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Polymer Photonic Devices
Editor(s): Bernard Kippelen; Donal D. C. Bradley

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Volume Number: 3281
Date Published: 17 April 1998

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Polymer integrated optical devices for telecommunications applications
Author(s): Robert A. Norwood; Robert Blomquist; Louay A. Eldada; Cathy Glass; Constantina Poga; Lawrence W. Shacklette; Baopei Xu; Shing Yin; James T. Yardley
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Polymer waveguide devices for WDM applications
Author(s): Lucie Robitaille; Claire L. Callender; Julian P. Noad
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Fast polymer spatial light modulators for dynamic holographic WDM network components
Author(s): Adam D. Cohen; Robert J. Mears
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Passive fiber alignment to single-mode plastic waveguides fabricated by injection molding
Author(s): Guido Pompe; Stefan Lehmacher; Stefan Rudolph; Stefan Kalveram; Matthias Joenck; Andreas Neyer
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High-performance LCD backlight using a highly scattering optical transmission polymer
Author(s): Akihiro Horibe; Eisuke Nihei; Yasuhiro Koike
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Domain-inverted electro-optic polymeric waveguide beam deflector
Author(s): Jeffery J. Maki; Guohua Cao; John Martin Taboada; Huajun Tang; Suning Tang; Ray T. Chen
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High-bandwidth and high-thermal-stability graded-index polymer optical fiber
Author(s): Takaaki Ishigure; Masataka Sato; Eisuke Nihei; Yasuhiro Koike
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Far-field radiation patterns and mode coupling in plastic optical fibers
Author(s): Gang Jiang; Rui-Fang Shi; J. Wang; Anthony F. Garito
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Polymer optical fiber amplifiers for communication and sensor applications
Author(s): Takeyuki Kobayashi; Keisuke Sasaki; Yasuhiro Koike; Yoshiyuki Okamoto
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Low-Vpi high-thermal-stability electro-optic polymer waveguide modulators using the full potenetial of high-mu-beta chromophores with a DC bias voltage
Author(s): Antao Chen; Vadim Chuyanov; Hua Zhang; Sean M. Garner; Sang-Shin Lee; William H. Steier; Jinghong Chen; Fang Wang; Jingsong Zhu; Mingqian He; Younsoo Ra; Shane S. H. Mao; Aaron W. Harper; Larry Raymond Dalton; Harold R. Fetterman
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Minimum-stage 4x4 electro-optic polymer switch
Author(s): Igor G. Voitenko; Josef Giglmayr
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AC/DC field relaxation in multilayer polymer devices: analysis and applications
Author(s): Yongqiang Shi; Wenshen Wang; Weiping Lin; David J. Olson; James H. Bechtel
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Alternating polyanion/polycation second-order nonlinear optical films by aqueous solution deposition
Author(s): M. Joseph Roberts; John D. Stenger-Smith; Peter Zarras; Geoffrey A. Lindsay; Richard A. Hollins; Andrew P. Chafin; Rena Y. Yee; Kenneth J. Wynne
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Control of polar order of the molecules using dual-frequency interferences
Author(s): Jean-Michel Nunzi; Celine Fiorini-Debuisschert; Anne-Catherine Etile
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Orientation-induced molecular rectification in polymer films: improving the efficiency of polymer photovoltaic cells
Author(s): Jean-Michel Nunzi; Lionel Sicot; Carole Sentein; Celine Fiorini-Debuisschert
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Molecular self-assembly approaches to multilayer organic light-emitting-diode structures
Author(s): Joshua E. Malinsky; Weijin Li; Homer Chou; Wuping Ma; Lifeng Geng; Tobin J. Marks; Ghassan E. Jabbour; Sean E. Shaheen; Bernard Kippelen; Nasser Peyghambarian; Pulak Dutta; Andrew J. Richter; Neal R. Armstrong; Paul A. Lee; Jeffrey D. Anderson
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Role of ionic species in modifying properties of organic LEDs
Author(s): Alan G. MacDiarmid; F. Huang; Bing R. Hsieh
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Columnar discotics for light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Volker Stuempflen; Inga Stapff; Joachim Heinz Wendorff
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Preparation of light-emitting devices with poly(p-phenylenevinylene): effects of thermal elimination conditions and polymer layer thickness on device performance
