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Micro-Optics Integration and Assemblies
Editor(s): Michael R. Feldman; Yung-Cheng Lee

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Volume Number: 3289
Date Published: 20 April 1998

Table of Contents
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VCSEL devices and packaging
Author(s): Michael S. Lebby; Paul R. Claisse; Wenbin Jiang; Phil Kiley; Mike Roll; Larry Boughter; Pilar Sanchez; Robert G. Lawrence
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Integrated micro-optical systems
Author(s): Alan D. Kathman
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Compact self-aligning assemblies with refractive microlens arrays made by contactless embossing
Author(s): Jens Schulze; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Holger Mueller; Antoni Picard
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High-powered laser diode transmitter with integrated microlens for fast axis collimation
Author(s): Anthony S. Lee
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Optical concentrators for light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Tim Ashley; David T. Dutton; Charles Thomas Elliott; Neil T. Gordon; T. J. Phillips
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Highly integrated compact optical correlators using FLC-VLSI spatial light modulators and diffractive optics
Author(s): Michael J. O'Callaghan; David J. Ward; Stephen H. Perlmutter; Lianhua Ji; Christopher M. Walker
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Thin film Au-Sn bonding for optoelectronic integration
Author(s): John J. Callahan; Timothy J. Drabik; Kevin P. Martin; Chi Fan
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Assembly and packaging of liquid-crystal-on-silicon displays
Author(s): Peter T. Kazlas; Kristina M. Johnson; Yung-Cheng Lee; Saeed Hareb
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Microdiffractive optics for integration with single-mode fibers
Author(s): Eric G. Johnson; Charles S. Koehler; Thomas J. Suleski; Jared D. Stack; Michael R. Feldman
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Couple: an integrated model for optical interconnect modules
Author(s): R. Brian Hooker; Nuri Delen; Adam S. Fedor; Matthew V. Ball; J. S. Wu; Saeed Hareb; T. H. Ju; Y. C. Lee; Charles W. Stirk
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Highly efficient collective coupling between laser diode arrays and lensed fiber ribbons
Author(s): Philippe Chanclou; Monique Thual; Jean Lostec; Patrick Auvray; J. Caulet; G. Joulie; A. Poudoulec; Benedicte Clavel
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Flexible automation of fiber optical connector assembly
Author(s): Claus Scholpp; Alexander Ankele
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New premolded package with optical fiber guide pipe
Author(s): Shigeo Tanahashi; Mitsugu Uraya; Nobuyuki Takehashi; Mitsuo Yanagisawa; Satoru Tomie
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Integration of polymeric micro-optical elements with planar waveguiding circuits
Author(s): Louay A. Eldada; James T. Yardley
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New single-mode optical waveguide on ceramic substrate utilizing siloxane polymer
Author(s): Yuriko Ueno; Katsuhiro Kaneko; Shigeo Tanahashi
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Integration of a 980-nm laser diode and silica planar waveguide
Author(s): Oliver P. Gough; Finbar N. Walsh; Brian Corbett; Kevin J. Malone
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MEMS actuators and micropositioners for integrated micro-optics
Author(s): Shi-sheng Lee; Li S. Fan; Ming C. Wu
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Techniques and applications for integrating a semiconductor laser on a micromachined die
Author(s): Joseph G. Bouchard Jr.; Victor M. Bright; David M. Burns
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Variable-focal-length microelectromechanical lens
Author(s): Mark J. Mescher; Michael L. Reed; Tuviah E. Schlesinger
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Compact optical encoder approach utilizing novel diffractive optics design
Author(s): Catherine Ellen DeVoe; Bruce A. Horwitz; Eric G. Johnson; Adam S. Fedor
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Dielectric microfilter arrays for local resolving color sensors
Author(s): Marcus Frank; Uwe B. Schallenberg; Norbert Kaiser; Wolfgang Buss
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Modeling for solder self-assembled MEMS
Author(s): Kevin F. Harsh; Yung-Cheng Lee
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