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Laser Techniques for State-Selected and State-to-State Chemistry IV
Editor(s): John W. Hepburn; Robert E. Continetti; Mark A. Johnson

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Volume Number: 3271
Date Published: 15 May 1998

Table of Contents
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Dissociation of metastable CH3CO radicals studied by time-resolved photofragment imaging
Author(s): Toshinori Suzuki; Takeshi Shibata; Haiyang Li
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Correlated photofragmentations
Author(s): Chi-Hsiang Hsieh; S.-H. H. Lee; A. Fujii; Kopin Liu
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VUV photodissociation dynamics of OClO: binary and triple dissociation
Author(s): Dennis W. Hwang; Jim J. Lin; Yuan T. Lee; Xueming Yang
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State-selective dissociation of acetylene isotopomers
Author(s): R. P. Schmid; Y. Ganot; Talya Arusi-Parpar; R.-J. Li; Illana Bar; Salman Rosenwaks
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Conservation of angular momentum in polyatomic photochemical reactions: H2CO(v,J,Ka,Kc)-H+HCO(N,Ka,Kc,J)
Author(s): Siobhan E. Waugh; Andrew C. Terentis; Gregory F. Metha; Scott H. Kable
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Spectroscopy and dynamics involving interacting electronic states
Author(s): Hans-Peter Loock; Jianying Cao; Walter J. Balfour; Chi Zhou; Charles Qian
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Molecular square dancing: correlated product motion in photodissociation
Author(s): Marcel Drabbels; Christopher Morgan; Alec M. Wodtke
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Photodissociation of singlet ketene by two-step IR+UV excitation
Author(s): Michael V. Ashikhmin; Axel Mellinger; C. Bradley Moore
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New laser system for measurements of dissociation rates of small molecules with picosecond temporal resolution
Author(s): Ralph Tadday; Jason C. Crane; P. P. Radkowski; R. Shu; C. Bradley Moore
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Use of a pulse-periodic optically pumped CF4 laser for photofragmentation of UF6 molecules
Author(s): Yurij A. Kolesnikov; A. A. Kotov; Victor P. Novikov
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Comparative study of hexamethyldisiloxane photofragmentation through multiphotonic and monophotonic processes
Author(s): Cristina M. Quintella; G. Gerson B. de Souza; M. Suely P. Mundim
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Dressed atomic energies of high-frequency Floquet theory
Author(s): Roland Lefebvre; C. Perez del Valle; Osman Atabek
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Efficient quantum formula for calculating pump-probe signals
Author(s): Arne Keller; Claude M. Dion; Osman Atabek
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Laser-induced alignment dynamics of HCN by short intense pulses
Author(s): Claude M. Dion; Arne Keller; Osman Atabek; Andre D. Bandrauk
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Alignment in angular-resolved multiphoton spectra of H2+
Author(s): Osman Atabek; Claude M. Dion; Arne Keller
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Transition metal chemistry in crossed molecular beams
Author(s): Peter A. Willis; Hans U. Stauffer; Ryan Z. Hinrichs; H. Floyd Davis
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Near-ultraviolet photodissociation dynamics of HBr and HI revealed by H (Rydberg) atom photofragment translational spectroscopy
Author(s): Michael N. R. Ashfold; Phillip A. Cook; Stephen R. Langford; Andrew J. Orr-Ewing; Paul M. Regan
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Transient frequency-modulated spectroscopy: application to the measurement of vector and scalar correlations in molecular photodissociation
Author(s): Simon W. North; Gregory E. Hall
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High-resolution photoelectron images and D+ photofragment images following 532-nm photolysis of D2
Author(s): David W. Chandler; David W. Neyer; Albert J. R. Heck
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Probing of ultrafast photoinduced isomerization and dissociation reactions by intense-field dissociative ionization
Author(s): Werner Fuss; Karl Ludwig Kompa; T. Schikarski; W. E. Schmid; Sergei A. Trushin
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Stimulated Raman pumping of oriented linear molecules and the collisional decay and transfer of the orientation: C2H221
Author(s): Armin D. Rudert; Jose Martin; Helmut Zacharias; Joshua B. Halpern
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Measurements and applications of brute force orientation and alignment
Author(s): Hongzhi Li; Karen Franks; Rebecca Hanson; Wei Kong
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Pendular state spectroscopy in photodissociation experiments of hydrogen-bonded complexes
Author(s): Roger E. Miller
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Infrared spectroscopy of entrance channel complexes
Author(s): David T. Anderson; Rebecca L. Schwartz; Michael W. Todd; Jeanne M. Hossenlopp; Marsha I. Lester
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Lambda doublet propensities in Ar-NO rotationally inelastic scattering at 212 meV
Author(s): Stiliana Antonova; Ao Lin; Antonis P. Tsakotellis; George C. McBane
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Incoherent control of photodissociation pathways in I2 cluster ions
Author(s): Andrei Sanov; W. Carl Lineberger
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Photodissociation dynamics of I3 using femtosecond photoelectron spectroscopy
Author(s): Martin T. Zanni; B. Jefferys Greenblatt; Alison V. Davis; Daniel M. Neumark
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Velocity imaging: applications in molecular oxygen photophysics
Author(s): Andre T.J.B. Eppink; Barbel De Bakker; David H. Parker
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Photodissociation of HN3 at 248 nm
Author(s): Jingsong Zhang; Kesheng Xu; Gabriel Amaral
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Resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization spectroscopy of SF2 radical
Author(s): Quanxin Li; Jinian Shu; Qun Zhang; Shuqin Yu; Jinghua Dai; Congxiang Chen; Xingxiao Ma
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