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Miniaturized Systems with Micro-Optics and Micromechanics III

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Volume Number: 3276
Date Published: 15 March 1998

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Polymer waveguides for telecom, datacom, and sensor applications
Author(s): Thomas Paatzsch; Ingo Smaglinski; Hans-Dieter Bauer; Wolfgang Ehrfeld
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Optical measurement of LIGA milliengine performance
Author(s): Fred M. Dickey; Scott C. Holswade; Todd R. Christenson; Ernest J. Garcia; Marc A. Polosky
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Miniaturized fiber optical switches with nonmoving polymeric mirrors for tele- and data-communication networks fabricated using the LIGA technology
Author(s): Michel Neumeier; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Jutta Jaeger; Antoni Picard; Jens Schulze
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Design and fabrication of optical MEMS using a four-level planarized surface-micromachined polycrystalline silicon process
Author(s): M. Adrian Michalicek; John H. Comtois; Heather K. Schriner
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Hybridization, assembling, and testing of miniaturized optoelectronic modules for sensors and microsystems
Author(s): Harri K. Kopola; Pentti Karioja; Outi Rusanen; Heikki Lehto; Jorma Lammasniemi
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MOEM scan engine for bar code reading and factory automation
Author(s): M. Edward Motamedi; Sangtae Park; Robert Melendes; A. Wang; Angus P. Andrews; Dawn S. Garcia-Nunez; Dan Jinar; Patti D. Richardson; J. Studer; J. K. Chen; Jeffrey F. DeNatale; Jeffrey A. Moranski
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MEMS-based diffractive optical-beam-steering technology
Author(s): David A. Winick; Bruce E. Duewer; Som Chaudhury; John M. Wilson; John Tucker; Umut Eksi; Paul D. Franzon
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System integration of micro-optical systems for beam steering and modulation applications
Author(s): Steffen Gloeckner; Peter Dannberg; Rolf Goering; Frank Bohrisch; Peter Buecker
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Resonating large-angle and low-consumption micromachined optical scanner
Author(s): Sam Calmes; Sandra Schweizer; Philippe Renaud
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Automatic test equipment for the micromirror array
Author(s): Hoseong Kim; Kwangwoo Cho; Yong-Kweon Kim; Jong-Woo Shin; Hyungjae Shin; Jae-Ho Moon
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Polymer waveguide cointegration with microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) for integrated optical metrology
Author(s): Kolin S. Brown; B. J. Taylor; Jeremy M. Dawson; Lawrence Anthony Hornak
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Fill factor improvement using microlens arrays
Author(s): Edward A. Watson; Donald T. Miller; Kenneth J. Barnard
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Optimum design of GaAs waveguides intersecting modulator
Author(s): Zhene Xu; Maria Rizzi; Beniamino Castagnolo
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Near-field scanning optical microscopy: electromagnetic coupling between the aperture tip and the sample
Author(s): Ben-Yuan Gu; Zhi-Yuan Li; Guozhen Yang
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Complex microprism structures and their application to multichannel fiber optic switches
Author(s): Rolf Goering; Steffen Gloeckner; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Frank Thoma
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MOEMS: a new European competence center--core competencies, additional technologies, and industrial objectives
Author(s): Jean Frederic Clerc; Patrick Louis Mottier
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Mechanical-optical analysis of InP-based Bragg membranes for selective tunable WDM receivers
Author(s): Rolf Riemenschneider; Joachim Peerlings; Joachim Pfeiffer; A. Dehe; Andreas Vogt; Peter M. Meissner; Hans L. Hartnagel; N. Chitica; Juergen Daleiden-; Klaus P. Streubel; Harald Kuenzel; W. Goertz
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MEMS-based microgratings: preliminary results of novel configurations
Author(s): James Castracane; Mikhail A. Gutin
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In-package active fiber optic micro-aligner
Author(s): John M. Haake; Robert L. Wood; Vijayakumar R. Dhuler
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Evanescent field sensing: cavity-coupled refractive index sensor (CRIS)
Author(s): Lars Rene Lindvold; Lars Lading
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Piezoelectrical elements for micro-optical applications
Author(s): Bernt Goetz; Thomas Martin; Peter Buecker
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Ultrahigh-density optical recording using a scanning near-field optical microscope
Author(s): Yuan Ying Lu; Din Ping Tsai; Wen Rei Guo; Sheng-Chang Chen; Jia Reuy Liu; Han-Ping D. Shieh
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Microlens arrays formed by melting photoresist and ion beam milling
Author(s): Xinjian Yi; Xinyu Zhang; Yi Li; Xing-Rong Zhao
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Nonsilicon micromachining for MOEMS elements
Author(s): Yi-Xin Chen; Xiaolin Zhao; Zongguang Wang
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Fabrication of micro-optical surface profiles by using grayscale masks
Author(s): Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Frank Thoma; Uwe D. Zeitner; Lars-Christian Wittig; Harald Aagedal
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Novel highly scalable and very high torque micromotor for MEMS and MOEMS applications using the mechanical rectification of oscillatory motion
Author(s): Massood Tabib-Azar; Boonsong Sutapun; M. Edward Motamedi
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Fiber optic MEMS pressure sensors based on evanescent field interaction
Author(s): Massood Tabib-Azar; Boonsong Sutapun; Diana Glawe
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Application of micro- and nanotechnologies for the fabrication of optical devices
Author(s): Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Hans-Dieter Bauer
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