author(s): Hwan-Sik Yoon; Gregory N. Washington
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MEMS packaging: state of the art and future trends
Author(s): Andre Bossche; Carmen V. B. Cotofana; Jeff R. Mollinger
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Versatile microflex-based interconnection technique
Author(s): Hansjoerg Beutel; Thomas Stieglitz; Joerg-Uwe Meyer
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Flip-chip packaging for smart MEMS
Author(s): Felix Mayer; Gerald Ofner; Andreas Koll; Oliver Paul; Henry Baltes
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Micromachined wet cell for a Love-wave liquid sensor
Author(s): Scott D. Curtin; Bernhard Jakoby; Axel Berthold; Vijay K. Varadan; Vasundara V. Varadan; Michael J. Vellekoop
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Bioluminescent bioreporter integrated circuits (BBICs)
Author(s): Michael L. Simpson; Gary S. Sayler; David Nivens; Steve A. Ripp; Michael J. Paulus; Gerald E. Jellison Jr.
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Performance optimization of a Love wave device for biosensing
Author(s): Bernhard Jakoby; G. W. Lubking; Michael J. Vellekoop
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Flip-chip packaged CMOS chemical microsystem for detection of volatile organic compounds
Author(s): Andreas Koll; Shoji Kawahito; Felix Mayer; Christoph Hagleitner; D. Scheiwiller; Oliver Brand; Henry Baltes
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CMOS chemical microsensors based on resonant cantilever beams
Author(s): Dirk Lange; Andreas Koll; Oliver Brand; Henry Baltes
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Low-cost integrated multiple-sensor electronics
Author(s): Gerard C. M. Meijer; Frank M.L. van der Goes; Paul C. de Jong; Xiujun Li; Ferry N. Toth
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Smart measurement system for resistive (bridge) or capacitive sensors
Author(s): Guijie Wang; Gerard C. M. Meijer
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Integral design of a microacoustic wave-based sensor device
Author(s): G. W. Lubking; Bernhard Jakoby; Michael J. Vellekoop
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Readout electronics scheme in CMOS technology for integration with analog outputs from integrated smart sensors
Author(s): Ashok Srivastava; S. V. Prasanna; Pratul K. Ajmera
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High-temperature pressure transducer interface
Author(s): Paul C. de Jong; Gerard C. M. Meijer
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Multivariable controller implementation using field programmable gate arrays
Author(s): Vittal S. Rao; Hardy Joseph Pottinger; Jamie S. Kelly; Lingfeng Yuan; Srivatsan Varadharajan
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High-end low-cost microelectronic fabrication available through MOSIS
Author(s): Jennifer Peltier; Wes Hansford
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Surface-micromachined optical polarizers for magneto-optical data storage
Author(s): Chuan Pu; Zuhua Zhu; Yu-Hwa Lo
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Highly efficient micro-power converter between a solar cell and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Author(s): Albert C. van der Woerd; Michel A. Bais; Leo P. de Jong; Arthur H.M. Van Roermund
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Test results of a resonant integrated microbeam sensor (RIMS) for acoustic emission monitoring
Author(s): Jeffrey N. Schoess; J. David Zook
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Smart programmable wireless microaccelerometers
Author(s): Vijay K. Varadan; Hareesh Subramanian; Vasundara V. Varadan
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Integrated packaging concept for an intelligent transducer
Author(s): Matthias Heschel; J. F. Kuhmann; Siebe Bouwstra; M. Amskov
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Three-axis microactuator for smart optical interconnect system
Author(s): Edward V. White; Mark D. Rogers; John M. Haake
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Surface-micromachined counter-meshing gears discrimination device
Author(s): Marc A. Polosky; Ernest J. Garcia; James J. Allen
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Optical microactuation in piezoceramics
Author(s): Sarita Thakoor; Patcharin Poosanaas; John Michael Morookian; Andre Yavrouian; Lynn Lowry; Neville I. Marzwell; Jeffrey G. Nelson; Ratnakar R. Neurgaonkar; Kenji Uchino
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Reduction of uncertainty in the measurement of the piezoresistive coefficients of silicon with a three-element rosette
Author(s): J. Fredrik Creemer; Patrick J. French
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High-aspect-ratio microstructure-covered sheets: fabrication and function
Author(s): Kevin W. Kelly; Christophe Marques; James G. Rogers IV; Mircea S. Despa; John R. Collier
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Electroless Cu plating of alumina treated with cw CO2 laser radiation
Author(s): Beate Stolz; S. Geisler; George A. Shafeev; A. V. Simakin; Ernst-Wolfgang Kreutz; Reinhart Poprawe
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Smart chemical sensors using ZnO semiconducting thin films for freshness detection of foods and beverages
Author(s): Hidehito Nanto; Toshiki Kobayashi; Naganori Dougami; Masaaki Habara; Hajime Yamamoto; Eiji Kusano; Akira Kinbara; Yoshiteru Douguchi
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