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Practical Holography XII
Editor(s): Stephen A. Benton

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Volume Number: 3293
Date Published: 18 March 1998

Table of Contents
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Image-type CGH by means of e-beam printing
Author(s): Tomohisa Hamano; Hiroshi Yoshikawa
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Electroholographic display with sequential viewing zone multiplexing
Author(s): Serguei A. Shestak; Jung-Young Son
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Synthesis of computer-generated holograms: coding and Fourier domain optimization
Author(s): Ning Wang; Yen-Wei Chen; Zensho Nakao; Shinichi Tamura; Hiroaki Aritome
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Computer-generated holography using complex interference patterns
Author(s): Tsutomu Horikoshi; Takaaki Akimoto; Kazuhito Higuchi; Satoshi Suzuki
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Haptic interaction with holographic video images
Author(s): Ravikanth Pappu; Wendy J. Plesniak
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Holographic stereovision system with multiple focuses
Author(s): Masaaki Okamoto; Koji Yamasaki; Eiji Shimizu
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Apodized grating cell to display 3D images
Author(s): Toshiki Toda; Toshio Honda; Fujio Iwata
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Holographic stereogram movie system for practical 3D display
Author(s): Kunio Sakamoto; Hideya Takahashi; Eiji Shimizu; Koji Yamasaki; Takahisa Ando; Masaaki Okamoto
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Multiprimary color display using a holographic optical element
Author(s): Masahiro Yamaguchi; Takeyuki Ajito; Nagaaki Ohyama
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One-dimensional diffuse screen for 3D image projection
Author(s): Yuri N. Denisyuk; Vyatcheslav V. Orlov; Jean B. Brui
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Fragment volume determination in bullet/armor holograms
Author(s): David Lee Smith; David B. Watts; James S. Marsh; Joseph E. Gordon; Christopher Scott Anderson
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Holographic interferometry applied to characterize the dynamic and modal behavior of in-the-ear hearing aid devices
Author(s): Howard Fein
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Deformation analysis of a communication telescope structure under nonuniform heating using holographic interferometry
Author(s): Pierre M. Jacquot; Mathias Lehmann; Xavier Colonna de Lega
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Digital hologram synthesis based on segmented subholograms
Author(s): Hoon-Gee Yang; Eun-Soo Kim
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Computer-generated color holograms using RGB color filters
Author(s): Yoshinori Kajiki; Masaaki Okamoto; Takahisa Ando; Koji Yamasaki; Eiji Shimizu
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Recording and reconstruction of reflection and transmission holograms with a cw-laser diode
Author(s): Vitaly N. Krylov; Viktor Nikolaevic Mikhailov; K. Thilo Weitzel; Tatiana Yu. Latychevskaia; Valentin N. Sizov; Alois Renn; Urs Paul Wild
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Fluctuation hologram with multiple images
Author(s): Koji Yamasaki; Masaaki Okamoto; Ikuo Nakamura; Eiji Shimizu
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Compact white-light-transmission hologram display and the design for a full-color version using diode lasers
Author(s): Rudie Berkhout
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See-through display with a holographic illuminator
Author(s): Yoshinao Taketomi; Shiro Asakawa; Eiichiro Okuda
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Enlargement of holographic stereograms for an architectural perspective presentation
Author(s): Nam Kim; Eun-Seok Kim; Man-Seok Kim; Taig-Youn Cho
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Internet-based support for the production of holographic stereograms
Author(s): Jonny Gustafsson
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Full-color reflection-type holographic screen
Author(s): Vadim V. Smirnov; Jung-Young Son; Hyung-Wook Jeon; Hyuk-Soo Lee; Yong-Jin Choi
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Head-mounted display using a holographic optical element
Author(s): Takahisa Ando; Koji Yamasaki; Masaaki Okamoto; Eiji Shimizu
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Holographic light-control film for liquid crystal displays
Author(s): Tsuyoshi Hotta; Nobuhiko Ichikawa; Hideaki Morita; Yoichi Mori; Bryce Bates; Daijiro Kodama
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Deep-image reconstruction of a reflection hologram using a fluorescent lamp
Author(s): Yoshinao Taketomi; Toshihiro Kubota
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Some practical applications of holography in science and industry
Author(s): Vera Moiseevna Ginzburg
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Real-time joint transform correlator using phase conjugation in photorefractive crystal
Author(s): Subhash C. Jain; Mahendra Singh; K. S. Bist
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Holography for physics education
Author(s): Hidetoshi Katsuma
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Pulsed holographic interferometry: a technique for the detection of structural faults in aircraft structures and computerized recognition of records
Author(s): John M. Webster; Timothy E. Schmidt; Jacqueline M. Mew
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Instant holographic portrait printing system
Author(s): Akira Shirakura; Nobuhiro Kihara; Shigeyuki Baba
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Disc holographic memory: characteristics and technology of materials
Author(s): Gennadi A. Sobolev; Svetlana B. Soboleva; Eugeny Ruvimovich Tsvetov
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