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Optoelectronic Interconnects V

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Volume Number: 3288
Date Published: 5 May 1998

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Monolithic wavelength-graded VCSEL and wavelength-selective photodetector arrays for wavelength-division-multiplexed optical interconnect applications
Author(s): Julian Cheng; Sanh Q. Luong; Yuxin Zhou; Andrew C. Alduino; Jun Lu; Christopher P. Hains; N. Y. Li; Hong Q. Hou; G. Allen Vawter
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Flip-chip-joined 8x8 array of bottom-emitting 850-nm light-emitting diodes for interconnect applications
Author(s): Paul L. Heremans; Patrick Merken; Jan Genoe; Reiner Windisch; Chris A. Van Hoof; Gustaaf Borghs
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New method for grafting a thin film metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector with a transimpedence amplifier and applications to multichip module packaging
Author(s): Charles B. Morrison; Zheng Zhu; Joel Steinberg; Andreas P. Glinz; James H. Bechtel
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Novel VCSEL-based smart pixel for high-contrast, high-gain, and high-speed optical switching
Author(s): Bernhard Knuepfer; Merlin Welker; Christian Jung; Dieter Wiedenmann; Karl Joachim Ebeling; Ch. Oehler; W. Geisselbrecht; S. Malzer; Gottfried H. Doehler
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Performance estimation of p-i(ESQWs)-n optical bistable logic devices
Author(s): Youn Sub Lim; Young-Wan Choi; O-Kyun Kwon; Kyu Seok Lee
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Modal noise simulations due to high-frequency VCSEL numerical aperture fluctuations
Author(s): Shanalyn A. Kemme; Raymond K. Kostuk
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GaAs-on-Si MSM photodetector: FET receiver characterization and reliability
Author(s): Ting Feng; Athanasios Dimoulas; Aristos Christou
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High-density optical interconnect using polymer waveguides interfaced to a VCSEL array in molded plastic packaging
Author(s): Yung-Sheng Liu; R. J. Wojnarowski; W. B. Hennessy; P. A. Piacente; John R. Rowlette Sr.; Michael A. Kadar-Kallen; Jared D. Stack; Yue Liu; Andrzej Peczalski; Ajay Nahata
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Fabrication of three-dimensional tapered polymeric waveguides using the compression-molding technique
Author(s): Linghui Wu; Feiming Li; Suning Tang; Bipin Bihari; Jianhua Gan; Ray T. Chen
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Guided-wave optoelectronic clock-distribution networks on multichip modules using MEMS fabrication techniques
Author(s): Seungug Koh; Sung-Dong Suh; Danjin Wu; Mark Lantz
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Board-level clock distribution using laminated end-tapered fiber bundles
Author(s): Yao Li; Jan Popelek; Ting Wang; June-Koo Rhee; Lijun J. Wang
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Four-channel multimode wavelength-division-demultiplexer (WDM) system based on surface-normal volume holographic gratings and substrate-guided waves
Author(s): Chuang Zhou; Sean Sutton; Ray T. Chen; Boyd V. Hunter; Paul Dempewolf
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Guest-host-system polymer with high electro-optic coefficients
Author(s): ZuZhou Yue; Dechang An; Suning Tang; Ray T. Chen
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Implementation of de Bruijn and Kautz bus networks using waveguide holograms
Author(s): Jinghuai Fa; Ray T. Chen
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Coupling issues of 2D bit-parallel optical links using coherent fiber image guides
Author(s): Yao Li; Ting Wang
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Efficient waveguide couplers using tilted gratings for optoelectronic interconnects
Author(s): Jianhua Gan; Bipin Bihari; Linghui Wu; Feiming Li; Michael Dubinovsky; Ray T. Chen; Suning Tang
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Polyimide optical waveguide with multi-fan-out for multichip module system
Author(s): Takuji Matsumoto; Yasuhiro Kuwana; Akinori Hirose; Hiroyuki Kurino; Mitsumasa Koyanagi
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Performance characterizations of DuPont-photopolymer-based optoelectronic interconnects
Author(s): Jian Liu; Ray T. Chen
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Reconfigurable electro-optic interconnects using holographic elements
Author(s): Suning Tang; Ray T. Chen
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High-performance optoelectronic bus system
Author(s): Jinghuai Fa; Chunhe Zhao; Jian Liu; Ray T. Chen
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Decomposition of 2D shuffle multistage interconnection networks
Author(s): Josef Giglmayr
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Free-space optoelectronic data distributor for fully connected massively parallel processors
Author(s): Masao Shimoji; Amar Othman; Roy Crosbie; Edward E. E. Frietman
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FAST-Net optical interconnection prototype demonstration program
Author(s): Michael W. Haney; Marc P. Christensen; P. Milojkovik; Jeremy T. Ekman; Premanand Chandramani; Richard G. Rozier; Fouad E. Kiamilev; Yue Liu; Mary K. Hibbs-Brenner; Jim Nohava; Edith Kalweit; Sommy Bounnak; Terry Marta; B. Walterson
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Linear electro-optic modulator based on an array of Mach-Zehnder interferometers
Author(s): ZuZhou Yue; Suning Tang; Ray T. Chen
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Planar realization of all-optical multilayer switching fabrics
Author(s): Josef Giglmayr
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VLSI photonic smart-pixel array for I/O system architectures
Author(s): Christine T. Travers; John M. Hessenbruch; Jongwoo Kim; Richard V. Stone; Peter S. Guilfoyle; Fouad E. Kiamilev
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Processing of free-space optical interconnect devices using solder engineering
Author(s): Athanasios Dimoulas; Nickolaos E. Strifas; Robert H. Esser; Aristos Christou; Richard V. Stone; Christine T. Travers; Peter S. Guilfoyle; John M. Hessenbruch
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Degree of freedom, interconnect capacity, and connectivity
Author(s): Yao Li
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Realization of holographic optical interconnects for a multichip module on silicon
Author(s): Hans-Ulrich Grubert
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Robust photopolymers for MCM, board, and backplane optical interconnects
Author(s): Louay A. Eldada; Ajay Nahata; James T. Yardley
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