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Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits II
Editor(s): Shih-Yuan Wang; Yoon-Soo Park

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Volume Number: 3290
Date Published: 22 December 1997

Table of Contents
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Heterogeneous integration of optoelectronic components
Author(s): Chi Fan; David W. Shih; Mark W. Hansen; Daniel M. Hartmann; Daniel A. Van Blerkom; Sadik C. Esener; Michael J. Heller
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Integrated photonic devices by selective-area MOCVD
Author(s): Mark L. Osowski; James J. Coleman
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GaInP/GaP quantum dots: a material for OEIC on silicon substrates
Author(s): Jong Won Lee; Alfred T. Schremer; James R. Shealy; Joseph M. Ballantyne
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Resonant-cavity photodetectors: performance and functionality
Author(s): Joe C. Campbell; J. C. Bean; Dennis G. Deppe; Diana L. Huffaker; Ben G. Streetman
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Ultrafast resonant-cavity-enhanced Schottky photodiodes
Author(s): M. Selim Unlu; Bora M. Onat; Mutlu Goekkavas; Ekmel Ozbay; Erhan P. Ata; Elias Towe; Gary Tuttle; Richard P. Mirin; David H. Christensen
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Compact polarization sensors with vertically integrated photodetectors
Author(s): Bora M. Onat; Goekhan Ulu; M. Selim Unlu
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Large-length high-speed discrete silicon photodetectors for coherent optical processing
Author(s): Francis J. Kub; Gordon Wood Anderson; Edward M. Alexander; Michael Y. Frankel; Jin Ung Kang
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Beam control and manipulation in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Ian H. White; P. Dowd; Peter J. Heard; J. A. Nicholson; B. Zhu; Lutz Raddatz; Richard V. Penty; J. C. C. Day; G. C. Allen; Scott W. Corzine; Michael R. T. Tan
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Subwavelength transmission gratings and their applications in VCSELs
Author(s): Stephen Y. Chou; Steven Schablitsky; Lei Zhuang
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Long-wavelength triangular ring laser for monolithic integration
Author(s): Chen Ji; Michael H. Leary; Joseph M. Ballantyne
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Self-pulsations, bistability, and intracavity quantum well absorber modulation of VCSELs
Author(s): Janice A. Hudgings; Sui F. Lim; Gabriel S. Li; Wupen Yuen; Kam Y. Lau; Constance J. Chang-Hasnain
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High-speed broadband tunable lasers
Author(s): Laura E. Adams; Gerald Nykolak; Clyde G. Bethea; Tawee Tanbun-Ek; Roosevelt People; A. Michael Sergent; Paul F. Sciortino Jr.; Thomas R. Fullowan
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OEIC-compatible laser source--LCI lasers: operation mechanisms and opportunities
Author(s): Jing Ming Xu
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Monolithic wavelength-graded VCSEL and wavelength-selective photodetector arrays for WDM applications
Author(s): Julian Cheng; Sanh Q. Luong; Gerry G. Ortiz; Yuxin Zhou; Jun Lu; Hong Q. Hou; B. Eugene Hammons; G. Allen Vawter
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Theoretical investigation of quantum well lasers with heterojunction bipolar transistor structural compatibility
Author(s): Hope W. Chik; Genlin Tan; Andre Hagley; Agnes Margittai; Bob Surridge; J. M. Xu
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Electroabsorption multiple quantum well modulators for high-frequency applications
Author(s): William S. C. Chang; Kwok Kwong Loi; Hsin Hsing Liao; Justin Hannah Hodiak; Paul K. L. Yu; Peter M. Asbeck
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Gas source molecular beam growth of multiple quantum well modulators, detectors, and avalanche photodiodes at 1.55 um
Author(s): John E. Cunningham; William Jan; Keith W. Goossen; Joseph Earl Ford; R. N. Pathak; G. Zhang
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Edge-emitting quantum well laser with integrated intracavity electrostatic gate
Author(s): Reginald K. Lee; Yuan Jian Xu; John D. O'Brien; Oskar J. Painter; Axel Scherer; Amnon Yariv
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Low-chirp cascaded multiple quantum well vertical light modulator
Author(s): Dong-Sun Min; Dietrich W. Langer
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Modal behavior of novel silicon-overlay LiNbO3 waveguides
Author(s): Tiziana Conese-Bond; Robert F. Tavlykaev; Ramu V. Ramaswamy
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Stress-induced channel waveguides in BaTiO3 epitaxial films
Author(s): Pedro Jose Barrios; Hong Koo Kim
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Integrated tunable laser with mode-selection modulator
Author(s): Alan Hsu; Wei-Chiao W. Fang; Shun-Lien Chuang; Tawee Tanbun-Ek; Clyde G. Bethea; Roosevelt People
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Fabrication of low-loss GaAs/AlGaAs Mach Zehnder modulators using proton isolation
Author(s): Michelle M. Bourke; John M. Heaton; Chris D. Watson; Brian H. Smith; Keith P. Hilton; David R. Wight; Edward Chidley; Donald McGillivray
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Dual-functional polymeric waveguide with optical amplification and electro-optic modulation
Author(s): Dechang An; ZuZhou Yue; Ray T. Chen
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Silicon photonics
Author(s): Bahram Jalali
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Visible electroluminescence in Si/adsorbed gas superlattice
Author(s): Raphael Tsu; Qi Zhang; Adam Filios
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Widely tunable integrated filter/receiver with apodized grating-assisted codirectional coupler
Author(s): YuHeng Jan; Gregory A. Fish; Larry A. Coldren; Steven P. DenBaars
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1.55-um InP-based monolithically integrated multichannel photoreceiver arrays
Author(s): Pallab Bhattacharya; Kao-Chih Syao; Augusto Gutierrez-Aitken
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Waveguide beamsplitters integrated with an erbium-doped thin-film optical amplifier
Author(s): Hong Koo Kim; Boon Kwee Lee; Dietrich W. Langer; Dong-Sun Min; Cheng-Chung Li
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Readout characteristics of integrated monolithic InGaAs active pixel sensor array
Author(s): Quiesup Kim; Thomas J. Cunningham; Bedabrata Pain; Michael J. Lange; Gregory H. Olsen
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4x4 optoelectronic switch matrix integrating an MSM array with polyimide optical waveguides
Author(s): Francois L. Gouin; Lucie Robitaille; Claire L. Callender; Julian P. Noad; Carlos Almeida
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Compact 2.4-THz 5-bit substrate-guided-wave photonic true-time-delay module for phased array antennas
Author(s): Zhenhai Fu; Richard Liqiang Li; Ray T. Chen
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Design of basic elements of molecular computers based on quantum chemical investigations of photoactive organic molecules
Author(s): Arvydas Tamulis; Vykintas Tamulis
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Recent progress on practical PLC devices for optical access systems and dense WDM systems
Author(s): Norio Takato
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Photonic-integrated circuits for WDM transmission and networking
Author(s): Uziel Koren
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Integrated optical circuits for space applications
Author(s): Mario Nicola Armenise; Anna Maria Matteo
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Behavioral modeling approach for optical communication network design
Author(s): Kimmo Vuorinen; Gilles Jacquemod; Frederic Gaffiot; Christian Seassal
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Accoustically steered and rotated (ASTRO) optoelectronic 2D true-time-delay generation
Author(s): Eung Gi Paek; Joon Y. Choe; Tae Kwan Oh
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