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Gas and Chemical Lasers and Intense Beam Applications
Editor(s): Ernest A. Dorko; Jeffrey L. Moler

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Volume Number: 3268
Date Published: 12 May 1998

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Phase conjugation at intracavity degenerate four-wave mixing of frequency-selective pulsed CO laser radiation
Author(s): Andrei A. Ionin; Andrei A. Kotkov; Alexander K. Kurnosov; Anatoly P. Napartovich; Leonid V. Seleznev
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Parametric study of a first overtone CO laser with supressed fundamental band lasing: experiment and theory
Author(s): Andrei A. Ionin; Andrei A. Kotkov; Alexander K. Kurnosov; Anatoly P. Napartovich; Leonid V. Seleznev; Nikolay G. Turkin
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High-power CO2 blending-mode laser beam propagation and focus due to phase shifts
Author(s): Zhiyong Wang; Tao Chen; Yue Ding; Xibin Wang; Tiechuan Zuo
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Interference effects on the efficiency of an intracavity Raman-Nath mode locker in a TE CO2 laser
Author(s): Richard S. Eng; Victor H. Hasson; Yu-Lin Wang; Hsian Pei Chou; Eddie H. Young
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Problems that flying optics faced and their solutions
Author(s): Tiechuan Zuo; Zhiyong Wang; Kai Chen; Hong Lei; Jianghua Jin
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High-power 5-um-band CO laser and its new hollow waveguides for industrial applications
Author(s): Shunichi Sato; Kouki Shimizu; Yi-Wei Shi; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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High-speed thin metal sheet welding with high-power CO2-lasers
Author(s): Arnold Braunsteiner; Markus Bohrer; Dieter Schuoecker
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Experimental research on the influence of laser-induced plasma on beam focusing during high-power CO2 laser materials processing
Author(s): Tiechuan Zuo; Rongshi Xiao; Robert Volz
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Power extraction for a supersonic chemical oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): Lutz v. Entress-Fuersteneck; Karin M. Gruenewald; Juergen Handke; Willy L. Bohn; Wolfgang O. Schall
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Performance characteristics of a high-pressure jet generator
Author(s): William E. McDermott
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Airborne laser (ABL) - A legacy and a future for high-energy lasers
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Moler; Steven E. Lamberson
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Advanced technologies in chemical oxygen-iodine lasers for industrial applications
Author(s): Masamori Endo; Syoji Nagatomo; Shuzaburo Takeda; Fumio Wani; Kenzo Nanri; Tomoo Fujioka
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Zeeman spectra of atomic iodine in a 0- to 400-gauss B field
Author(s): Ralph F. Tate; Brian T. Anderson; Philip B. Keating; Gordon D. Hager
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Quantitative determination of oxygen yield in a chemical oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): Kip R. Kendrick; Charles A. Helms; Brian Quillen; R. J. Copland
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Cutting performance of a chemical oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): W. Pete Latham; James A. Rothenflue; Charles A. Helms; Aravinda Kar; David L. Carroll
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COIL performance modeling
Author(s): Charles W. Clendening; Jeffrey Hartlove
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Parametric studies of a small-scale chemical oxygen-iodine laser/jet generator system: recent achievements
Author(s): Dov Furman; Boris D. Barmashenko; Salman Rosenwaks
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Comparative analysis of the different methods of preparing active media in a supersonic COIL
Author(s): Valeri D. Nikolaev
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Experimental measurements of two-dimensional distribution of small signal gains in a supersonic COIL
Author(s): Liping Duo; Bailing Yang; Fengting Sang; Yuqi Jin; Yi Sun; Qi Zhuang
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Fluid dynamic effects on uniform droplet oxygen singlet-delta generator output
Author(s): Richard D. Romea; Scott O'Brien; William J. Thayer III
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Simple models of optical phase distortion for shock waves and turbulent boundary and shear layers
Author(s): Victor Quan; Sergio E. Rodriguez
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Characterization and optimization of a rotating disk singlet oxygen generator
