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Laser Techniques for Condensed-Phase and Biological Systems
Editor(s): Norbert F. Scherer; Janice M. Hicks

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Volume Number: 3273
Date Published: 24 April 1998

Table of Contents
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Symmetry-breaking effects on photoinduced processes in solution
Author(s): Anne B. Myers; Alan E. Johnson; Hirofumi Sato; Fumio Hirata
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Theory and simulation of condensed-phase ultrafast dynamics
Author(s): Arnaldo Donoso; Craig C. Martens
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Probing photoinduced electron transfer reactions at semiconductor-liquid interfaces
Author(s): Ignacio Martini; Jose H. Hodak; Gregory V. Hartland
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Vibrational echo studies of proteins, liquids, and glasses
Author(s): Kirk D. Rector; Michael D. Fayer
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Detection of the complete electric field of femtosecond four-wave mixing signals
Author(s): Allison W. Albrecht; Sarah M. Gallagher; John D. Hybl; Brett L. Landin; Bhavani Rajaram; David M. Jonas
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Laser-pulse photolysis studies of chemical reactions in the brain
Author(s): George P. Hess
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Nanosecond time-resolved polarization spectroscopy applied to protein folding
Author(s): Eefei Chen; Robert A. Goldbeck; David S. Kliger
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Femtosecond spectroscopy of heme proteins
Author(s): Paul M. Champion; Florin Rosca; Weizhi Steven Wang; Anand Kumar; James Christian; Andrey Demidov
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Computer simulation study of electronic spectroscopy in water
Author(s): Hyung J. Kim; Badry D. Bursulaya; Jonggu Jeon; Dominic A. Zichi
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Ultrafast geminate recombination and vibrational relaxation processes in ferrous nicotinate myoglobin
Author(s): Marco A. Pereira; Alberto Boffi; Andrew Ridsdale
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Ultrafast studies of exciton dynamics in light-harvesting dimers
Author(s): David C. Arnett; R. Kumble; R. W. Visschers; C. C. Moser; P. L. Dutton; Robin M. Hochstrasser; Norbert F. Scherer
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Optical pump-terahertz spectroscopy of condensed phase reaction dynamics
Author(s): Bret N. Flanders; Norbert F. Scherer
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Optical coherence spectroscopy in solution: determining the system-bath correlation function
Author(s): Lewis D. Book; David C. Arnett; Norbert F. Scherer
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Novel laser system for ultrafast spectroscopy
Author(s): Matthew Andrew Horn; David C. Arnett; Norbert F. Scherer
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Quantitative surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy as a probe of adsorption, diffusion, and self-assembly of biopolymers and oligonucleotides at interfaces
Author(s): Rosina M. Georgiadis; Kevin A. Peterlinz
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Surface plasmon resonance methods for monitoring electrostatic fields in nonlinear optical thin films
Author(s): Dennis G. Hanken; Robert M. Corn
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Direct observation of phase and morphology changes induced by lung surfactant protein SP-B in lipid monolayers via fluorescence, polarized fluorescence, Brewster angle, and atomic force microscopies
Author(s): Ka Yee C. Lee; Michael M. Lipp; Joseph A. N. Zasadzinski; Alan J. Waring
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Vibrational sum frequency spectroscopy of surfactants and phospholipid monolayers at liquid-liquid interfaces
Author(s): Beth L. Smiley; R. A. Walker; D. E. Gragson; T. E. Hannon; Geraldine L. Richmond
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Molecular-dynamics computer simulations of electronic absorption line shapes at liquid interfaces
Author(s): Ilan Benjamin; David Michael
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Probing biological systems with near-field optics
Author(s): Hitoshi Shiku; Christopher W. Hollars; M. Annie Lee; Chad E. Talley; Greg Cooksey; Robert C. Dunn
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Probing single molecules in polyacrylamide gels
Author(s): Susanne Kummer; Robert M. Dickson; William E. Moerner
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Near-field microscopy of living cells
Author(s): Philip G. Haydon; Barbara Innocenti; Donald J. Wolf; Michael Szulczewski
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Optical microscopy and spectroscopy beyond the diffraction limit
Author(s): Lukas Novotny; Erik J. Sanchez; Sunney Xie
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STM electroluminescence probes of metallic and polymeric materials
Author(s): Yish-Hann Liau; Norbert F. Scherer
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New ways to observe and control dynamics
Author(s): Kent R. Wilson; Chris J. Bardeen; Christopher P. P. Barty; G. J. Brakenhoff; Arjan H. Buist; Jianshu Cao; Scott D. Carpenter; Jian Wei Che; David N. Fittinghoff; Michiel Mueller; Jeffrey A. Squier; Warren S. Warren; Peter M. Weber; Vladislav V. Yakovlev
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Ultrafast x-ray diffraction theory: time-scale considerations
Author(s): Jianshu Cao; Kent R. Wilson
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Direct measurements of transient structures by means of time-resolved x-ray diffraction
Author(s): Peilin Chen; Ivan V. Tomov; Peter M. Rentzepis
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Quantum many-body time correlations from semiclassical molecular dynamics
Author(s): Mikhael Ovchinnikov; Vartkess Ara Apkarian
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Femtosecond laser excitation and spectroscopy of liquid helium
Author(s): Alexander Vict Benderskii; Ruben Zadoyan; Nikolaus Schwentner; Vartkess Ara Apkarian
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Fluorescence spectroscopy of single-molecule dynamics and its biological applications
Author(s): Taekjip Ha; Alice Ting; Joy Liang; Jennifer L. Glass; Daniel S. Chemla; Pete G. Schultz; Shimon Weiss
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Subwavelength optical probes for sensitive analysis
Author(s): Weihong Tan; Leng Bang; Julia Cordek; Xiaojing Liu
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