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Methods for Ultrasensitive Detection
Editor(s): Bryan L. Fearey

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Volume Number: 3270
Date Published: 15 May 1998

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Optical sensing systems based on biomolecular recognition of recombinant proteins
Author(s): Lyndon L.E. Salins; Vesna Schauer-Vukasinovic; Sylvia Daunert
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Sensors for buried land mines based on guest-host recognition and self-assembly
Author(s): Basil I. Swanson; Jing-Xuan Shi; Sabina R. Johnson; Xiaoguang Yang
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Making sensors out of disarray: optical sensor microarrays
Author(s): Karri L. Michael; Laura C. Taylor; Sandra L. Schultz; Ferenc Szurdoki; David R. Walt
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New optical detection techniques for chemical sensors
Author(s): Sergio Brito Mendes; Seppo Honkanen; Mahmoud Fallahi; Nasser Peyghambarian
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Gated ion channel biosensor: a functioning nanomachine
Author(s): Ronald J. Pace; Vijoleta Braach-Maksvytis; L. G. King; Peter D. J. Osman; Burkhard Raguse; L. Wieczorek; B. A. Cornell
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Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) project: overview and status
Author(s): Richard L. Savage Jr.
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Dual-atomic-beam matter-wave gyroscope
Author(s): T. L. Gustavson; Philippe Bouyer; Mark A. Kasevich
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Developing optical traps for ultrasensitive analysis
Author(s): Xinxin Zhao; Ralf Guckert; Scott Crane; David J. Vieira
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Experiments with strontium in a vapor cell magneto-optic trap
Author(s): Kurt R. Vogel; Tim P. Dinneen; Alan C. Gallagher; John L. Hall
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Cavity-enhanced frequency modulation spectroscopy: advancing optical detection sensitivity and laser frequency stabilization
Author(s): Jun Ye; Long-Sheng Ma; John L. Hall
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Recent experiments with Bose-condensed gases at JILA
Author(s): David Sumner Hall; Jason R. Ensher; Deborah S. Jin; Michael R. Matthews; Carl E. Wieman; Eric A. Cornell
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Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute atomic gases and the realization of an atom laser
Author(s): Hans-Joachim Miesner; Wolfgang Ketterle
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New observation of Bose-Einstein condensation of 87Rb atoms in a magnetic TOP trap
Author(s): Philippe W. Courteille; Dian-Jiun Han; Roahn H. Wynar; Daniel J. Heinzen
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Quantum computing with trapped ions
Author(s): Richard J. Hughes
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Trapped ions, entanglement, and quantum computing
Author(s): Christopher John Myatt; B. E. King; D. Kielpinski; D. Leibfried; Q. A. Turchette; C. S. Wood; Wayne M. Itano; Christopher R. Monroe; David J. Wineland
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High-accuracy frequency standards using laser-cooled Hg+ ions
Author(s): Dana J. Berkeland; J. D. Miller; Brent C. Young; James C. Bergquist; Wayne M. Itano; David J. Wineland
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Trace isotopic analysis of micron-sized grains: Mo and Zr analysis of stardust (SiC and graphite grains)
Author(s): Michael J. Pellin; Guenther K. Nicolussi
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Applications of high-resolution ICP-AES in the nuclear industry
Author(s): Stephen G. Johnson; J. J. Giglio; Phillip S. Goodall; D. G. Cummings
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Sensitive sub-Doppler nonlinear spectroscopy for hyperfine-structure analysis using simple atomizers
Author(s): Fritz K. Mickadeit; Helen Kemp; Julia Schafer; William M. Tong
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Photon burst mass spectrometry for the measurement of 85Kr at ambient levels
Author(s): William M. Fairbank Jr.; Chris S. Hansen; Robert D. LaBelle; X. J. Pan; Yilu Zhang; E. P. Chamberlin; Nicholas S. Nogar; Charles M. Miller; Bryan L. Fearey; Hank Oona
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Probing single molecules in microcavities
Author(s): Michael D. Barnes; N. Lermer; C. Y. Kung; William B. Whitten; J. Michael Ramsey
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Probing the heterogeneous fluorescence-lifetime behavior of single rhodamine-6G molecules on fused silica
Author(s): W. Patrick Ambrose; Peter M. Goodwin; Joerg Enderlein; David J. Semin; Richard A. Keller
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Sensitive on-column absorbance detection of native molecules
Author(s): Sandrine Berniolles; Hongjing Kan; Lu Dai; James E. Knittle; William M. Tong
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High-intensity-laser post-ionization mass spectrometry for uniform and ultrasensitive surface analysis
Author(s): Chun He; Christopher H. Becker
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Real-time monitoring of BTEX in air via ambient-pressure MPI
Author(s): Orven F. Swenson; Josef P. Carriere; Harlan Isensee; Gregory D. Gillispie; William F. Cooper; Michael A. Dvorak
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