Author(s): Frank R. Duschek; Wolfgang O. Schall
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Water-vapor measurement via cavity ring down spectroscopy in the visible
Author(s): Fuge Sun; Dongxu Dai; Lu Kang; Guohea Sha; JinChun Xie; Bailing Yang; Fengting Sang; Qi Zhuang; Cunhao Zhang
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Damage effect of cw COIL to PV InSb detector
Author(s): Jinbao Chen; Qisheng Lu; Zhongfu Jiang; Zhiping Jiang; Zejin Liu
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Efficient nonchain chemical HF lasers initiated by e-beam and self-sustained discharge
Author(s): Victor F. Tarasenko; Evgenii H. Baksht; Mikhail I. Lomaev; Victor M. Orlovskii; Alexei N. Panchenko; Edward A. Sosnin
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Acceleration of electrons in thin metal films by strong ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): Andrey V. Lugovskoy; Alexander V. Zinoviev; Timurbek Usmanov
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Closed-cycle 1-kHz-pulse-repetition-frequency HF(DF) laser
Author(s): Michael R. Harris; A. V. Morris; Eric K. Gorton
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Powerful eximer laser systems with gamma-pumping for plasma physics and ICF research in the 0.1- to 1.0-MJ energy range
Author(s): Evgeni K. Bonyushkin; R. I. Ilkaev; A. P. Morovov; A. I. Pavlovskii; Boris V. Lazhintsev
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Mathematical means of the process data acquisition for sensor engineering
Author(s): Georg Hutflesz; Markus Bohrer; Stephan Fazeny; Dieter Schuoecker
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Process monitoring for laser welding using a quality sensor for cutting
Author(s): Stephan Fazeny; Andreas Penz; Markus Bohrer; Dieter Schuoecker
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Features of self-action of an optical beam with screw dislocation propagating through a near-resonant saturated medium
Author(s): Vladimir L. Derbov; Olga M. Priyutova
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Microcomputer-based automatic laser measurement system for circular parts
Author(s): Gonghe Feng; Qingming Chen; Mao-hua Zhou; Hong Lu
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Novel self-switched high-repetition-rate HF(DF) laser
Author(s): Michael R. Harris; David J. Jackson; Philip K. Milsom
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Three-electrode CO2-laser with a middle control electrode
Author(s): Valeriy V. Borovkov; Sergey L. Voronov; Boris V. Lazhintsev; Vladimir A. Nor-Arevyan; Gennadiy I. Feodorov
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Pulse selection from a mode-locked TE CO2 laser output using a resonant acousto-optic modulator
Author(s): Yu-Lin Wang; Richard S. Eng; Michael Groden; Hsian Pei Chou; Victor H. Hasson
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XeCl laser based on a three-electrode system of a double discharge formation
Author(s): Valeriy V. Borovkov; V. V. Voronin; Sergey L. Voronov; Boris V. Lazhintsev; Vladimir A. Nor-Arevyan; Gennadiy I. Feodorov
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Intracavity wide-angle beam pointing in mid-IR gas lasers
Author(s): Oleg B. Danilov; Vladimir V. Danilov; Aleksandr I. Sidorov; Aleksandr P. Zhevlakov; Igor L. Yachnev; Stanislav A. Tul'skii; Michail A. Azarov; Georgy Troschinenko; David H. Titterton
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Use of a fast ionization wave for laser pumping
Author(s): Oleg V. Boutine; Leonid M. Vasilyak
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CW deuterium fluoride chemical laser with reactant combination C2H4/NF3
Author(s): Zhongfu Jiang; Weihong Hua
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Possibilities of continuously tuning a CO laser at high pressure
Author(s): Guangyu He; Yuxing Chen; Jun Guan
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Output characteristics and applications of multi-electrode-pair laser
Author(s): Xiangyen Li; Shibao Wu; Yongqin Zhang
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Fluoride thin films for reflective coatings at 157 nm
Author(s): Ronald L. J. Cowell
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Chemical oxygen-iodine laser (COIL) beam quality predictions using 3D Navier-Stokes (MINT) and wave optics (OCELOT) codes
Author(s): Alan I. Lampson; David N. Plummer; John H. Erkkila; Peter G. Crowell; Charles A. Helms
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Collisional broadening coefficients for oxygen and water absorption lines used in COIL diagnostics
Author(s): Steven J. Davis; William J. Kessler; Matthew Bachmann; Phillip A. Mulhall
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