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Laser Resonators

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Volume Number: 3267
Date Published: 13 May 1998

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Resonators for high-power solid state lasers: the fight for beam quality
Author(s): Horst Weber
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Optical cavity and future style of high-power fiber lasers
Author(s): Ken-ichi Ueda
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Resonator and beam divergence problem
Author(s): Yurii A. Anan'ev
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Laterally coupled all solid state laser array with a three-mirror cavity
Author(s): Yuko Kono; Akira Nakanishi; Fumihiko Kannari
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Intracavity laser-beam control and formation
Author(s): Alexis V. Kudryashov
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Graded reflectivity mirror unstable laser resonator design
Author(s): Michel Morin; Michel Poirier
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Beam generation and beam shaping for a 1.5-kW diffusion-cooled annular CO2 laser
Author(s): Uwe Habich; Arnd Heursch; Heinz-Dieter Plum; Reinhart Poprawe
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Numerical simulation of the intracavity laser-beam formation by means of adaptive optics
Author(s): Tatyana Yu. Cherezova; Sergei S. Chesnokov; Leonid N. Kaptsov; Alexis V. Kudryashov
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Laser-diode array collimation for scene illumination purposes
Author(s): Andre Parent; Kevin J. Snell; Ghislain Lafrance; P. Grenier; Simon Thibault; Pierre Galarneau
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Coherent diode laser arrays
Author(s): Theodore C. Salvi; Sylvia Dorato
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Fiber-coupling technique for high-power diode laser arrays
Author(s): Hans-Georg Treusch; Keming Du; Markus Baumann; Volker Sturm; Bodo Ehlers; Peter Loosen
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Micro-optics in VCSEL and solid state laser resonators
Author(s): James R. Leger; G. Q. Chen; Barry J. Koch; Siamak Makki; Anand Gopinath
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Fiber-coupled diode lasers and beam-shaped high-power stacks
Author(s): Stefan Heinemann; Lars Leininger
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6-kW coaxial high-power CO2-laser resonator
Author(s): Markus Bohrer; Heinz Basalka; Dieter Schuoecker
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Design and application of aspherical resonators for high-power CO2 lasers
Author(s): Thomas F. E. Henning; Uwe Habich; Norbert Wolf; Marcus Scholl; Reinhart Poprawe
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Beam-quality improvement by means of unstable resonator with variable reflectivity output coupler
Author(s): Nikolai A. Generalov; Nikolai G. Solov'yov; Mikhail Yu. Yakimov; Vladimir P. Zimakov
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Phase conjugation for improving the beam quality of solid state and excimer lasers
Author(s): Hans Joachim Eichler; A. Dehn; Andreas Haase; Baining Liu; Oliver Mehl; Joerg Schwartz
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High-beam-quality unstable-cavity infrared optical parametric oscillator
Author(s): T. Debuisschert; D. Mathieu; Jean Raffy; Loic Becouarn; Eric Lallier; Jean-Paul Pocholle
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Nd:YAG laser with cavity formed by population inversion gratings
Author(s): Oleg Leonidovich Antipov; Sergey Ivanovich Belyaev; Alexander Sergeevich Kuzhelev; Andrey Petrovich Zinoviev
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Mode control in annular resonators
Author(s): Sergei Anikitchev
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Self-pumped phase-conjugate loop resonators using four-wave mixing in solid state gain media
Author(s): Pierre Sillard; Arnaud Brignon; Jean-Pierre Huignard; Jean-Paul Pocholle
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Optimized resonators for high-average-power high-brightness Nd:YAG lasers with birefringence compensation
Author(s): Stefan Seidel; Andre Schirrmacher; Guido Mann; - Nursianni; Thomas Riesbeck
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Optical resonators with graded-phase mirrors
Author(s): Claude Pare; Pierre-Andre Belanger
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Optimized diode-pumped Nd:glass prototype regenerative amplifier for the National Ignition Facility (NIF)
Author(s): Mikael D. Martinez; John K. Crane; Lloyd A. Hackel; Frank A. Penko; Donald F. Browning
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Cavity QED with whispering gallery modes of fused-silica microspheres
Author(s): David W. Vernooy; Harry J. Kimble
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Optical microsphere resonators: optimal coupling and the ultimate Q
Author(s): Mikhail L. Gorodetsky; Anatoly A. Savchenkov; Vladimir S. Ilchenko
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Q-switched resonators with a 100% probability of single longitudinal mode lasing
Author(s): Efim A. Khazanov; Nikolay Andreev; Oleg V. Palashov
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Nd oscillator with fiber Q-switch
Author(s): Andreas Haase; Oliver Mehl
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Cavity-mode analysis of a Kerr-lens mode-locked laser with a novel five-mirror cavity
Author(s): Taisuke Miura; Katsuyuki Kobayashi; Zhigang Zhang; Kenji Torizuka; Fumihiko Kannari
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Beam quality of self-starting SBS resonators for excimer lasers
Author(s): Dirk Berger; Hans Joachim Eichler; Steffen Baudach; Joerg Schwartz
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Resonator using polarization beamsplitter prism for microlithography KrF excimer laser
Author(s): Keiichiro Yamanaka; Yuji Hashidate; Hidemi Takahashi; Nobuaki Furuya
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Simultaneous frequency, power, and beam direction stabilization of transverse Zeeman laser
Author(s): Bo Liu; Jian-Ying Fan; Ling Yang; Liying Wu
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Technological Nd lasers with adaptive cavity and their application
Author(s): Anatoly N. Kravets; Igor I. Trifonov; Andrey V. Gavrilov; Igor V. Shilov; Andrey V. Ruljov
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Theory of optical resonator with plane-dispersive elements
Author(s): Yurii A. Anan'ev; Alexander Ya. Bekshaev
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