Author(s): Chang Seoul; Jai Ick Kang; Souk Il Mah; Changhee Lee
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Effects of insulating layers on the performance of organic electroluminescent devices
Author(s): Ghassan E. Jabbour; Ruediger Schlaf; Neal R. Armstrong; Bernard Kippelen; Nasser Peyghambarian
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Semiconducting conjugated polymers: light amplification and lasing
Author(s): Alex Schuelzgen; Christine Spiegelberg; Michael M. Morrell; Sergio Brito Mendes; Pierre-Marc Allemand; Yutaka Kawabe; Makoto Kuwata-Gonokami; Seppo Honkanen; Mahmoud Fallahi; Bernard Kippelen; Nasser Peyghambarian
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Single- and two-photon up-converted stimulated emission in monolithic organic single crystals
Author(s): Denis Fichou; Vincent Dumarcher; Stephane Delysse; Jean-Michel Nunzi
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Whispering-gallery-mode oscillation in a polymer microring laser
Author(s): Yutaka Kawabe; Christine Spiegelberg; Alex Schuelzgen; Marie-Flore Nabor; Ghassan E. Jabbour; Bernard Kippelen; Eugene A. Mash; Pierre-Marc Allemand; Nasser Peyghambarian; Makoto Kuwata-Gonokami; Kenji Takeda
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Hole-trapping in molecularly doped polymers
Author(s): Paul M. Borsenberger; William T. Gruenbaum; Liang-Bih Lin; Susan A. Visser
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Charge carrier mobilities in molecular materials for electroluminescent diodes
Author(s): Tetsuo Tsutsui; Hiroaki Tokuhisa; Masanao Era
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Influence of charge carrier injection on the device performance of blue organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Heike Riel; Horst Vestweber; Walter Riess
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Carrier transport mechanisms in organic electroluminescent devices
Author(s): Jun Shen; Ji-Hai Xu; Jie Yang; Franky So; H.-C. Lee
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Charge carrier mobility in poly(p-phenylenevinylene)
Author(s): Wolfgang Bruetting; Energui A. Lebedev; Siegfried Karg; Thomas Dittrich; V. Petrova-Koch; Markus Schwoerer
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High-gain photorefractive polymers
Author(s): Eric Hendrickx; Jon A. Herlocker; Jose-Luis Maldonado; G. Guillemet; Harold Roeckel; L. L. Erskine; Seth R. Marder; Bernard Kippelen; Nasser Peyghambarian
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Dynamic performance and testing for holographic storage viability of orientationally enhanced photorefractive polymers
Author(s): Karl S. West; John Dimitri Shakos; Mark D. Rahn; Frances A. Wade; Richard D. Blackburn; David P. West; Terence A. King
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Optical sensor based on the single-arm dual-mode polymeric waveguide interferometer
Author(s): Sergey S. Sarkisov; Michael J. Curley; Darnell E. Diggs; Huaisong Guo; Ronald D. Clark; Grigory Adamovsky
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Concentration effects on charge transport in dye-doped polymer light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Jean-Michel Nunzi; E. Gautier-Thianche; Andre Lorin; Christine Denis; Paul Raimond; Carole Sentein
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Polymer waveguide switch using liquid-crystal overlayer
Author(s): Wei-Ching Chuang; Jin-Shin Lin; Kun-Yi Lee; Wei-Yu Lee
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Up-converted light emission and switching in dye-doped polymer waveguides
Author(s): Sergey S. Sarkisov; Aaron Wilkosz; Andre Taylor; Ronald D. Clark; Benjamin G. Penn
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Ab initio molecular design of third-order nonlinear optical susceptibilities of polysilanes
Author(s): Tomoyuki Hamada
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Organic electroluminescent devices using poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) doped with triphenylamine derivative as a hole-transporting layer
Author(s): Eunjung Kang; Jihwan H. Keum; Jae-Gyoung Lee; Youngkyoo Kim; Won-Jei Cho; Chang-Sik Ha
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Polymeric light-emitting diodes utilizing TPD-dispersed polyimide thin film and organometallic complex
Author(s): Hyuntaek Lim; Hyunjoo Park; Jae-Gyoung Lee; Youngkyoo Kim; Won-Jei Cho; Chang-Sik Ha
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