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Laser Techniques for Surface Science III
Editor(s): Hai-Lung Dai; Hans-Joachim Freund

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Volume Number: 3272
Date Published: 30 April 1998

Table of Contents
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New directions in surface spectroscopy enabled by ultrafast lasers
Author(s): P. T. Wilson; Yun-Shik Lee; Y. Jiang; D. Lim; R. Kempf; R. Bungener; X. F. Hu; Jerry I. Dadap Jr.; Mark H. Anderson; M. ter Beek; Z. Xu; N. M. Russell; John G. Ekerdt; P. S. Parkinson; E. D. Mishina; Oleg A. Aktsipetrov; Michael C. Downer
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In-situ investigation of catalytic reactions with second harmonic generation
Author(s): Frank Eisert; Alf-Peter C. Elg; Arne Rosen
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Sum-frequency generation spectroscopy in the mid-infrared: K-doped C60/Ag (111) interface
Author(s): Andre Peremans; Y. Caudano; Paul Dumas; Wan Quan Zheng; A. Le Rille; Paul A. Thiry; Abderrahmane Tadjeddine
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Temporally and spatially resolved linear optical probe of adsorption and reaction on a metal surface
Author(s): Joseph Dvorak; Hai-Lung Dai
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Femtosecond correlated optical reactivity and scanning tunneling microscopy studies of metal surfaces
Author(s): Mark J. Feldstein; Norbert F. Scherer
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Photon emission induced by the scanning tunneling microscope
Author(s): Richard Berndt; M. Boehringer
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Surface-induced changes of the optical response of particles in nanoscaled layered systems: a combined experimental and theoretical study
Author(s): Frank Balzer; Vladimir G. Bordo; Horst-Guenter Rubahn
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Stratospheric ozone chemistry on ice surfaces
Author(s): Franz M. Geiger; Janice M. Hicks
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367-nm photochemistry of chlorine dioxide in and on amorphous ice
Author(s): L. D. Anderson; Jeffrey T. Roberts; Vicki H. Grassian
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Updating the surface of film covers by laser treatment for maintenance of given properties of items working at extreme conditions
Author(s): Viktor V. Chapurkin; Serge Ye. Tesker
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Electron gas kinetics in the field of ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): Andrey V. Lugovskoy; Alexander V. Zinoviev; Timurbek Usmanov
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Experimental and theoretical study of local curing on thermosetting resins using a CO2 laser
Author(s): Marco A. F. Scarparo; Andre L. J. Munhoz; Paulo R. S. Wagner; Maria Clara F. Ieradi; Alvin E. Kiel; Susan Davis Allen
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Laser-induced desorption of NO from NiO(100): ab-initio and wave-packet calculations
Author(s): Thorsten Kluener; Stephan Thiel; Hans-Joachim Freund; Volker Staemmler
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Application of laser radiation for the treatment of waste materials using a photocatalyst
Author(s): Soo Keun Lee; Daniel McStay; Peter K. J. Robertson
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Nonthermal photodesorption of N2 from Ag(111)
Author(s): R. M. Rao; R. J. Beuhler; Michael G. White
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Electron dynamics of aluminum investigated by means of time-resolved photoemission
Author(s): M. Bauer; S. Pawlik; Martin Aeschlimann
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Wave-packet excitation and quantum-beat spectroscopy of image-potential states
Author(s): Ulrich Hoefer; I. L. Shumay; Ch. Reuss; U. Thomann; Thomas Fauster
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Controlled modification of surface state lifetimes by physisorbed adsorbates
Author(s): A. Hotzel; E. Knoesel; Martin Wolf; G. Ertl
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Internally consistent predictions of surface structural relaxations
Author(s): Eric J. Walter; Steven P. Lewis; Andrew M. Rappe
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UV-laser-induced desorption of NO from the pure and modified Cr2O3(0001) surfaces: spin effects in surface-state-induced desorption
Author(s): Markus Wilde; Katharina H.B. Al-Shamery; Hans-Joachim Freund
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Desorption of NO from NiO(100) with femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): G. Eichhorn; M. Richter; Katharina H.B. Al-Shamery; Helmut Zacharias
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Surface photochemistry and dynamics of weakly bound adsorption systems
Author(s): Kazuo Watanabe; Yoshiyasu Matsumoto
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STM investigation of hot bromine atom chemistry on Pt(111)
Author(s): H. Xu; R. Yuro; Ian A. Harrison
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State-selective study of photodesorption at modified metal surfaces
Author(s): Katsuyuki Fukutani; M.-B. Song; Y. Murata
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Near-field optical tools to read, write, and copy information at the 100- to 10-nm scale
Author(s): U. C. Fischer; A. P. Naber; T. Dziomba; J. Koglin; W. Goehde; O. Panzer; Harald Fuchs
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Femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy of surface bound alkali nanoparticles
Author(s): A. Assion; Bernard Lang; M. Simon; S. Voll; Frank Traeger; Gustav Gerber
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Optical phase control of coherent electron dynamics in copper
Author(s): Hrvoje Petek; Hisahi Nagano; Winfried Nessler; Susumu Ogawa; Albert P. Heberle
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Nonlinear optics of rough cluster films
Author(s): Frank Balzer; Horst-Guenter Rubahn
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Elucidation of adsorbate structure and dynamics from photofragment angular distributions
Author(s): Simon J. Garrett
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Dissociative chemisorption on metal surfaces
Author(s): John Z. H. Zhang
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Compact solid state UV laser for photochemistry and materials processing
Author(s): Andrew H. Kung; Poe-Jou Chen; Lee Jr-i; Jaya Sharma; Hai-Lung Dai
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Near-field scanning optical microscopy for imaging domains in biomembranes
Author(s): Paul DeRose; Jeeseong Hwang; Laurie S. Goldner
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Multidimensional dynamics in surface reactions
Author(s): Xiao-Yang Zhu
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Q-switched Nd:YAG laser engraving
Author(s): Hong Gao; Gengxing Luo; Ke Yu; Guang-Nan Chen
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Mechanism of photo-induced desorption of molecules weakly adsorbed on a metal surface
Author(s): Pui-Teng Howe; Hai-Lung Dai
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Ultrafast carrier dynamics near a Si surface: a reflective transient grating study
Author(s): Theodore A. Sjodin; Hai-Lung Dai; Hrvoje Petek
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