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Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems V

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Volume Number: 3295
Date Published: 30 April 1998

Table of Contents
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Solving the interface problem for Windows stereo applications
Author(s): Jeff Halnon; Dave Milici
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Software issues for PC-based stereoscopic displays: how to make PC users see stereo
Author(s): Donald Sawdai; Gregory J. Hamlin; David Swift
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Development of stereoscopic software tools for Windows 95 and Windows NT computer applications
Author(s): David C. Qualman
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Stereo pairs from linear morphing
Author(s): David F. McAllister
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Robust quadtree-based disparity estimation for the reconstruction of intermediate stereoscopic images
Author(s): Anthony Mancini; Janusz Konrad
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Stereoscopic conversion of monoscopic video by the transformation of vertical-to-horizontal disparity
Author(s): Man-Bae Kim; Mun-Sup Song; Do-Kyoon Kim; Kwang-Chul Choi
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Synthesis of a high-resolution 3D stereoscopic image pair from a high-resolution monoscopic image and a low-resolution depth map
Author(s): Kyung-tae Kim; Mel Siegel; Jung-Young Son
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Synthesizing new views from a pair of stereo images
Author(s): Tsi Yi Chao; Hsueh-Ming Hang; Sheng-Jyh Wang
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Resampling radially captured images for perspectively correct stereoscopic display
Author(s): Neil A. Dodgson
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Image-side perspective and stereoscopy
Author(s): John Bercovitz
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Orthostereoscopic conditions for 3D HDTV
Author(s): Hirokazu Yamanoue; Masafumi Nagayama; Mineo Bitou; J. Tanada
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Improved Byatt modulator
Author(s): Lenny Lipton; Jeff Halnon; Bruce Dorworth; Jeff Woupio
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Simple method for automatic vergence control of the parallel stereo camera
Author(s): Soon-Yong Park; Young-Su Choi; Nam-Ho Lee; Jae-Wan Cho; Yong-Bum Lee
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Compensation of 3D image perspective distortion using a sliding-aperture multistereoscopic technique
Author(s): Serguei A. Shestak; Jung-Young Son; Jea-Soon Kim
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Virtual museum of Japanese Buddhist temple features for intercultural communication
Author(s): Takashi Kawai; Hidenobu Takao; Tetsuri Inoue; Hiroyuki Miyamoto; Kageyu Noro
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Information visualization and retrieval using stereoscopic display of document and term relations
Author(s): Richard H. Fowler; Wendy A. Lawrence Fowler
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Practical remote control system using work point tracking method
Author(s): Masakazu Usui; Teruaki Mitsui; Katsutoshi Fujii; Naonori Ono; Yoshinori Niwa
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New stereoscopic video camera and monitor system with central high resolution
Author(s): Katsuya Matsunaga; Yasuhiro Nose; Masahiko Minamoto; Kazunori Shidoji; Kazuhisa Ebuchi; Daisuke Itoh; Tomonori Inoue; Taketo Hayami; Yuji Matsuki; Yuko Arikawa; Kenjiro Matsubara
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Development of a stereoscopic haptic acoustic real-time computer (SHARC)
Author(s): Tom Chen; Peter Young; David Anderson; Jiang Yu; Shojiro Nagata
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Lightweight compact 2D/3D autostereoscopic LCD backlight for games, monitor, and notebook applications
Author(s): Jesse B. Eichenlaub
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Wide-viewing-area glassless stereoscopic display using multiple projectors
Author(s): Akira Arimoto; Tetsuya Ooshima; Tomoyuki Tani; Yoshiyuki Kaneko
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Rear-cross-lenticular 3D display without eyeglasses
Author(s): Hideki Morishima; Hiroyasu Nose; Naosato Taniguchi; Kazutaka Inoguchi; Susumu Matsumura
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Dresden 3D display (D4D)
Author(s): Armin Schwerdtner; Holger Heidrich
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Improved rendering of parallax panoramagrams for a time-multiplexed autostereoscopic display
Author(s): Adam Kalai; Mel Siegel
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Multiview 3D imaging system with full-color capabilities
Author(s): Jung-Young Son; Victor G. Komar; You Seek Chun; Sergei Sabo; Victor Mayorov; L. Balasny; S. Belyaev; Mihail Semin; M. Krutik; Hyung-Wook Jeon
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Psychovisual aspects of viewing stereoscopic video sequences
Author(s): Wa James Tam; Lew B. Stelmach; Philip J. Corriveau
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Depth reversals in stereoscopic displays driven by apparent size
Author(s): Gunnar Sacher; Amy Hayes; Ian M. Thornton; Margaret E. Sereno; Allen D. Malony
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Stereo depth and the control of locomotive heading
Author(s): Simon K. Rushton; Julie M. Harris
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Ray-space coding based on arbitrarily shaped DCT
Author(s): Toshiaki Fujii; Tadahiko Kimoto; Masayuki Tanimoto
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Depth-controlled 3D TV image coding
Author(s): Armando Chiari; Bruno Ciciani; Milton Romero; Ricardo Rossi
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Development of a digital 3D broadcasting system using progressively scanned digital broadcasting
Author(s): Yukiko Soga; Hidehiko Kikuchi; Satoshi Miyabayashi; Yuji Yamamoto; Morio Matsudaira; Masatoshi Yuasa
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Imager for Mars Pathfinder experiment (IMP): a multispectral stereo imaging system
Author(s): Peter H. Smith
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Development of a chaotic environment engine for dynamic virtual world heritage environments
Author(s): Scot Thrane Refsland; Takeo Ojika; Robert Stone
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Legoworld: a multisensory environment for virtual prototyping
Author(s): Peter Young; Tom Chen; David Anderson; Jiang Yu; Shojiro Nagata
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Creating virtual environments over the Internet
Author(s): Tom Chen; Sendra Ricardo; Peter Young; David Anderson; Jiang Yu; Shojiro Nagata
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Incorporating the viewer's point of regard (POR) in gaze-contingent virtual environments
Author(s): Andrew T. Duchowski
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Head tracking for the control of virtual viewpoint direction
Author(s): Roger A. Browse; James C. Rodger; Irfon-Kim Ahmad
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Human-scale interaction for virtual model displays: a clear case for real tools
Author(s): George C. Williams; Ian E. McDowall; Mark T. Bolas
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Interactive realization system of visual reality using hierarchical model-driven concurrent processing
Author(s): Hajime Enomoto; Yo Murao
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DWTP: a basis for networked VR on the Internet
Author(s): Wolfgang Broll; Daniel Schick
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Panorama video server system
Author(s): Takayuki Okimura; Kazuo Kimura; Kenji Nakazawa; Hideki Nakajima
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Combining 3D structure of real video and synthetic objects
Author(s): Man-Bae Kim; Mun-Sup Song; Do-Kyoon Kim
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Low-cost real-time 3D PC distributed-interactive-simulation (DIS) application for C4I
Author(s): David L. Gonthier; Harry Veron
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Engineering virtual-environment-based training simulators
Author(s): Hans Jense; Frido Kuijper
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Augmented reality using GPS
Author(s): Juwan Kim; Haedong Kim; Byungtae Jang; Jungsik Kim; Donghyun Kim
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Virtual Explorer: creating interactive 3D virtual environments for education
Author(s): Kevin L. Dean; Xylar S. Asay-Davis; Evan M. Finn; Jeremy A. Friesner; Bret J. Naylor; Sarah R. Wustner; Scott S. Fisher; Kent R. Wilson
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Individual combatant simulator for tactics training and mission rehearsal
Author(s): Kenneth Nemire
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